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  1. @Piscean-Blue According to you it's categorically impossible for everyone out there to like something you dislike? Ok. And what would be the purpose of lying about it? Maybe follow that clue, rather than pretend you're being penalized for disliking a perfume.
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  3. 3 - Chanel Cosmetics - Ideas of Chanel Cosmetics Trending Chanel Cosmetics - Chanel Gardenia perfume bottle and stopper clear glass labels box. Rare, vintage graduated set of three Chanel No. 5 glass perfume bottles with original contents in a fitted leather case
  4. Ah, Chanel No. 5... I have a love-hate relationship with this perfume. The "hate" part is the numerous unpleasant memories I've associated with it. Mostly from my aunt, who literally doused herself with No. 5, thus giving everyone within a 3-mile radius a massive headache. Even her Pomeranians reeked of it, since she sprayed the little dogs with her bottle every morning. Fast forward about ten years or so. I received a bottle of No. 5 for my eighteenth birthday and was immediately horrified. However, I realized that one spritz on each wrist doesn't smell all that bad...it's lovely, in fact. Potent, heady, a little powdery, but certainly not brutal--unless you spray it more than twice, which many of its wearers seem to do. I imagine fur coats when I wear this, Virginia slims, and champagne. Definitely not an everyday type of perfume, but something I save for special occasions when I need some extra sophistication, glamour. I urge you to try Chanel No. 5--you will either love it or hate it, but it will definitely leave an impression either way :)
  5. smelling this on a bottle gives me a hint of a urine and a detergent soap.. its quite scary since you don't wanna smell like piss nor being mistaken to had a quicky in a men's bathroom. but hey! wait, when i spray on my neck it turns out to be one of the best perfume i've ever wear.. lesson learned again..

Although i like Chanel No. 5, it is not my favorite. I appreciate it's quality and history, but it is a bit too aldehydic for me. I passed my bottle to a dear friend with no regrets.Do you know what it's like to hit rock bottom---financially, emotionally, in every which way---only to rummage through your meager belongings in your mother's basement to find your long-lost flacon of pure Chanel No. 5 PARFUM, and then to find it utterly preserved in the cool darkness. And then to spray it, dare you, onto musty clothes and then smell it---inhale it just for yourself. And become transfixed and transformed? I do. Chanel No. 5, you saved me from thinking all was lost.Well I'm going to change my review on Chanel N 5. When I was in my early 20's I really didnt like this one because it smelled too mature for my tastes but last week I was in the department store and retested it and Surprise surprise....I LIKE IT NOW!!! :):) I would still only wear this one at night and probably only for special occassions like before but at least I could wear it and like it this time. Wish I didn't give my bottle away. :/I think i just found out that this in the drydown, or with just one spray smells like Samsara edt by Guerlain :)A good alternative if you want something cheaper but still classy :)I have been wearing this perfume for 3 months, I regret that I had late acquaintance, I can definetly say that it is "the perfume", queen of all fragnances. This perfume is very abstract that it smells like a compsotion mostly, you cannot smell essences by its own, but I smell in particular the civet undertone that gives unique sense of warmth and sexiness to perfume. Chanel No 5 is definitely my No. 1 :)

Chanel No. 5, the perfume synonymous with Francophile luxury and celebrity decadence, was not always — oo la la! — from France.... It's nothing to sneeze at. Chanel No. 5 — at $400 an ounce — is more than a just a luxury item, it has represented a way of life for 90 years Look I'm sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my intention. I just wanted to give my opinion as a young guy. I got mad because my former review was deleted in which I stated that to me it smells like soap for men. That is my honest opinion and I think the reviews here are for people that want to decide whether they want to buy the scent or not. All the reviews on this perfume are positive which is weird because I know plenty of people who don't like this and You can also see according to the votes that a lot of voters dislike the scent. I just think there should be a variety of opinions here not just positive ones so that people can make a better decision. Again I respect you if you like this scent even though I strongly dislike it. Next time I will try to express myself less offensively.I tried this maybe 4 years ago. At first it smelled like nail polish, similar to hypnose lancome. But after smell became more soft. Can't remember that specific smell what it was like, but I know that I liked it. I want to test it again.WOW many post`s :D absolut classic, strong, but (i am sorry guy`s) for me NOT unique, just soo sweet, that kills you, if you like it soft and fresh - WRONG ADRESS...:D i do not understand why this is so adored... do not understand, this is FOR OLD LADIES... for me ugly, mutch to heavy... and not sexy at all (well, to me) it smells like my grandma`s dressing-table...

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I have gone time and again to smell this perfume and cannot stand it. It reminds me of dead, cloying flowers in a vase or flowers left behind at a funeral. I don't know what part of it makes me feel sick, perhaps to floral. I am going through the oldies/classics, next: Joy-JP.at first I did not like it however i am strating to grow fond of it although it is now so long lasting as other Chanel parumes are.Finally i had it. I had vial 2ml. Classy parfume, not for ordinary women. Not for sweet parfume lover.i got this for my mother for Christmas hoping that to me it would hold up to the reviews i have read on it.let me start by saying that they MUST have changed the formula as my mother swears it smells different.i dislike this Very much.it gave me a very bad headache as i was overwhelmed with an artificial musk scent followed by an aldehyde slap.i am so saddened by this.i had an image of Marilyn Monroe wrapped in musky green goodness.Sorry to say i was greeted by a cheap artificial imposter.Since last year, I wanted this in my collection and I finally received it for Christmas. I find Chanel no.5 EDP to be a cozy, warm and comfort fragrance. I wouldn't wear this to wow anyone because this fragrance is too popular/common that i'd doubt you would make an impression unless you bathed in the stuff. I wear this for myself, for my own enjoyment and it fulfils the purpose. I have the 9xxx batch and its quite soft...longevity is 7+ hours and silage medium. I actually wouldn't have it any other way as if it were any more intensified, I would feel old enough to be someone's grandmother.

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I am pleased to be the first to write a review for Chanel No. 5 Parfum! Today, I just received my 1/3 oz bottle of vintage '70s "Perfume". It is too early for me to describe it, as I've just applied it. But I can say, thus far, it is all I've hoped for. Elegance personified.I think this is a scent that's VERY dependent on your particular body chemistry. I've met some women on whom it smelled divine, but on me....it smelled like urinal cakes.

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Getty 3. The richness of its raw ingredients.Chanel’s taste for the most exquisite things in life is reflected in the vast number of properties used to make the fragrance. It takes one ton of flowers to produce one and half kilograms of the absolute. At the heart of N°5 is ylang-ylang harvested from Madagascar and Mayotte, May rose, a bloom that only flowers for three weeks a year, and jasmine from Grasse—the most luxurious raw ingredient in the world. Chanel N°5 Parfum das legendäre, zeitlose Parfum von Chanel Schneller Versand Gratis-Proben - Jetzt Chanel N°5 bestellen I love this perfume! Its my sig scent and I wear it everywhere no matter what lol. Im finding it a lil too strong in the hot weather, so ill just use something wlse, but I almost wear this everyday!OMG! I love this perfume! WAAAAYY better then I was ever expecting it to be. I would write my experience but it seems everyone here has summed it up nicely. This is a classic purfume every woman must own.

REVIEW OF DARRSHAN well after finishing 7 bottles of no 5 edp and 1 bottle of pure parfum i just want to say that this is the best in the world , just bought my 8th bottle of edp and this bottle has turned out to be the best , now every bottle has some difference , i feel the batches difer, every batch smells a little different, so u really have to be lucky to get the perfect blend of notes in every bottle. anyhow i just want to say that this is really a modern classic.Love it on other people, have L'Eau and Eau Premier, but just can't get down with this one. I think it's because I can't do aldehydes in heavy doses. Done lightly, they smell lovely and soapy and clean, done heavily, they smell like this. It's just not "me". My grandmother use to wear this from time to time and I remember my mom have the black and gold bottle from the 80's, but I never got the hype. I think my nose is unrefined!

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Chanel 5 is classic, elegant, sophisticated but OLD. This scent is combined with the image of the woman who loves fur and pearls and wears them along with her Chanel 5, because really which other perfume is more classy? I think this perfume more than everything, is a way to make your self be that woman.My grandmother used to wear this, so I can't help myself but love it. A very mature but sensitive scent, a parfume for grown up women,This one brings back memories.I remember sneaking a few spritz as a child of this perfume from my aunt and it was to die for.Would love to buy it soon.It is truly a beautiful scent that just lasts and lasts.

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  1. Catherine Deneuve. Brand: Chanel no.5. After playing Coco Chanel herself in the 2009 hit film Coco Before Chanel, Audrey Tautou was a shoo-in to become the new face of Chanel No.5. Joining forces with Amélie filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet, she starred in an advert released on 5th May, 88 years to..
  2. It took me a looooooooong time to appreciate this scent. The aldehydes are sooo strong on me. I actually came back to Chanel No. 5 after wearing Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. Now I'm patient enough to persevere through the aldehydes to get to the luscious flowers underneath.
  3. This one really disappoints me. I used to think that it smells incredible and every women should get a bottle of this... BUT when I smell it, it smells old (or you might say "classic"). And it was kind of like the smell of a shower gel. sorry. It may smell great 50 years ago but probably not present.
  4. Received this today from my husband as a christmas present.... I had had it before and was down to my last few drops in my 50ml bottle.....and my hubby bought me a full 100ml.....its just an amaszing perfume, I wear this for evenings out, or special occasions...its definately not one for the office. I belive if I wear something too often it stops being special...so this is kept for occasional use.....
  5. e extraction process used to make Chanel No.5 is what makes this perfume so expensive and world reknowned. But in my opinion - this stuff just stinks. Heavily floral and cloying, I was ready to shower under the rain just to get the horrid scent off of me. I dont care how much this fragrance is worth or how famous it is, I wouldnt even want it even if it were cheap.

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Download the perfect chanel no.5 pictures. Find over 100+ of the best free chanel no.5 images. Free for commercial use No attribution required Copyright-free Classic fragrance, BUT... I think it smells so grannyish :( sorry to anyone who loves this as I can understand the hype and it does evoke a very glamorous image but for me, as a 24 year old woman would never wear this. Mum loves it though!

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  1. Surprisingly enough, the early success and meteoric rise of Chanel No. 5 had little to do with marketing, despite the fact that the perfume was later featured in some of the most memorable advertising campaigns of the past century.
  2. s! The day I bought soap and body lotion,the assistant showed me the velvet cream and applied a tiny spot on my hand.I am glas I never bought that too as I honestly thought it smelled kind of like when cream goes off with age and heat.I did wonder if it had been under lights in show shelf.What a downer and not good for Chanel as people who enjoy the soaps would buy around 5 bars per yr.Wish I had the incline to make some!Thank you x
  3. Love it. A timeless classy scent. Can't go wrong with this . I think it smells soapy and clean in a very sophisticated way. Great for a function or even just anywhere. Don't overspray !
  4. I will never understand the appeal of this perfume. Sure it's Chanel, and the bottle is nice, but it honestly smells like baby wipes to me. Maybe I'm too young to understand it.
  5. ine and soft - but of course I can imagine how different and innovative it must have been at the time it was created, when aldehydes was something new. Yes, it is a nice scent. It is fe

To MandyRose: haha yes i sprayed separately as to have whiffs of both and still keep the Chanel composition intact lol.First time I gave it a try 10 years ago and stayed away until now...it just did not worked with my chemistry. I have re-tested again a week ago and I love it!!! Udated 2015: More then a decade ago I gave it as a gift to my mum and it will be always hers...still have the same bottle.... Before I couldn't wear it, but now my chemistry totally agrees with it. Its not for the every day, I need to be in a certain mood...Sicilian spring time...compliment getter Also I just got an ancient mini perfume which is even more beautiful.

Chanel to me is a lady who does'nt have to try too hard to be noticed, just classy, clean, very feminine,(to me that is very sexy and appealing in its self) I personaly love aldehydes, they cause this lovely luminous effect on my skin; other aldehydic frags appeal to me personaly so maybe that's why I don't have a problem with this old girl. It is a powdery scent & maybe for alot of people they equate powder with 'old ', I don't care , it's still a pleasant scent & its going to take alot more than a eighty year old scent like Chanel to make me worry I smell 'old' & decrepit to others.. There is a reason Chanel 5 is a classic for a reason, not just for its name - some of these newer flashier ones out now , yes they can be beautiful for sure, but how long will their fame last?I have to be in the right mood for Ms Chanel No. 5. First spray on the skin I absolutely hate everything about this perfume. It smells like I stuck my nose inside an old woman's purse or something. It's horrible, but, as the fragrance settles on my skin I get a soft powdery scent that I absolutely adore. My grandmother who passed away used to love Chanel No. 5 so during family dinners and gatherings I always wear it in memory of my grandmother, but I also like wearing it for myself during super cold fall/winter days. It just feels like I wrapped a soft blanket around me throughout the day. It does sit very close to the skin, but I think it works well with my body chemistry because when I wear it in social gatherings and receive hugs I always get compliments. I have a love/hate relationship with Chanel No. 5, but I feel like as the more I get older, the more I appreciate the scent and find little things I didn't at first notice about it. It's going to be in my collection for a long time.

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I heard so much good things about this perfume from my Aunt (who is crazy about perfume) she said it was the most feminine and soft perfume she had ever set her nose on lol. So I got curious, so today we went to the mall to try it out. MAN! It was more like a punch in the face to both of us. Personally, I think they changed something in the formula. I wish they would put it back to the way it was.Sampled this at Macy's......kinda frightening ...... I wonder WHO the audience for this is? Strangely synthetic as well. Just weird to me that the "mother" of all fragrances smelled so........... gaudy. Musk + Civet = nasal train-wreck !I know what you mean,Adrian. My harmless reviews have been taking down as well a couple of times. Which triggered the feeling in me to not write anymore though I love writing and I love perfume. Imagine someone looking forward to get into this website with pure passion to someone who looks into it once in awhile. All fault who's behind the scene of Fragrantica. It's a shame , it's sad, and above all unprofessional. Linia Chanel N°5 na notino.pl. Perfumy Chanel z linii N°5 z dostawą w ciągu 2 dni. Chanel N°5. cały tekst ukryć tekst. Masz wybrane I am a (gay) man and I love #5 even on my own skin. It is the purest jasmine scent I know, and it is so well constructed with all ingredients in perfect harmony that it is like listening to the London Symphonic orchestra or probably more accurately some French opera. Though preferably used as an evening scent (perfume) this is the olfactory equivalent to a floral burst you get after prolonged rain, when the sun bursts all flower buds open and they all ooze their fragrance into the open air on a perfect summer's day. If >>Shalimar<< is the slightly louder more "slutty" one (the 'Samantha' of perfumes), then #5 is deffo the more distinguished, romantic, big dreaming 'Carrie Bradshaw'. I love this fragrance for it oozes class and luxury with the familiarity of "baby powder". Sheer amazing!

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ohhh...i just love this scent !!! Very beautiful...like no other..this is so UNIQUE !!! Chanel n°5 ...perfection in a bottle ! I don't find it an "old " lady scent ...not at all... I don't use it much...but every time i try it it's like the first time...I always get that wowww factor !!! I like the floral- aldehyde , clean, soapy, smell...on my skin i feel it flowery,citrucy, powdery...warm dry down,very chic and expensive ! ...very long lasting..and the bottle is just perfect ! less is more !;))) A must have !!!

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Most people think this is an "old lady scent" but they don't know that the scent changes that its just the top notes and the first 5-10 minutes it smells like that but then it dries down into this magical scent where you just want to take a long breath in through your nose and just hold the smell inWell, what Can I say about this great fragrance? Yes, it's great and not because of it's name. I think smells delicious, so creamy and powdery. I don't consider it an older women perfume rather I think it's classic yet modern, besides elegant. If you have enough personality to feel confortable wearing this then use it an enjoy it.I gave this a try,really wanting to like it but it just doesn't work for me. Since becoming more and more interesting in perfumes i have found my nose just does not like these musky, civet scents , nor does it take to spicy or powder based smells. I always try them on my skin to see if it changes but I really dislike the smell. This one is no different. It is an iconic perfume for obvious reasons, I just wonder sometimes, if it was brand new and had only recently come out, would people like it as much? I'm not sure. Explore the N°5 fragrance collection for Women at CHANEL. Shop the full collection on Chanel.com and discover your signature scent


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  2. When I smell Chanel no.5, I see a lady wearing a soft, delicate cashmere sweater sitting by the fire place. There is an inner peace and happiness living within her but she keeps it so close to herself like a secret and expresses it with a hint of a modest smile. She is warm and beautiful and has no intention to be alluring, except the irony is that men are inevitably enticed by her natural charm. To me, a Chanel 5 lady is genuine and personable. Who can resist her? The only thing about her is that....she is very expensive. From the Chanel no. 5 collection I think the Parfum is the best. It's not the same as the EDP and the EP. I really think the P is softer and more rounded than the others. EDP, to me, is second best.
  3. ds me of Estee Lauder Youth Dew. This stage quickly fades, and the rest of the wear is a dry, starchy, powdery, slightly white floral finish before it fades into nothing.
  4. And I'm pleased to be the second to write a review on my 5. I own some from all concentrations, p/edp/edt and one vintage edc. My favs are edt and p. I adore the first notes of soapy/clean freshness. The edp is more vanillic and earthy, but edt and p are more clean and sandalic.
  5. ine and elegance,its just classic,iconic and definitly must have!
  6. It took 20 years to understand the reason of its success, but now that I am 38 I finally understood why this is the emblem of a woman's perfume. Not a girl, neither a matron, not a leather-dressed tiger one, not a pink sugar-sweet doll; not "a version", it catches and keeps in itself the abstract, universal concept of what a woman is. I think every perfumes-lover should test it and retest through the years; sometimes understanding a meaning, what someone wanted to tell us, it's just a matter of life-experience. Eternal.

This i a perfume that is always in my wish list. It is currently out of my budget range, but i am saving for it ;) a very complex scent, (apparantly smells different om everyone), this is truly a masterpiece !When I first started working at the fragrance counter I encountered this for what I thought to be the first time. And I was not prepared for the aldehydes along with the other notes many people struggle with in this one. So I made the mistake of not smelling it after the drydown came in. I also had that horror and confused thought of why it was so popular. Weeks later my cousin remembered his mother used to wear it but when he went to smell it he had the same reaction I did. Of course much later it dawned on me that I had to wait for the smell I was looking for. Tested it on my skin and tried to avoid putting my nose to my wrist for a good thirty minutes. There it was, that lovely warm "expensive French soap" smell. I enjoy it now. I know it doesn't work for everyone, and while I've had no compliments while wearing it I haven't had any complaints. I'm glad I can enjoy it.This is the true definition of classic so elegant a beautiful! Words cannot describe how special and personal this perfume is too me I remember my grandma always dabbing on her chanel no5 my grandma was already a beautiful and amazing person but this just made her radiate. Now I wear this perfume and I feel as though she is always near and with me it's so special and holds such a special meaning it's very mature smelling but I'm 20 and it's one of my favorite perfume every! I love wearing it :) 100/10

Chanel No. 5 spokeswoman Gisele Bündchen rides the waves this fall in the perfume campaign's new short film, The One That I Want, directed by Perhaps surfing isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chanel No. 5. But the athletic-meets-glam approach to this new ad harks back to.. There's a reason that #5 is the worldwide best seller. Classic, sweet, but clean. Long-lasting, but not too obtrusive. Not my favorite, but my go-to when nothing else really sparks for me.

After reading all the good reviews everywhere I have to try Chanel No.5, and I did last week at the mall. I spray Chanel No.5 on my skin. unfortunately she turn in to a very strong powder scent that make me sneez all the time. I also felt that she's more of an old-fashioned than a classic. I'm so sad that we ended up this way. Maybe when I'm older I'll give her another chance. PS. Later that day my friends seem to like Chanel No.5 on me, they told me I smell wonderful. While I was thinking about taking a shower all the time:-( Chanel No.5 to legendarny, ponadczasowy zapach, który jest najlepiej sprzedającym się perfum w historii. Wszystkie nowe kolekcje Chanel były zawsze prezentowane 5 dnia, 5 miesiąca. No.5 był także ulubionym zapachem Marilyn Monroe, która deklarowała, że na noc nie potrzebuje ubierać nic.. Wearing a vintage from 1988 in the spray bottle form and omg this is every bit of everyone's favorite aspects of Chanel no 5. This is much sweeter and more floral than any other incarnation. Most beautiful version.I'm sure there was once a generation of younger women for whom Chanel no 5 was a suitable bouquet but the millennial is not that generation. While classic, it's very dated and much more suitable for women over 40. I have a slight prejudice, however as my grandmother wore this almost exclusively and she was 64 when I was born. So perhaps it's that association that makes me think of the elderly whenever I catch a whiff of No 5. I also have a personal chemistry incompatibility with this scent. It's lovely. It's classic. If I met a woman in her 20s or 30s wearing this scent, I would nod respectfully at her nose but I'd also be confused at her personal branding strategy.

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Ever since I was a teenager, I would spray this on me when I walked past the perfume counter. I always loved the way it dried to a powdery bouquet of flowers on my skin. It always made me feel like a wealthy woman who wore the finest perfumes and designer clothes. I know a lot of people don't like this frag, and I think it's mostly because of the aldehydes, which can do funny things with skin chemistry. But this scent would always make me feel special and when I was younger, I never had the money to buy a bottle. Well, it's high time that has changed; I'm adding this elegant and timeless beauty to my perfume wardrobe and it's been a long time coming. Chanel No.5, you've always made me feel so special and classy, even when I was a broke teen that worked 60+ hours a week just to survive. I would come into the store after digging ditches all day with dirt and goodness knows what else on my uniform, and spray you on my wrist and you would instantly make me feel like a well-coiffed lady wearing the finest designer evening gown.I despise civet and aldehydes - so I truly despise No. 5 - on myself and on others. I don't care how ignorant of the classics I may seem. Skin chemistry and personal taste is everything, and I simply can't stand this stuff. Yes, I do appreciate that it's beautifully blended and it's complex. I appreciate it's complexity, and I can see why it's a classic - but that still doesn't make me like it. To me it has an eye-wateringly strong vibe of cat pee and mothballs. Again, it's personally chemistry, I guess.Forgive me for even suggesting a dupe for this absolutely delightful Chanel N05, I have bottles of this, old originals and recents, but loathed to open the cellophane, however I have discovered a cheap dupe which is great for gym bag, glove box in car etc All the places you dont mind a bottle getting knocked and tumbled - The dupe is called 'Suddenly I' at Lidl. Its part of the Valentines 2015 promotion I simply cannot believe its likeness to Chanel No5. At first it smells synthetic, but then after 10 minutes it develops into something delish! At $7 for a 50ml EDP .. why the hell not?!

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  1. e are also very evident. After a short while, the patchouli begins to emerge as well as the citrus. These eventually weaken, yielding to the softer floral and woody notes. Over time, the floral and woody notes linger on my skin whereas my clothing tends to retain the brighter notes as well as the patchouli. This is not a run about town sort of fragrance for me. I find it most suitable for business meetings or evenings.
  2. e petals. Then they went to a cave made of amber with incense and iris. The princess resumed her dance, and the prince followed as well. A musky sonnet played as they swirled around. When the music stopped, they kissed romantically with a vanilla whiff, forgetting everything else around them. The history behind this fragrance is so touching, to think that a scent that has been worn by the women of 20's is still present today. There is something about the history that gives No.5 an aura of sentimentality. Chanel No.5 is a legend that revolutionized the world of perfumery. Over time, after years and decades from now, there will be a time that Chanel No. 5 will disappear. It's name may be forgotten, but the scent and warmth that it has emitted throughout the years will always and forever remain in our hearts.
  3. ine side and I LOVE that. Often "sensual" or "sexy" perfumes are too sticky sweet for me, without any air to breathe. But in Chanel No. 5 there is even after hours this trace of refreshing aldehydes on my skin - in combination with the flowers, warm, rich vanilla-musk and powdery iris it smells just divine. This is a high class perfume which sets me in a good mood!
  4. ine, way better than the Eau Premiere, which in my opinion, although classy and pleasant, pales to the original. I'm not so happy with the fact that it's so well known and has become rather mainstream - everyone loves it and everyone has it and everyone wears it - but there's a reason why so many people appreciate it. It’s truly gorgeous and I'm unexpectedly beginning to fall in love with it.
  5. I cannot afford this fragrance. That said, if I could I would wear it endlessly. I think that when I die, if there is a heaven, it just might smell like No. 5. Some people may not agree with that, but I believe angels must wear chanel No. 5 because it is DIVINE!
  6. Very, very strong and agresive at the begining, after half hour, very creamy. I think that is not my type and not my vision of beauty. Very old-fashionable, but not classy.
  7. ine, softer, milder with all beautiness of the EDP. When I wear Chanel 5 EDT I get many compliments on my beautiful nice smell, EDP has never made me or others feel or say the same.

@Piscean-Blue I got cancer from reading that review. Mr. Psychologist tell us why would anyone lie about a scent which they don't like? Skin, nose etc. change smell alot, remember that.I honestly don't understand what all the fuss around this perfume is about. And I'm really trying, but I'm starting to think it's just a created promotional sentimental bubble. This just smells like cheap soap to me. I can't really smell any of the notes properly - so messy! Sometimes less is more, and maybe this is the case - if this wasn't a mixture of everything, if Chanel focused on some notes and did it properly, it could have been a pleasant fragrance...I have only 3 words to describe this legendary perfume: Elegant, sophisticated, and French. Coco chanel was way ahead of her time, as she always was. This perfume will ALWAYS be relevant no matter what. To appreciate it is to know it. And this is the very ESSENCE of CHANEL! J'adore numero 5! We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Chanel No. 5 Pop-Up Exhibit Opens In NYC. The best time to stop by No. 5 in a New Light—Chanel's public exhibit celebrating the iconic, 94-year-old fragrance, which opened today and goes through May 17—is just before..

I didn't know what does the famous Chanel No.5 smells like until I was about 20, and I just became a perfume collector and stopped at the perfume counter and smelled it on the testing paper. I was in a SHOCK, because it took me back to my memory of my mom when I was 5. Chanel No.5 is exactly what my mom's bedroom smelled like. They say scent is the best carrier of human memories, I know it is true for me. I didn't buy it until recently, and I finally start to appreciate its beauty. To me, it's comforting.Smells only marginally acceptable on me after four or so hours when it's dwindled down to almost nothing. Don't have the $$ or the time for it.

@betweenshades: thanks for replying :), i use the EDP frequently and i can say that it lasts for 2-3 hours max! what shocked me is that i got the 15ml parfum which suppose to be strong and all pure materials and boom it lasts for 15-30 min tops! i checked a website for the beauty products age and it turned out that the 15ml parfum was made in aug 2011, any thoughts dear?She is clean, soapy and musky in the most hygienic and animalistic way. I feel as if I have smelled this my entire life, but I don't know why or where or when, there is no specific memory. Its a guardian angel hanging over me like a shroud. Maybe it was my mothers medicine cabinet, all powders, creams and lipstick. Or it was a firm but loving mentor's soap. As cold as this fragrance is, I find it comforting.At first smell, quite frankly it totally smells like a fresh public washroom that has been cleaned. I'm not kidding at all! But I like it though. For some reason I just can't stop smelling it!My friend got this for her birthday and was not a fan of it, but to me This was magic, woman's essence of femininity in a golden bottle. I remember, I promised myself I will have a bottle all to myself when I grow up to be a woman. From the aldehyde start it's all about luxurious soap, clean warm skin... I love Ylang-ylang here- it's sweet and narcotic, followed by soft rose and jasmine and muted by iris and orris root into soft powder. Due to the polarizing reviews I think body chemistry plays a big role in this charming chameleon...The legend, Marilyn Monroe's fragrance...What should I write more... Maybe not so modern, but still the legend like 2.55 bag, like Chanel's shoes... I'm sure, No 5 is not for everybody...

i think this perfume is too old for me.. smell like my grandma, -_- this scent too flowery, soft, vanili.. i live in summer country, soo its too strong.. i use this every night, maake me feel asleep faster .. smell sexy, but i'm teenager 15th years old, soo its bad for my ages.. but i didn't say its bad perfume.. anddd, very long lasting... very expensive..Daivuce, great review. Definitely this is a sophisticated, subtle masterpiece. Not for sweet, berry, fruity, loud, gourmand scents lovers.Abel7, you say you don't know why your review was removed? It was OFFENSIVE, that's why. I don't care whether you give this fragrance a bad review or not. Whether or not you like it is irrelevant to me. This isn't my favourite fragrance by any means, but I took offense to your review for the disgusting way you put down the lovers of this perfume. Keep that in mind!dont like the video with nicole kidman,too fake, too long, quite ridiculous...

NewsBusinessStyleBeautyShoppingCareersNYC Job ListingsLA Job ListingsFashion WeekEditors' PicksEventsMeet the EditorsAboutContactAdvertiseJob ListingsEventsPrivacyTerms of ServicePlatform PrivacyPrivacy SettingsNewsBusinessStyleBeautyShoppingCareersFashion WeekEditors' PicksEventsNewsBusinessStyleBeautyShoppingCareersFashion WeekEditors' PicksEventsHomeBeautyFashion History Lesson: The Truth Behind Chanel No. 5A deep dive into one of the world's most iconic fragrances.Author:Sara IdacavageUpdated:Oct 16, 2018Original:Nov 14, 2016Catherine Deneuve appears in a 1975 Chanel No. 5 campaign. Photo: Courtesy of the Richard Avedon FoundationTo my skin and nose this is the worst perfume ever! I don't even like it on other people! I sometimes believe that it does not suit anyone and people keep buying it just because it is chanel no 5Having tried all formulations: Parfum, Eau De Parfum and the Eau de Toilette, I really wanted No 5 to work for me in the edt. Apart from the edp which lasts well in comparison to the other two, the initial phase of skank is too painful to endure but after a couple of hours the scent is gorgeous. My favourite is the body lotion which is soft, rose powdery and strong - the scent sticks to clothes and lingers beautifully. I also like the bath oil (before the 2012 version as havent tried the recent one)which i dab on as a perfume oil. This reminds me of a sweeter version of the No 5 Eau Premiere. The Sensuelle Elixir is a luxury but very close to the skin and i like some sillage!Pisceanblue, I saw you love Tom Ford Black Orchid. Most people I know say it stinks and smells like unwashed body parts. so you must be lying when you say you like it! stop lying!!!!!!you are a liar, aren't you???! :)))

I know this is the most famous perfume of all time, but I don't get its allure and popularity whatsoever! I see nothing special about this perfume. To me it smells like baby powder and old-school Covergirl foundation. I know its popularity is tied to its history and relevance at the time it became a famous perfume along with Chanel herself, but I can't imagine anyone buying for any other reason than that.There's a reason this is the gold standard for class and elegance. It's not for everyone, obviously -- this one requires a discerning taste, and the patience to wait for the drydown, at which point it blends with and enhances a woman's own beautiful fragrance. Those who have gauche tendencies or whose inclinations are yet uncultured will only smell "old lady". Those who recognize this for the prize it is, and who know how to wear it delicately, will be rewarded with the aura of true style and refinement. This was what Marilyn wore to bewitch and enthrall, and her ability to do both was incontrovertible.Ernest Beaux est à la parfumerie ce que Auguste Renoir est à la peinture : des Maîtres de l'impressionisme. L'un dans l'art pictural, l'autre dans l'art olfactif qu'est la parfumerie (si ! si ! pour moi c'est un Art avec un a majuscule ;O) Je rêve d'aller à l'osmothèque dans les Yvelines pour sentir ce qu'était le N°5.I completely love No. 5; I've only been able to afford the EDT, but I wear it constantly. The aldehyde blast at the beginning is brilliant; it smells so clean to me, and so completely unlike anything else. The drydown is amazing, too; it smells so warm and soft. It's a very subtle scent on me, definitely something that another person would have to get extremely close to smell, and that makes it absolutely perfect.

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I first knew about this perfume when I read an article about Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe. At first I thought, "Wow, this must be something legendary!" and so when I saw this on my cousin's purse, I was so excited to spray it on my wrist! You could just imagine how happy I was that time. I mean, come one it's Chanel! :) So I grabbed the bottle (which is kinda bulky to hold) and sprayed it on my wrists. The jasmine and rose notes were right on, like boom! I didn't really feel the citrus notes but it really smells good; it kinda reminded me of other perfumes though, which is not really good because I used to think it was something that is very unique and extraordinary. Scent is not that long-lasting too. 3.5/5I don't like Chanel No. 5. However, I have never once felt compelled to proclaim to all the men and women that love and wear this fragrance--that have wonderful, treasured memories of it--that the concoction smells like "old beauty powder, cat piss, and wilted flowers", and then go on to snarkily "congratulate" them on smelling like "rotten peaches and plastic powder." Firstly, that isn't at all what No. 5 smells like--that's just a histrionic rant for dramatic effect, and is probably an indication of personal maturity more than anything else. Secondly, it's in extremely poor taste. Basic manners go a very, very long way. I'm not sure when restraint went out of fashion. But I do deeply wish it would come back in. You know, now I'm a little inspired to give No. 5 another opportunity in the near future.It is a mystery to me how anyone could not love this classic. Every time I smell this on a lady—and they are ALWAYS ladies, not girls or women—I wish I was a straight man! It's just so sexy and timeless I want to seduce them. You have to give this perfume time on skin in order fully to appreciate its power. It's the richest of florals cut through by this indescribable blast of icy freshness. It actually smells cool and warm at the same time. This works just as well on a young lady as a more mature one. The advertising and hype are right when it comes to this one: it is a gorgeous, sophisticated scent which, in my view, has not been bettered (though Chanel's Bois des Illes comes close). Its projection and sillage are second to none. Ubiquitous but never common; timeless, not old-fashioned. Buy the EdP for full effect. It reminds me of the lobby of a five-star hotel overlooking the Mediterranean: sipping a glass of Champagne watching elegant, soignee ladies wafting past in couture and Cartier. Fabulous!Strangely, I had never tried this before today, and when I tested it, I knew I HAD to have it! It is spicy and sweet, flowers and spices in perfect harmony. Now I know why it is a classic! My husband said Chanel No. 5 is the Dom Perignon of perfumes - if someone wants to get something and know it is good, they will go with this perfume, and I know why. It also lasts a long time - 9 hours so far, and still as easily smelled on my arm as when I first put it on. Lovely lovely lovely!!

I would never agree that n.5's time is over. It is still The Queen, whatever they say. And like a real queen she doesn't need to strain herself to attract you with lovely, seductive, easy opening, full of flirty notes, on the contrary - it has all the right to smack you on the face with its hyper-aldehyde beginning. If you can't bear it, well... off with your head! No, but seriously, it has the most beautiful drydown, and the combination of rose and jasmine absolutes in the heart is stunning and obligatory for a perfume lover. Even if I've heard about crappy reformulations and that the most decent blend is made for France market only, and I think I could agree (I smell some chemistry and some sale-busters, too) it is still unique. Its real name, hidden under the "5" cryptonym, is SOPHISTICATION.Chanel No 5: The Iconic. As one poster has said below me: "the definition of classic". I couldn't agree more. I revisited this Chanel after dismissing it as "too mature" in my teenage years. I now find No 5 to be very distinct, smooth and sophisticated, and I noticed a lovely old-fashioned elegance to this scent that continues to grow on me, as I love it more with each and every wear. On my skin, there's lots of aldehydes to start with, followed by something woodsy, something soapy, that finally settles into a woody-soapiness, which is absolutely beautiful. The scent then develops into a dry-down of something a bit creamier and warmer, which is what makes me think is why many people describe this as a comforting and cozy scent. That's the best part. Sillage is about soft to moderate; lasts for 7-8 hours. UPDATE: I went into my bedroom a few days ago and thought: What is this lovely scent still lingering here? But of course, it was Chanel No 5. The more I wear this perfume, the more I love it, and the more notes my nose is able to unscramble: buttery ylang-ylang, sensual jasmine, warm sandalwood, shimmering aldehydes. It's just wonderful in cold weather. I am getting many compliments, too, and people always seem to be surprised when I tell them that I wearing Chanel No 5 :)

There should be separate pages for Parfum and EDP... They are totaly different. My first No.5 was EDP and I used it for years. It's very Floral and ladylike on me. But I'm crazy for Parfum. I don't find EDP really sexy. EDP is 'pretty'. Nice. Parfum is full on sexual. It is the scent of woman. Elegant, experienced & ripe. Mmmm. EDP is hardly animalic on me. Parfum IS an animal. A crouching feline, I'd say. Ylang Ylang and Jasmin are beautifuly indolic. When I feel a bit hot wearing Parfum, I get amazing Patchouli, Amber & Sandalwood combo. It resembles to extreme dry down of Angel or Prada Amber. By the way, EDT is alot more like Parfum compare to EDP. It has animalic scents & I get the same Patch, Amber & Sandalwood thing when I feel hot. EDT has so much more fizzy Aldehyde than Parfum at the top. So it's cool, fresh, and significantly lighter. To me, Parfum is hands down the best. EDT is lovely delicate alternative. Getty Images After coming up with the idea to create a perfume for her fashion brand during a meeting with friends in Monte Carlo, Chanel reached out to master perfumer Ernest Beaux. She wanted the scent to be one of kind while also resembling her style and personality. Her goal was for it to reflect the sensuality and complexity of the modern woman. The result: A seductive multi-faceted floral unlike any other perfume on the market. I understand that this is a classic, but I can't pull this off. This is my mom's signature scent, and she wears it every day, rain or shine, sweltering Texas heat and all. Very strong, sharp, piercing, covered in a powedery veil. I really can't describe what it is I smell...It suits her perfectly and I can tolerate it on her, but on me it makes me frown. Choose your favorite chanel no 5 paintings from millions of available designs. All chanel no 5 paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee

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Getty Images 4. It has a universal pop-culture appeal.From Marilyn Monroe saying a few drops of Chanel N°5 was all she wore to bed to Andy Warhol’s silkscreens of the bottle, its popularity is unparalleled. Even when Paris was liberated, there were endless lines of American soldiers waiting to get the perfume to bring home to their wives. Universālveikals Stockmann - Jūsu iedvesmas avots! Sazinieties ar mums klientuinfo@stockmann.com. Pierakstīties jaunumu vēstulei Chanel's taste for the most exquisite things in life is reflected in the vast number of properties used to make the fragrance. It takes one ton of flowers to produce one and half kilograms of the absolute I've just decanted a couple of mls into an atomiser as the spray nozzle was blocked and liquid was running down the side (which probably lost it some notes) and I want to take back what I said before - this is a rich, classic floraldehyde. Perhaps not for everyone, but definitely worth trying.

Yes of course I like it, but ii don't love it, and it is not my favourite aldehyde perfume. It is a classic, it is Chanel, the bottle is fabulous. But for me it is just too obvious. I prefer Lanvin Arpege.I really like #5 because it's so subtle and not very strong. when i first smelled it, it was on my friend and i really liked it. to me it somewhat smells like baby products which i like.in the beginning it's a bit strong and though as the day pass by it gets lighter and lighter. it doesn't stay on you long. others can smell it for sure though you might not smell it through out the day. it does stay on clothes for a day or twoJust believe the hype. I waited a long time to try vintage No. 5 extrait. There are so many diverse opinions of No. 5 out there that I couldn't tell if I would like it or not. Finally, I decided to see for myself and landed a sealed bottle of extrait from the 1950's-60's. And guess what? vintage No. 5 is a great and beautifully crafted scent. Rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and orris are interwoven with unctuous musks, a restrained civet note, and a touch of powdery aldehydes. All of the notes are true and clear. The similarity to vintage L'Aimant is unmistakeable, but No.5 retains a soapy freshness, even 10 hours into its drydown, while L'Aimant is all warm peach skin.I think anyone, whether you only buy niche or only buy designer fragrances, should like this legend of a perfume, and if you don't, then you should appreciate it. Actully, No. 5 is more than a fragrance. It's a whole cultural sensation, like Coke. Nearly everyone, even non-fragheads, know it and love it. The history is fascinating, whole books have been devoted to it. It's nearly 100 years old. If we humans as a species had to show an alien race one fragrance to sum up all of perfumery, I'd pick No. 5. No. 5 is a legendary perfume, that symbolizes and emphasizes that dire situation that we call modern perfumery. Perfumes being reformulated to fit current tastes, the dozens of woody aromatics and fresh spicys sitting on the Mens wall at Sephora, the dozens of sickly sweet florals at the women's section THAT PEOPLE STILL BUY!!!! Non-fragheads buy cologne just to buy cologne. Non-fragheads buy fragrances that make them fit in. The world of perfume needs to stop reformulating and go back to the land of Chanels and Guerlains. We can use No. 5 as our rallying cry. All perfumes should live up to the unachievable greatness of No. 5. If only we knew how.

No5 is like a specific movie designed for a specific audience. Definitely, it is a fragrance for a mature, classy woman. Not the one for the faint hearted - it is not a type of a romantic date one to me. It isn't a walk on the beach at sunset one either. It is a big gala fragrance, wedding day or evening at opera. No5 is silk and diamonds. It is caviar and champagne. It is Maybach and red carpet. Elixir of luxury that, thank God, every one of us can afford.Gorgeous - simply a beautiful scent. I love aldehydes and am in my 20's. I love the classic-ness of this smell. It isn't because this is simply from "Chanel" either (not a perfume snob) for instance I also love Windsong & it has aldehydes.. Seriously you cannot go wrong with No 5. My most favorite from Chanel that is a little different from No 5 is No 22. No 5 is my second favorite & I can see how it has became the classic it has become.This perfume is so classic, so beautiful and so rich! My mum has always worn this perfume as her signature ever since I was little and I LOVE hugging her!! I would always spray this around my room to remind me of home :) It's a scent for more mature women, but it's a beautiful scent. :) I highly recommend the body lotion too!! Chanel No. 5 by Chanel 6.8 ounce perfume Body Lotion for Women. The Secret of Chanel No. 5: The Intimate History of the World's Most Famous Perfume. by Tilar J Mazzeo | Sep 6, 2011

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Ez a Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum, minden idők leghíresebb parfümje, amit a ragyogó Marylin Monroe is viselt. Kényeztesse magát ön is az ikonikus illattal, amely évtizedek után sem talált vetélytársra a parfümök piacán! Hiszen a minőség, a stílus és az elbűvölő nőiesség soha nem megy ki a divatból My respect to Chanel 5 for holding it's own thru out all these years. But for the life of me I just can't see why. I've studied, analyzed and dissected this fragrance needing to know why it's so popular, but I still can't see it, nothing about this scent is nice to me. I find it stuffy, stale and extremely synthetic. It smells like powdery chemicals to me.

I have worn Chanel no.5 on and off for 20 years. I just recently purchased a 30ml parfum in Canada after using up my last extrait that was purchased 8 years ago. I honestly thought I purchased a fake parfum from a reputable department store for over $ 400 CAD after tax. There are no roses, jasmine, or lily of the valley. I'm not even sure what I am smelling, maybe some sweat, musk, and vanilla. Too bad I cannot return this after it has been opened because honestly, the new parfum is NOT Chanel no.5.oh my goodness sakes....finally the real stuff, and it lasts for hours! My prayers answered. I have a vintage bottle of this thick amber gooey lusciousness with original box. Christmas came early, I'm always buying pure parfum from now on. What a difference! Now this is beautiful. Before Chanel No.5 bottles get ready for the EU regulating shake-up, we take a retrospective look at the world's best-selling scent. Both contain mosses banned under the new rules. As Chanel scrambles to save its iconic scent, we take a look at the story of No.5, which starts in 1921 with..

Chantal x2!!!' To each their own; different tastes are great, but there's no need for name calling :)Nope. If Ck one came out with Ck coco, and smelled exactly like coco chanel, I would be absolutely thrilled and could die a happy lady that smelled fabulous, knowing that the price didn't kill me LOL! And of course this one, too!

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Classy, noble and fascinating fragrance! Most of all I feel the aldehydes, lemon, neroli, ylang-ylang, jasmine, orris, sandalwood, vetiver, amber and vanilla notes. The May rose note and the iris note are also noticeable, but not so clearly like in Chanel N°19, for example. The aldehydes notes are really very strong in this fragrance. The lemon note and the neroli note are not overpowering, but brings their noticeable citrusy nuances. As for me, I feel the ylang-ylang note most of all between the floral notes. But I can't say that it's overpowering, too. The jasmine note also brings its noticeable floral nuances. And the orris note really makes this fragrance more powdery. The vetiver, sandalwood, amber and vanilla notes are noticeable enough in the base, but none of them seems to me overpowering also. This fragrance smells powdery enough and even soapy. Its lasting power is good, but I wouldn't say that the sillage is too strong. Actually, it wasn't a love from the first sniff, but now I really love this floral aldehyde fragrance a lot. It smells very chic. Besides, it's very well balanced. Chanel N°5 is a truly hymn to femininity and elegance!I love how Chanel No. 5 changes on me throughout the day. I love it most after I have worn it for a few hours. I love its complexity...elegant, feminine and sexy.I really like this scent: it's classy, feminine and very elegant; and just as old songs or movies carry a certain nostalgia, a remembrance of classy old days, so does Chanel No 5. For me, its smell is just always going to be linked to the style of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. Also, I love the slightly old-fashioned bottle. It's not my favourite perfume, it's a little too powdery for my taste, but it doesn't deserve to be marked as outdated, which it has been a lot lately. I think just because now many of the older generation wear it in remembrance of good old times, that doesn't make it out of date. Scents, like wine, are not fashion-bound for me. If they're good, they'll last. And a little Chanel No 5 with a little black dress definitely still does the trick for me.I obtained a .25 ounce bottle of the parfum that still had the baudruchage seal intact. The box it came in was pre-upc code and I've no idea of the date of manufacture of this particular bottle. The stopper was stuck so I had to put it in the freezer for an hour and was able to slowly turn it clockwise and open it without damage. Whew! I've been wearing it for the last 24 hours and it brings to mind the Chanel I remember my mother wearing in the sixties. My father would buy her the ebony cased spray. I really didn't like the civet in it in those days. It was too sophisticated for my young nose. So, I fell asleep just a few minutes ago while reading and the most glorious scent woke me up - a divine floral fragrance floated about me with a touch of woods. It surprised me and I wondered if it was coming from the window. I suddenly remembered the parfum and checked my wrist. Sure enough, that beautiful scent was emanating from my skin. Was this the legendary ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine? I'd waited a whole day for the pay off and it didn't disappoint me! Writing this now I can hardly keep my wrist away from my nose. I suppose because it is a vintage it took a while for the notes to warm to my skin. So glad to meet you all! Thank you for your kind visit! Give my love to Mademoiselle Chanel and Ernest Beaux as you drift back to that place where legends sleep. And thank them for bringing your beauty to me!This is the most beautiful fragrance ever. This probably sounds cliche, but i must say it is timeless and classic. To put it simply, it smells like a STRONG, SOPHISTICATED WOMAN, hence the reason why many other women fail to understand it :) I may use other fragrances from time to time, but Chanel No 5 will always be in my collection.

It took him several months to perfect a new fragrance but eventually he came up with 10 samples and presented them to Chanel.When I wore this to test it out, it was like being preceded into every room by a blaring, off-key trumpet player. People smelled me coming. Intensity can be sexy, but I like to smell flowers, not be beaten over the head with them. The burst of aldehydes made my eyes water, and it dried down to a soapy mess on my arm. The idea of the civet freaks me out, too. I realize its a classic, and I would love to be able to savour its genius along with everyone else, but it just makes me feel ill.There is something quite austere about Chanel No. 5. It's not an indulgent perfume. It's neither sweet nor bitter, fruity nor flowery, dirty nor clean, dusty nor aquatic. I think that it reflects the sensibilities of it's original champion, Gabrielle Chanel: refinement without fussiness, practicality, not too feminine or sexy, just simple chic. I think it is perhaps impossible to truly judge this perfume from Chanel's perspective back in the 1920s. No. 5 has inspired thousands of commercial scents since it was introduced, and it's difficult to separate the daily experience of these many scents with the unique experience that No. 5 once was. So I am hopelessly put off by the "soapy" smell. I would not wear this perfume, and I do not particularly enjoy it on others. I believe it's time has past. It is "old fashioned" by today's standards. Perfumes created today are so much more indulgent, evocative, and sensual. I think that perhaps those who enjoy wearing it are most likely being influenced by it's classic reputation and the timelessness of it's domination. But they could also be appreciating aspects of it's scent that I cannot discern given my own prejudices.

To me this smells like LOVE. Warm, calming & uplifting at the same time. It makes me feel mellow and smily. EDT is lovely but makes my nose blocked & disappears on me quickly. EDP works perfectly on my skin ... luckily, it gently stays close to me. My hubby asks me to wear more, so that he can smell it better, but I enjoy this "wrapped around with soft chiffon" sort of No.5. It's funny I stayed away from No.5 all my adult life, believing that this is a grandma smell. I often get compliments from strangers and "surprise" them by the name of fragrance. They say "Really? " And that's exactly how I reacted when I actually smelled it on my skin for the first time.... A pushy sales person in a mall sprayed it on my arm without asking me! First I got shocked & annoyed, but ended up buying a bottle, after walking around for an hour unexpectedly in love with the feminine, gentle, elegant smell.I've tried it but this one is alsoo verry overwhelming for me and some how it smells verry odd when I spray it on my skin. Too bad, if I sneff the bottle I do like it. I'm sorry to say this one is not for me. Chanel added a great deal more Grasse-grown jasmine, and called it No. 5. Yes, it was her lucky number (and correlated to her zodiac sign, Leo) At the end of WWII, Chanel No.5 started its climb to becoming the world's bestselling fragrance when American soldiers who liberated Paris lined up on.. There are days I like it and days I don't. I think it depends a lot on my mood, my mindset and the weather. There's so much hype and history accompanying this iconic fragrance that it's sometimes a little bit frightening to wear it. Do I fit the picture of someone who wears Chanel No. 5? For a long time I didn't think so. I only have a bottle because a beautiful friend gifted it to me when she said she wouldn't wear it. Since then , I have acquired a few other fragrances which I think bear a resemblance to No. 5 and I think it's because of my exposure to those that I am starting to feel differently towards No. 5. I'm smelling it differently. Today I am wearing Guerlain's Jardins de Bagatelle and I notice a distinct similarity to both No. 5 and indeed Arpege. It's the aldehydes and the ylang that is the connecting factor I think. All 3 very powerful, very feminine and very luxurious. I read a review the other day - I can't recall now which fragrance it was for - which basically said that all perfumes should be for all women on any occasion that they desire to wear them. And in the spirit of that, and in an attempt to deflate the notion that No. 5 is for a certain type of woman, I decided to wear my No. 5 on the weekend.....mowing my orchard! And it was great!!StyleFashion History Lesson: The Iconic Hermès BirkinThe story of the world’s most coveted carryall.

The parfum is a lemony yet deeply floral yet rich and refined, concentrated version of Chanel No 5. I wore it today from a bottle I've received within the last 10 years. I also have a vintage version that I've yet to open, so I need to do that at some point and I'll add my thoughts to this review! I layered today's wear over the lotion, which definitely helped punch up the scent and has assisted in letting it last all day. Chanel No 5 always feels homey to me, and reminds me of colder weather and family holidays. My all time love.a very comforting perfume due to the fact growing up this was one of my Mother's popular Perfumes. I now occasionally wear it and suddenly I feel safe, ready to do anything. I'm still what you'd say young for this mature perfume at the age of 20 but this perfume plays to my precocious side. I adore Chanel N.5

I can get why this fragrance is so polarizing today. There is that opening, which is as if all the disparate elements of this perfume are like women of various heights, body shapes and styles trying to fit thru the doors at midnight at Bloomingdales, if it had a Black Friday. But just wait a few moments, and everything rights itself. What next emerges is genius-a perfectly balanced adehylic floral that was and still is an enigma, and because of this still feels a step ahead of the times. There's the current trend of gourmands that is still on the crest of the moment. I love gourmands, they are an innovation that seems so obvious that it's around us, that I have to wonder why it hasn't been visited before. I have fallen in love with the sweet yet musky Pink Sugar, a fragrance which has all the trappings of a classic in the making. But I feel sorry for the aldehydes. They are the epitome of glamour in my book. I am of an era that to define feminine glamour I must catapult back to the mid 20th century, when class and glamour were one and the same. Chanel number five, even more divergent than ever, makes it necessary that you have an open mind (and heart) to understand and fall in love with.I love this perfume,this is simply the most brilliant odour that i have ever smelled.When I first smelled it it seemed like my nose and the fragrance were already aqquanted and long time old friends that were forgotten.It seemed like it waws so familier and its just what ive been looking for. I was puzzled by the previous comments and in particular the ones who mentioned feeling nauseiated or dizzy when smeeling the No.5 because its freshness and lack of sweet sugary stench is what makes it the perfect remedy for being dizzy.It totally clears away all the dizziness if not the headaches that i feel from time to time.Simply magical and magnificient and is a timeless beauty that will last forever while other perfumes or air freshners dry up and evaporite to thin air.Just one more thing,give it time to settle in,the stages of this perfume are magical to explore and trust me you will never dislike any.I hate to have to say it, but the No. 5 of past is dead. The 2015 reformulations by Chanel were a death knell. No. 5 is no longer nearly as rich, complex, or as long-lasting as we remember. It's always had a soapiness to it, but now that's all I can smell, and it's gone after only a couple hours. Still pretty classy smelling, but not special, and it costs more than ever. Well, we know what it used to be like, at least.

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