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CGs are the best under 1000% they’ve become cheap considering inflation and other brands selling similar quality for over 2 grandPS- Less than 2% of trapped furs come from First Nations trapping in Canada. Over 2.3 million animals are killed via trapping or on fur farms in Canada EVERY YEAR.Not gonna lie, just got a 300 dollar Farwest Jacket for times I am doing some serious bush slogging (don’t want to mess up my Canada Goose) and it is almost identical in warmth ( with the exception of the warm hood). Though a 50 dollar fur hat is what I wear with the Farwest jacket and I even warmer than when wearing my Canada Goose. Honestly, lets be real, Canada Goose is definitely a status symbol and the price reflects that. There are jackets with same build quality and functionality for half the price. I don’t like when people try to justify the need to be viewed upon as wealthy, though they are not with reasons to defend such a psyche. Though, I too am guilty of such a thing when I bought mine, later in life I realized it was kind of a excessive expenditure. Then again, same reason people absurdly priced everything. But yeah, lets just be real here, not worth the $825, taxes in.

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* Note: The availability of the clothes (including colors and sizes) might change at any time. Also please check the clothes’ materials and features on the various shops before buying. We do our best to assure the accuracy of our articles, but sometimes they might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.The company reported that total revenue increased by 46.4% to $591.2 million (2018) from $403.8 million (2017). Gross profit increased to $347.6 million from $212.1 million. Operating income was $138.1 million, an operating margin of 23.4%, compared to $40.5 million, an operating margin of 10.0% in 2017.[4] The CG parka snugs incredible on me, there are no gaps (under arms and back), the soft lining is addictive, and the best part is the body shell of the CG being firm and smooth but not stiff. I love the coyote fur brushes my face.These coats are an example of top quality, fashionable and practical garments made in Canada that cost what they should cost. My problem isn’t the money, is that it’s almost impossible to find the coat I want. I’m sure I will someday, and then I won’t give a f-ck about the price tag.

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I live in Ontario and can attest to those cold, northern winters. Last winter was so cold in fact I decided to get myself a really warm coat. What I got was a 3/4 length leather coat lined in synthetic shearling from Danier. It cost about half the price of a Canada Goose jacket, but is longer and covers me better. It might be a tad heavier to wear, but the fuzzy lining really keeps me cozy. I also strongly recommend a well lined leather coat for northern climates. Leather is the ultimate wind breaker, because it is non-porous. I’m sure there are also plenty of well-lined fake leathers out there for people who are against wearing the real thing. I used to have a down filled parka from Roots Canada, but still find leather warmer.Canada Goose runs a Canada Goose Resource Centre program that offers fabric and materials to Northern Canadians free of charge: Pond Inlet, Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, and Kuujjuaq. Established in partnership with the North West Company and First Air in 2009, the Canada Goose Resource Centres provide local sewers with free fabrics, buttons, zippers, and other supplies to support the traditional practice in Northern Canada of making jackets and clothing for members of the community.[51]. To date Canada Goose has donated more than two million metres of fabric and material to Inuit communities across North Canada. [52].

A Canada Goose winter jacket costs around $900. But is Canada Goose worth the high price or are you But what about a Canada Goose puffy parka? When I first spied the huge numbers of Canada.. Canadian Made…I frankly must disagree. If Canadian citizens are unwilling to do the work for the wages offered, and foreign unskilled labour must be brought in to work at uncompetitive wages, there is a problem. They are forced to work for employers at low wages with the promise of permanent residence for them and their immediate family, that is called indentured employment. Indentured employment is the equivalent of legalized modern slavery. You can look at the live in caregiver programs in Canada, Tim Hortons hiring practices, the Royal Bank, or the coal mining industry. We are on a slippery decline to becoming America with huge income inequalities with unskilled foreign nationals being exploited. In terms of the cost of living in Canada versus the cost of living in Bangladesh, you do the math. Foreign workers want a better life for their children, while they are subjugated in the Canadian textile industry. I have children and I would do anything to ensure they will enjoy a good life.I was in Montreal over Christmas and it was pretty cold. I stumbled upon Kanuk and they were having a really nice sale so I bought a coat on impulse. Once I put it on I no longer needed all the layering. And amazingly enough my hands and face felt warmer too! Maybe that was psychological. All I can say is this is the warmest coat I have ever had and it seems very well made. Living in New Jersey I won’t be able to use this as much as if I lived in Canada but I am very happy with my purchase. I saw a lot of people with Canada Goose jackets. I had not idea they were a status symbol but apparently they are. They also look like great jackets and if I had stumbled on those first maybe I would have bought that instead of a Kanuk. I also liked the fact that the Kanuk was made on premises in Montreal. I like the idea of supporting local businesses.Canadian made….uh….temporary foreign workers brought in to do the manufacturing in Canada. Underpaid and exploited with the promise of permanent residency keeping them working. Take a look at our clothing industry in Canada sometime, and the thousands of people brought in for “temporary” work for the textile and fashion industry. Google it sometime you might be surprised.

Depends on. I worked in the tundra of the NWT at a diamond mine during the construction of the dikes and tailings dams as well as up at Raglan Nickel mine way up north in northern Quebec about 100kms south of the Hudson strait and believe me if you are working outside in the winter you need such a coat! If you live and work in northern Ontario in Marathon, Nipigon, Geraldton, Long Lac etc.and north of there you need these Canada Goose coats. In Southern Ontario, I have never worn this coat because it has never been cold enough and only pretentious people wear and buy these coats to wear here.In 2010 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an American animal rights group, criticized Canadian politician (and later Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau and his family for wearing Canada Goose products in a family Christmas photo because of the company's use of fur.[79] First of all…….I’m sure we can all agree the trappers for the fur are not foreigners brought in. that is an acquired skill done by people in the homeland. Other than that….You can be sure this jacket has not left Canada (regardless of exploitation), and does not settle for cheap China-made components. And I am too old to care that I will be a ‘poser’ or ‘rich idiot’. Yup – I can afford it.

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Sure, lets all buy cheap Chinese so we don’t have to work because there’ll be no work. Let’s all fill landfill with their garbage that lasts a few months and then has to be dumped. Wrong to spend so much money when we can keep Chinese in work and our own people on the streets. Get to it, support the Chinese economyIt is waterproof and windproof, albeit being a very light jacket. The sleeves have knitted cuffs to make sure that you are warm even while your hands are not inside the pockets on the sides of the jacket. There are two colors to choose from: Marine and Black.

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How a canada goose parka is made & Canada goose does not want you to know this. And find out how unevolved unethical this greedy killing.. Founded in 1957 in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada Goose is now one of the world’s leading luxury outerwear makers. Their iconic coats have been worn by everyone from polar explorers to champion dogsledders – proving that no matter the climate or purpose, there is a high-performance parka, vest, bomber or hoodie available. Quintessentially Canadian, the brand’s down-filled jackets are renowned from Pole to Pole as the ultimate cold weather (extremely cold weather) option for essential warmth, eye-catching style and quality craftsmanship.

I have never bought a $900+ jacket. Before owning the CG jacket I’ve owned many jackets from North Face, Patagonia, Michael Kors, and so on but never seem to be as warm. I currently live in Washington state and it rarely gets to the negative degrees and I am a slim petite women under 5 feet and I get cold very easily. So far I have found the CG to keep me warm/cozy and no it is not for status. Where I live and travel a lot of people wear CG for status but that depends on how people perceive it. Sometimes I’m left debating if I made a good choice.. and sometimes I use my CG as a blanket in bed or on the couch. Downfall is it isn’t waterproof so it can be quite hard to wear it all the time where I live. Nice thing is the fur zipper part can be taken off & there is a zipper on the back for more space while sitting.I’m amazed at how every other person is wearing s CG coat. It reminds me of the young girls obsession with those dreadful looking UGG boots.

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Dare I say it, but even from south of the border, same quality, same warranty (women’s), comparable coat:Living in Saskatchewan which is probably only rivaled by Manitoba and Nunavut on how cold it gets I had announced in the fall that I was going to buy one of these jackets. However, I’m cheap and kept stalling due to the price. Then when waiting over an hour outside in -25 weather to get into Greycup events I noticed two girls in front of me wearing Canada Goose Parkas. They were jumping around as if in death throes due to the cold and right then I decided I wasn’t buying that jacket. For that price they should have been the most comfortable people in line and that definitely wasn’t evident. I went and bought a down filled Point Zero Parka for 50% off coming to a cool $125. It’s definitely more Sugly than Sexy bought don’t care.Absolutely worth it! I love mine, especially in the -30C windchills where I live. It keeps me warm and snuggly. I’m not a fan of the coyote fur… I admit that, but it does keep your head warmer than a toque.

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Buttons and zipper on the front as well as two side pockets. It also has a fur lining on the hood, which is removable. There are four colors to choose from: Marine, Grey, Black and Navy.My sister and I purchased a Canada Goose jacket for our Mom last Christmas. It has been the best investment we have ever made. She has been through mountains of winter jackets from a vast array of brands and none have stood the test of time nor have they been warm enough for her (we live in the north half of Ontario where it does actually get cold). The people above that say that no innocent animals were killed in the process of making their non-Canada-Goose jacket are incredible and clearly naive.I bought an Eddie Bauer down parka 10 years ago on sale for $125. Nothing could keep my any warmer or dryer (and if I had to pay $700 for that, it would be a waste of money). It is still in great shape, and who cares about buying CG because it’s Canadian…. especially when they’re fleecing the dumb for nearly a thousand dollars!I don’t bother with expensive coats. For Ottawa winters I just wrap myself in recycled Fiberglass Pink. Cheap and fashionable!

In October 2012, Canada Goose won a legal battle against counterfeiters in Sweden. The District Court of Stockholm found five individuals guilty of felony fraud, trademark infringement, and customs offences. The Court sentenced two of the defendants to serve time in prison and awarded Canada Goose damages of 701,000 SEK (approximately CAD$105,000).[73][74] I bought the Banff and it is 100% worth it! Of course, it really all depends on what 700+$ is worth to you. For some this is pocket money, for others this is several months of pilling up. Do you often see cold and windy -10 to -30 degree weather or is this a rarity?..puffer jackets beyond Canada Goose that make similar jackets and parkas as more wallet-friendly If you've been on the search for a Canada Goose look-a-like, look no further. Below, check out 17..

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Buy a cheaper coat from Eddie Bauer, or somewhere similar, it’s just as good and ripping off a Chinese seamstress is no more unethical than being ripped off yourself by a Canadian one.Some of them will be traditional designs, made of traditional materials . Some will be designs by moderns who have graduated from “Southern” design schools, made of modern, technical fabrics in styles which reflect their cultural roots but are ultimately 21st C designs … and everything in between. Further, rather than being identical parkas like thousands of others from a production line, chances are pretty good that the creators would be happy to work with the buyer to develop a one-off unique parka-as-art.I used to live in Inuvik, NT where I first learned about Canada Goose parkas, nothing else could come close to there warmth. Other brands were rarely found in Inuvik because they didn’t cut it. So yes, I think they are worth the money in extreme weather conditions since nothing else can compare. But I live further south now, and I think there value goes south the further south you get. However if you do buy one, and happen upon occasional bad weather, you’ll be taken care of better than anyone else.

I walk to work, and even in -40, a windproof shell (around 120$ at MEC) + fleece (on sale for 10$ wherever) + sweater + t shirt keeps me plenty warm on top; and long johns + fleece pants + windproof ski pants + wool socks + sorel boots (around 15 years old) keep me warm on the bottom.But here’s my top pick of Canadian-made parka: – http://cmfrcanada.com/ … High quality! I’ve got one of these. – http://www.mooseknucklescanada.com/ … (website is NSFW!!!) also good quality and distinctive in their style – http://www.nobis.ca/ … also very nice stuff. 金沙电子娱乐场-游戏手机版澳门官网版权所有 | ICP经营许可证:京ICP证030713号 网上传播视听节目许可证 编号:0105094 | 发证机关:国家广播电影电视总局 客服及报. 障电话.. New to the Canada Goose Arctic line, this stylish urban piece was designed based on the success of the Chateau Parka. The Langford Parka is slightly longer than the other jackets, but its storm flap.. That’s an outrageous amount of $$$$ for a coat and something only the rich could afford. I just can’t see spending 700$ on a coat when there’s so many other things the $$$ can be better spent on, such as buying groceries, paying bills, my kids’ educations,etc. I’ve never spent that much on myself; the most I’ve ever spent was 200$ for a pair of Ugg boots.I just can’t justify spending that for a coat.

Everyone knows that these parkas never go on on sale, so Canada Goose isn’t trying to race to the bottom by being the cheapest coat on the market. If you want cheap stuff made in China you shop at Walmart. If you want a Canadian-made coat, then maybe there’s a price to pay. yes yes yes yes yeeeeessssssss………… all the way yes. purchase a canada goose jacket and you won’t be disappointed. The jacket lasts long, is warm and fashionable. where can you go wrong. The price? Well, my jacket has lasted me for 6 years so far and i in very good condition and continually keeps me warm and comfortable. I paid 700 for mine. Including this winter it will have lasted me 7 years. that only a 100 per winter. and believe me it’s worth it. its going to last me even longer than 7 years since it’s still in good condition. Shop the Trillium Parka - Women's from Canada Goose. Canada Goose has rated this parka 4 on their Thermal Experience Index, indicating its standalone thermal capacity in temperatures dropping to.. You think you’ve experienced winter by living in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and the Okanagan? Give me a break!!! I dare you to spend a winter in Winnipeg where windchills in the -30s don’t even cause a ripple amongst the populace. That ditsy little coat you’re wearing wouldn’t last through September out here, so please don’t comment on the travails of winter living until you’ve actually lived through a real winter.I have been using a $99 flip phone for the past 5 years on a $100/yr plan. It still works fine and I just bought a new battery for it for 25 bucks. I recently thought about getting an iphone and was shocked to find out they cost $700 (or $80 x 12mo x 3years = $2800 with a 3 year plan)! I now often wonder why people spend so much money on these phones? Do they just have more money than what they know what to do with or are they trying to look cool. I’m sure there are some business people that truly do need them.

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  1. utes to work on 2 different buses. I am always freezing and need layers upon layers to stay warm. I went out to buy a winter coat with a $400 budget. But nothing fit my 5’1 stature quite right. I saw the Canada Goose display and tried one on with zero intention to purchase one. I would NEVER pay $700 for a coat. Well…never say never. It fit amazingly well and you could just tell the quality was there from top to bottom. Yes, Canada Goose is a bit of a status symbol. But this coat is an investment, one I will never regret. Last winter, was the first winter I could actually tolerate the cold -40 temperatures and blizzards. The coyote fur hood helps keep snow out of your face and blocks the cold wind amazingly well. I didn’t use a scarf all winter. The lifetime guarantee was a definite selling feature. Any company that will guarantee their product for life, goes far in my books. The fact that there is no ‘race to the bottom’ with this company was a bonus. Made in Canada with no desire to outsource as their company reputation depends on Canadian made products. I highly recommend!
  2. I should add, that I own two CG coats and I’ve worn them over 5 years. One is the Expedition Parka and one is from the Altitude line. You have to realize that these garments are *incredibly* warm. The majority of our Canadian population, statistically speaking, live in urban areas. So winter is generally a run from warm spot to warm spot. For many of these applications, CG may be overkill.
  3. The first parka is made of 85% Polyester and 15% Cotton combined with nylon as the inner lining. The filling is made of down goose feathers, which make this jacket warm, but not too heavy. There is an oversized hood with fur lining, so the face won’t feel the icy winds.
  4. us thirty degrees Celsius, I was outside for about ninety
  5. ute. Thank you.
  6. Taiga Works is a Vancouver operation that makes all of its clothing locally and it’s top notch and GOOSE DOWN. And their prices are much lower than CG. Unfortunately they only make jackets not coats. Maybe someday.
  7. Never ever. Ridiculously expensive and hell their selling out to the Americans so my dollar would not be staying in or profiting the Canadian economy. And look like a clone of every second person on the street? I like my individuality. Also I’m sorry there is no reason to trap,torture,starve and skin a wild animal for a bit of trim when fake fur looks real enough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YY-Dloe370 I’m happy with my Roots down coat that I’ve had for many years and I felt was not cheap at more than half the price of a CG parks. I’d rather not go into debt than be a label whore.

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Canada Goose Parka videos and latest news articles; GlobalNews.ca your source for the latest news on Canada Goose Parka To all the people objecting to the coyote fur, I’m assuming you’ve never lost a pet to one or had your child attacked by one. They’ve moved into Toronto and when I lived there, it seemed like every week there was a new missing cat poster up and I remember the headlines when one attacked and killed a family dog in their backyard. I’m fairly certain I heard about a child attacked too, but not killed.

Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss was criticised in 2014 by blogger Shannon Kornelsen for refusing to meet then-11-year-old Jasmine Polsinelli, an anti-fur activist who wanted Reiss to reconsider trapping coyotes for their fur.[81][82] I’m in Montreal and we have Kanuk here that sells for the same price : http://www.kanuk.com/ If I ever buy a coat for its warmth and status symbol, that is what I will buy and they have sales ! But, no, I would not buy a 700$ coat.

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Because they’re not, and you’ve been fooled. The fact that other HIGH QUALITY winter equipment manufacturers charge 50% less for comparable products (made in the U.S., Canada or Scandinavia) should attest to that.The Constable jacket for men comes as a design created in cooperation with Police officers. It is made to be practical when it comes to easily accessing your items, look professional, while all the while making sure that you remain secure from ice and low temperatures.

I had a Canada Goose parka for the last 8 years, but it was starting to look old and I accidentally ripped it. Having a newborn a $700 jacket wasn’t something I was ready to buy. We went looking for jackets all over. Stumbled upon the Sears Alpintek… and holy crap is it awesome. Totally comparable to my old Canada Goose… and it was only $220!I would if I could, especially if manufacturing stays in Canada. I spend a hundred buck on a winter coat at Pennington’s a couple of years back–not an insignificant amount for someone on a limited income. The seams started splitting within the first year, and now it just looks like junk.By the way, one reason there are so many CG out there is that there is a huge counterfeit market for them.

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Yes, I would invest in to it, because through my 20 years in Canada I been buying different coats yearly. I like the fact to be warm when it’s -30 degrees or more outside. If I calculated the cost of all my coats that I bought previously it’s 5 times more than the price of few Canada Goose Parkas. Why not invest on something that will last a lifetime since they claimed its lifetime warranty. It is really better than well-known brands like Gucci / Chanel and more. Canada Goose is lighter and slim fit while you don’t need thick sweaters to wear inside. Good Luck!It’s hard to put a price on staying warm. I should know. As a Canadian who has lived in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and BC’s Okanagan Valley I’ve experienced all sorts of cold.Bought a Sears Knock off. It’s very warm during ice storms with no power thus no heat (thank you Ontario Hydro). Can’t see why I would pay $700 when I have this great looking WARM coat for $199.

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I don’t care what name is on the coat, if I want something warm I don’t mind paying the price. Most cheap stuff is just that – cheap! Aquascutum. Balmain. Canada Goose. C.P. Company. Canada Goose. C.P. Company. Dsquared2

Canada Goose, the Canadian brand founded in 1957 in Toronto, has an entire collection of parka jackets, to suit every need and preference. There are light ones and a tad heavier jackets, a large array of designs and depending on what you might prefer, some do not come with fur lining on the hood.There are two side pockets and it comes with a combination of buttons and a zipper on the front. There are three colors to choose from: Graphite, Olive and Blue.I bought a Canada Goose women’s Trillium parka two years ago to wear outside on my 15+ hour days on a film set standing outside in Toronto winter (or further north!). I found that the feminine styling, while flattering to the body, was it’s main downfall as a functional garment. You think you pay an arm and a leg for a GC coat, think twice. By proration, you are paying as much for a cheap import T-shirt at any discounter.As for it being an expensive jacket, that’s only true if you get rid of it while it’s still useful, or ruin it somehow. Based on the price I’ve paid and the time I’ve had it, it cost about $50 a year. (When I bought mine they weren’t $700, by the way.)

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I seriously considered if for the reasons listed. Especially the Canadian aspect, but no prof the coats are made in a union environment. I also despise labels and looking like everyone else. I ended up buying an $80 Joe Brand parka, removed the yucky furry hood, and had the zipper replaced at the farmers market for $30. This is my third winter wearing it. This winter I have been walking and taking transit, and the quality of my plain black Joe coat is fine. With apologies and thanks to the folks who made a pittance making it for me.Absolute nonsense and hate the fact they use real fur!!! Just another stupid trendy thing. They’re are plenty of fabulous winter coats cheaper and most importantly animal friendly. And I experience winter it’s -25 right now outside where I am.

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  1. Finally – and sincere apologies for such an unreasonably long brain dump – I like the styling of the Camrose, don’t like the over-the-top branding; and I have also looked at other CAD designs mentioned on this thread, and they seem mostly to be around the same price for equivalent quality. Kanuk Pimbina and Arc’teryx Patera are up there on the current list.
  2. I don’t think so. Canada Goose recently has gone bad in Product Quality control I bought a Lodge Hoody for my father in late November 2018. He has been wearing it for merely 4 months and found out the joint between the cuff and sleeve was frayed on both hand. Warranty department said it is our fault that we damage the joint and ask for $225+ to repair. What a ridiculous services and product. We paid for this jacket over $600 and after 4 months, we did not expect to see this kind of issue. On the other hand, my 3-years Arcteryx has not shown this problem yet so I would definitely doubt that I would purchase from CG any products in the future.
  3. Canada Goose began to expand internationally and in 2010 it opened an office in Stockholm, Sweden, for its European operations.[10] In 2011, Canada Goose acquired a new plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.[11] As global growth continued, Canada Goose moved its Winnipeg operations into a larger facility in 2013.[12] The Canadian Marketing Association named Reiss as its marketer of the year in 2013.[13]
  4. d and their is another family who make the outer wear for the armed forces and did a generous donation of outerwear and sleeping bags to one of the shelters for the homeless(Siloam Mission)
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  6. I have been wearing a no-name coat for 3 years and it has served me very well. Going into a fourth winter with it. Cost – $30 Canadian. Why should anything that a person wears cost $600?

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I was ‘down’ with the idea at one point, so I actually went to try one on, and then realized that there was a coyote fur-lined hood. Ready to buy one, I asked if I could purchase it without this fur, when the reply was ‘No’, I was out. I don’t agree with wearing fur. There are other Canadian made options available, without the fur 🙂 OR, Value Village has finds … that’s what I’m wearing now… for $13.00 a warm, black fitted 3/4 length jacket… and I couldn’t be happier.Worth it or not? Consider the following, If Bain can keeps this brand as real Canadian made, supporting local supply chain jobs /apparel businesses, not to get greedy and stray. Estimated cost on material + CM to keep this coat made locally in Canada is about $100-120 per garment (depends on length and trims used) before mark up. Retail margin in general sitting at 60-70% (est) for most retailers, ie, a $25 T-shirt cost $6.00-7.00 wholesale, the margin is used to pay rent, overheads, fund required inventory and markdown. Discount giants has much lower mark up, 25-30% (est) but they can return under perform inventory to vendors (on agreed terms) and asked for roll back discount to push sales.

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  1. ium wage? Giving people a fair wage means a product isn’t going to be as cheap as one made in China. Just think about that.
  2. In January 2020, Canada Goose launched the second iteration of Project Atigi [55] which included 90 bespoke parkas created by 18 Inuit designers from across all four regions of Inuit Nunangat. Proceeds from the sale of the parkas will go directly back to Inuit communities through Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), the national Inuit representational organization that works with the four Inuit regions of Inuit Nunangat [56]
  3. Shop Canada Goose Women at Harrods and earn Rewards points, in-store and online. Canada Goose. Shelburne Parka. £895. + Quick Shop. Canada Goose. Rosemont Fur Parka
  4. Black Label offers a refined aesthetic and durable functionality for the urban explorer.

MAKE SURE you look at the tag and see what temperature rating you’re getting – we bought Expeditions because we live in a very cold climate. Some are only good to minus 20 or so.Canada Goose is involved in several environmental and social initiatives, including The Conservation Alliance[49] and Polar Bears International (PBI). As part of its support to PBI, Canada Goose created a custom line of PBI products, including an aviator hat, Expedition Parka and Chilliwack Bomber; $50 from all PBI sales are donated to the non-profit organization devoted to preserving the habitat of polar bears around the world through research and education.[50]. To date Canada Goose has donated more than 3.5 Million dollars to Polar Bears International.

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The ultimate destination for guaranteed authentic Canada Goose Clothing, Accessories & More at up to 70% off. New and preowned, with safe shipping and easy returns. (Page 2) A horrible, completely awful company making jackets of cruelty. The wearers may think they look cool with their branded jackets, instead, they are wearing their ignorance, apathy, and lack of ethics.

Ask yourself this: what if everything (food, clothing, fuel, most services) came from somewhere else because it was “cheaper”. There would be very few jobs here that truly added value and we would be entirely dependent on others for our survival. We continue to move rapidly towards that reality today.I would have to say yes to a Canada Goose and you can of course buy a North Face for much less but you’ll likely sacrifice quality construction. I don’t have a Canada Goose but do have a CMFR of equal value and also have(and have had) a two warm North Face jackets. I think the fact I have now had two North Face winter coats/parka/jackets in the last 10 years says it all and anyone I know who has a Canada Goose has had one coat/parka/jacket and only one. Case in point – a friend of mine has had one Can Goose winter jacket for over 10 years ( he hails from the Regina area originally ), wears it endlessly and the only damage is some fraying at the cuffs – it may not be a modern cut or style but thats another discussion. I had a two season old $450 North face Summit Series, which is very warm and half the price, but the constant catching of fabric from the front zipper has torn up the entire inner seam. Other zippers have broken, inner pockets torn and little holes have developed within the outer fabric BUT it is warm. In theory these are all areas that can be mended by a good seamstress but I think the point I’m getting at is you pay for quality – bottom line. You pay more for a good computer, you pay more for a good cut of beef, you pay for more a quality automobile etc etc. so why not pay for a good jacket and in this case a nice, warm Canada Goose ( or other equally expensive and constructive brand )?people should check the down cause they take it from the live bird in the spring really go check with locals they will tell you about it go vist the farms in the springYou can buy nicer looking, identically-performing parkas for cheaper. And you don’t have to be a brand-whore/douche.

You’re wonderful, and your patronage helps keep my independently run blog alive. Your kindness covers hosting fees, new articles, and videos. My content covers debt, saving, investing, financial planning, and behavioral economics. Thank you!My daughter owns and wears a CG parka, in spite of which she has occasionally been cold, but not above -20 C. A number of companies make combination jackets of a fleece/down liner with a Gore-Tex shell. They aren’t cheap, either, but you might even be able to use the pieces in Oz. Canada designs and makes some incredible winter footwear. (My favourite is La Canadienne, but you can’t beat Sorel for slush.) I agree with ET about attending to your extremities. Also remember that wind and humidity can make a big difference on how cold you feel. Don’t know what you’ll be up against in that department.Absolutely! For the first 40 years of my life, I froze and shivered through winter. Then I discovered those really warm coats and I have never been cold again. I am not the type of person who has to change coat every year so paying a high price doesn’t bother me. One of my warm coats is 20 years old and still looks brand new. It’s still very very warm also. I could go out in -40° and still be warm.

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So according to many posting here, a person needs to buy the Canada Goose branded parka in order to be ensured quality and warmth.After years of purchasing cheaper coats, I have to say, CG might just be worth the price for all the reasons listed. Winters in NYC may not be as harsh as parts of Canada’s, but we get a fair bit of it and I don’t drive so I end up walking everywhere, freezing my tail off no matter how much I layer. I do like my North Face jacket because it keeps me warm and I got it for hundreds of dollars less than what a similar CG jacket would cost but it’s just not as stylish and that matters to me just as much as the level of insulation. The price point still hurts though…I’ve been debating between a Kensington parka or…a vacation haha.No,way too expensive! I got this coat from Sears that was: •90% down filled (yes,Canadian goose down) •$200-$300 •-40°c And it was real stylish!Similar looking to the Canadian goose jakets and I don’t care if it got sued!They come in a variety of colors and are extremely warm!This winter I just wore t-shirts under it.(I got the light blue bomber one cuz the medium lenth one didn’t suet me lol)But if you want the Canadian goose one just cuz of the brand go online and look at the sale section which are on sale for $200-$300, just like the Sears ones.😂

I have bought Northface, Columbia and Patagonia jackets in the past for less money to han the Canada Goose jackets I bought my Wife and myself this year; they were all made in Overseas, not as well constructed, not as well warranteed and not as warm. The price difference is understandable when you see the sturdy construction and realize it is also repairable by the manufacturer, and with some care it will last a lifetime. I used to layer up more; the folks on here saying that layering with cheaper stuff is good enough have never worn one of these jackets. If I layer at all, I get too hot. Well worth the investment for a quality jacket that will last a lifetime, vs. going through cheaper jackets every 10 years and being cold all along the way. I bet you will spend just as much in the long run.Kerry, your wool coat looks just fine (and very warm). My only problem with it is that it’s not a parka, which is garment much more suited to my outdoor activities.Would I buy a CG parka? I don’t think so. First, I would cry over the killed coyote whose fur is on the hood. Second, I find it way to expensive. Perhaps I would change my mind if I had to spend extended time periods outside in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. I drive to work so I don’t have to wait for municipal transport but I believe there must be equally good products for less $. This fall, I lucked out and I bought a Calvin Klein down-filled winter jacket ($99 at Marshalls). Of course it does not come even close to CG but for me, it works (I needed a new one because sadly, I gained some weight and the old one does not fit any more). I also have a faux fur short coat from Laura’s (not a store where I shop on a regular basis) and I have to tell you that it is not only very fashionable (I get compliments from complete strangers on it all the time) but it is also incredibly warm. Again, I am sure at -40 it would not protect me for very long but I am very pleased with it. (I think it was $190 [a sale price] when I purchased it 5-6 years ago.

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Brandneue Designermode & Accessoires von Canada Goose für Herren shoppen. Besonders bekannt ist Canada Goose für seine mit Entendaunen gefütterten Jacken und Westen Are there cheaper alternatives “just as warm”? Yes. Are there alternatives with an actually slim cut with high armholes and exceptional build quality? Absolutely not. Is it worth a premium for a coat that actually fits well while being functional and last a life time? Of courseThe coyote fur hood zipper is misaligned with the jacket, making a gap which the cold wind leaks; also the hood kept falling or too pulled backwards; annoying and uncomfortable. Twice emailed to CG customer service was ignored; with a pretentious to be prestigious company like CG, it is unacceptable that their slow in response is may be because of the holidays.Many of them are counterfeit! I doubt all of the CG coats I see on the TTC are actually $700 made-in-Canada coats.

Bought a new Colubia 2-stage parka during the post-Christmas sales days. Two days into Chicago’ latest polar vortex, I kept seeing this small patch on the sleeve wondering what the new brand was. Have probably seen 30-40 CG coats the last two days. Visited their website and almost fell over! Two to three times a North Face! No cool-related regrets with the Columbia. THe old Bugaboo two-stage gave me 15+ years – including falling down Blue and a few black diamonds.I’d like to know why perfect strangers feel free to make derogatory comments about my choice of coat.

That may be what you have interpreted, but it is merely an educated opinion. I’m saying it’s Canadians, did I mention anything about race? No. You’re just looking for something to attack on this thread. Reread my post and reconsider your words first of all. It could be Hutterites, someone who migrated to toronto and went north. They could be Chinese, brown, black or even purple. But my point is the fact it’s not just an unskilled labourer coming here to simply trap animals. The way it is done in the north is a way of life for them and it has its roots all the way back to the fur trade. Don’t “venture my assumptions” at all please and thanks. Your comment is nothing but assuming things you cannot support, not to mention it’s goose down by the way (just because it’s waterfowl does not make them all ducks; that’s like saying ham and steak are the same thing) I was simply sharing how I felt about these jackets. All you have is SUSPICIONS about a product, and intentions of attacking others over a few keywords that were far from racist. So please, before you go jumping down people’s throats….consider comprehension before action. Thanks.My company bought them for their employees so hell yes I am grateful to have it in the snow belt area I live in. Having worn it now for three years I know I would buy one if mine somehow was accidentally damaged. Lets face it people could afford these coats if they didn’t waste a ton of money on shit that can kill them, booze, cigarettes, drugs not to mention gambling addictions.Coyotes are shot on sight in some areas. So are dogs if they are bothering wildlife, farm animals or are running in packs.

I saw some Canada Goose women’s jackets in Costco last week, under $500. I am assuming they were authentic….I worked on an research ship that traveled the artic for a couple of seasons and it was beyond cold. Canada Goose coats get the job done and keep you warm but there are numerous other parkas that do the job as well and don’t cost even half the amount. You’re paying for the name and the style. It’s not as if Canada Goose is the only company that makes parkas for below freezing temps plus the Canada Goose jackets are really only meant for very, very cold temps. If it isn’t that cold then you’ll be uncomfortably warm in the coat.big NO! Pure vanity. There are brands out there that sell coats for 1/3 of that price, not even. In my opinion most Canada Goose buyers want to simply become part of a “elite” group, some of them can be indeed, whilst others want to be seem as elite people.I bought a Canada Goose jacket after my first winter in Edmonton. I’d moved there for work, and I walked back and forth from work 1/2 an hour each way. After borrowing a number of jackets and Parkas for a test run, I shelled out the $700. With proper hat, cloves and scarf, I agree, it’s perfectly possible to be just as warm in a cheaper coat OR I could be just as stylish in a cheaper coat, but I’d have to drive in to work on cold days. I recently bought a CG parka this year after my second year living in a fly-in community in Northern Manitoba, my ten year old snowmobile jacket just wasn’t cutting it in the -45 weather. I used to have to turn down participating in outdoor activities like snowshoeing and ice fishing (no huts up there), simply because just walking to the event was so brutal I’d have to abort. It’s been a good investment for me, I bought it because it works and someday I see myself living in Nunavut where it’s even colder. I also really like the fact that it’s supporting Canadian families. When the weather hits and I have to go check the traps lines I know I’ll be warm this winter.

De collectie van Canada Goose bestaat uit donsjassen, Canada Goose parka's, mutsen, handschoenen en vesten die je warm houden tijdens koud winterweer. De meeste jassen zijn gevoerd.. I would love to own a CG parka, but just can’t bring myself to pay that much for it.Plus, I do not like the label on the sleeve- just not classy! I tried one on about two years’ back for fun, and I found it way too heavy. I am also against wearing the fur.If you just want to keep warm, then it is totally unworthy! I think most of Canadian don’t even have one, and I guess they survive just fine. Even the Made in China can help you survive in winter if you wear them right. BTW, nowday it is not the quality of MICs makes them cheap, it is actually “you get what you pay for”, nottomention yout the iPhone is actually MiC!Today I wore my 6 year old GAP down parka (on sale $59.99 back 2006) to shovel my driveway, I immediately sensed this old jacket is MUCH warmer!

and i have come from a country where -10 is rare and -15 makes the national assembly gather and announce crisis situation, so for me to say, that i am no longer cold is really something.In agreement with everyone else…STATUS SYMBOL… I have down filled North Face jacket for 5 yrs and it is toasty warm for the brittle winds of Ottawa. I paid $300 for it. Also I don’t have to have “coyote” trimmed hood (really!) I have a bad experience with Canada goose online orders. Never place an order with canada goose directly. place it with Amazon or go to a local store and pick it up. Canada goose are only good in making jackets and horrible at everything commercial and customer facing. they should stick to what they know and let the professionals represent them on the customer facing2. The coyote fur is obtained by Canadian indigenous people by vast majority; they hunt today as they did hundreds of years ago because its the way to live off the land. There are more coyotes than the government can handle, which is why permits are so easy to obtain for hunting. I’m an animal lover too, but Native Canadians are going to hunt and sell their wares, and nothing keeps you warmer than fur. It works when cold and wet. Synthetics cannot. It’s a tough part of the equation, I get it, because I love animals and have companion animals as well. I also realize that the majority of people screaming about fur eat meat. They are an excellent, well-made parka, and when compared with other expedition-quality parkas like those used for Himalayan mountaineering, etc., $700 is comparable. The thing is, though, the average person living in Vancouver or Toronto or New York doesn’t need an expedition-quality parka, and so most are wearing them as a status symbol. Asking people who already bought one whether it is truly worth spending $700 isn’t going to do you a lot of good, as they are going to make up all sorts of reasons to rationalize paying far more than they had to for a far higher level of performance than they really need from a winter parka when they could have bought something perfectly suitable for their needs for far less, otherwise they’d have to admit to you and to themselves that they succumbed to following the herd.I bought the Sears knock-off for $179+tax. I love it. I once paid $700 for a down-filled snowboard jacket for my son. It tore just the same as a $100 dollar one and after two winters wasn’t “cool” any more. So no I wouldn’t pay $700 for a CG. That is flat out a ridiculous price and I can say that cause I actually HAVE paid that before and it was NOT worth it!

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