Alexander and Hephaestion spent some hard times in Illyria. In this we learn how they cope with the Diades, Critodemus, and the usual Companions also appear, but it's an Alexander & Hephaestion.. Hephaestion, Greek metrist, author of a work on metre in 48 books, which was reduced, by successive abridgments, to form a manual (Greek encheiridion). The manual became a popular school book, and.. The Lion of Chaeronea was erected by the Thebans to commemorate the Sacred Band after their defeat at the Battle of Chaeronea. Alexander & Hephaestion - Some contemporary accounts suggest that Alexander the Great (356 - 323BC), King of Macedonia, had a lifelong relationship with his childhood friend Hephaestion

Issue #1:  Ancient Macedon and homosexuality

"Womanizer" is anachronistic and modern. I would strongly suggest that you remove it from your article as misleading. Because compared to other Greek and Macedonian men, Alexander's list of female OR male lovers is rather short. This is, after all, the man who once said, "Sleep and sex remind me I'm mortal."There is also the tradition that links same-sex intimacy with masculinity and courage on the battlefield. The Sacred Band of Thebes, widely considered Greece's most lethal fighting force before the rise of Macedon, was allegedly composed solely of 150 pairs of male lovers. The underpinning logic was that the men fought more bravely with their lovers by their side. There is evidence to suggest that Philip and Alexander, although rivals of the Sacred Band, greatly admired the group's spirit. Plutarch reports that after defeating them at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE, Philip wept and cursed anyone who had ever questioned their lifestyle (Parallel Lives, Pelopidas).  Researchers cannot make empirical studies to be sure about the thoughts and feelings of the people who lived in the times of Alexander the Great. At most, they can only make deductions from the historical records that are available. All that really exists is a puzzle, which researchers try to interpret and put together.

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Top image: A painting by Charles Le Brun depicting Alexander and Hephaestion (in red cloak), facing Porus, during the Battle of the Hydaspes. ( Public Domain ) От 1900 руб. Изображение «Temple of Hephaestus, Hephaestion, Theseion (415 BC), Ancient Agora, Athens, Greece.», © age Fotostock / Фотобанк Лори Even though modern scholars have developed theories to explain certain kinds of same-sex relationships in certain regions, much about how the Greeks, especially the Macedonians, viewed homosexuality remains unclear.

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10 July, 2016 - 21:56 Natalia Klimczak What was the REAL relationship Between Alexander the Great and Hephaestion? Read Later  Print Alexander the Great was known as a womanizer – his list of romances quite extensive. However, some researchers suggest that he also fell in love with at least two men, one of them being Hephaestion, a General in Alexander’s Army. Hephaestion and Patroclus have died, thus their scenes are in black and white. The other two are alive and they Song: Between Artist: Vienna Teng Creator: theycallmebacon Hephaestion POV When he was still young, Hephaestion met the crown prince Alexander. Although an explicit connection between Hephaestion and the famous Macedonian scientist and philosopher Aristotle of Stagira is not mentioned in our best sources, we may assume that Hephaestion, like Alexander, was educated by Aristotle, whose school in the Nymphaeum of Mieza (below modern Naousa) was situated in one of the most beautiful and green parts of Macedonia. If we are to believe Diogenes Laertius, the author of several entertaining Lives of Eminent Philosophers, Aristotle published a collection of letters to Hephaestion,note[Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers 5.1.27.] which suggests that the two wrote to each other during Alexander's Persian campaign. However, Diogenes is not always a reliable author.

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The conclusion I'm forced to draw is that either these biographers (include both those from the late 4th century BCE and later Roman times) didn't believe Alexander and Hephaestion were lovers, or that the evidence for such a claim was too thin to merit speculation, even if some suspected it were true.   Hephaestion. Showing 6 of 6 results that match your query. Search Product Result. Product Spec. Authors: Hephaestion. ISBN10: 1144360587

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According to the Paul Cartledge, a Professor of Greek History in the University of Cambridge, who described his theory of Alexander the Great: The Hunt for a New Past: Hephaestion. Hephaestion (Greek: Ἡφαιστίων Hephaistion; c. 356 BC 324 BC), son of Amyntor, was a Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great As the army exercised capital jurisdiction in Macedonia, Alexander organized a trial. He accused Philotas and the court found him guilty of conspiracy. However, the precise nature of the conspiracy was unclear. Hephaestion, Craterus and Coenus declared that torture should be employed to force the truth out of Philotas. He confessed that he and his father had wanted to kill Alexander to become kings themselves. After this confession, the commander of the Companions was executed.Fox goes as far as to explain Alexander's attraction to Hephaestion as a product of the absence of his father, Philip II. This kind of pseudo-psychological analysis seems absurd considering the lack of definitive evidence that Alexander and Hephaestion were even lovers at all. But I guess it's fun to speculate nonetheless. This paper by Pennsylvania State University professor Jeanne Reames, titled "An atypical affair? Alexander the Great, Hephaistion Amyntoros and the Nature of their Relationship", gives a careful treatment to this mystery. 

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I believe that we have been applying this same unrealistic lens to the relationship of Alexander and Hephaestion. Sure, it's nice to believe they were the same soul occupying a single body but, in reality, it was probably more complicated. How many situations between two young men in their situation work out so neatly? Ask @hephaestions: I agree to ASKfm Terms of Services and I'm at least 13 years old

Issue #2: The lack of any explicit mention of a romantic/sexual relationship

Meaning of Hephaestion. What does Hephaestion mean? Information and translations of Hephaestion in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Some historians have deemed this circumstantial evidence compelling enough to assume Hephaestion was indeed Alexander's lover.  Hephaestion was a member of Alexander the Great's personal bodyguard and the Macedonian king's closest and lifelong friend and advisor Alexander and Hephaestion spent time with each other nearly their whole lives, until the death of Hephaestion in 324 BC. They traveled, fought in battlefields and experienced many adventures together. Alexander is said to have felt a strong bond with him also due to his sensitivity, love of literature and intelligence. When Hephaestion died, Alexander’s life collapsed. As a ruler, he didn't have too many people who he could trust. It seems that he believed in the loyalty his mother Olympias, Hephaestion, and his friend Ptolemy, future pharaoh Ptolemy I Soter. According to some later writings, Alexander felt extreme loneliness after the death of his dear friend, and he himself died just a few months after the burial of Hephaestion. Annotationes in Terentianum Maurum. Hephaestion. Eis To Auto Echolia. Hephaestion Alexandrinus

.. Hephaestion (RU). Уровень. Главная. > Hephaestion (ru). Обзор Hephaestion Amyntoros. 194 likes. This page is dedicated to Alexander the Great's best friend, Hephaestion Amyntoros Want to discover art related to hephaestion? Check out inspiring examples of hephaestion artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists © Copyright2019PicsArt. varun hephaestion. Follow. @hephaestion Vaxevaneris Stylianos Hephaestion: The Message of the Four Daughters, The Meeting of Persefone and Demeter, Aidoneus Invocation of Persefonis и другие песни

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  1. Given the context,  Reames ultimately concludes that the relationship between Alexander and Hephaestion was not "atypical":
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  3. There are many parallels between Alexander the Great and the mythological Greek hero Achilles.  Most obviously, they were both Greek warriors who led armies against Eastern civilizations. According to credible ancient sources, Alexander admired and envied Achilles (who he believed was his ancestor on his mother's side). 
  4. Minecraft StatisticЦікава статистика у Hephaestion_, чи не так? Було б чудово, якщо хто небудь розповів більше про Hephaestion_! Де він найчастіше грає? Як його можна знайти
  5. I find it quite ridiculous you would call Alexander a womanizer? The supposed list is not extensive and it is not even certain some of the women in this 'list' were actually his mistresses. Yes, of course he did marry more than once and I am not saying per se that Alexander was not attracted to women, but saying he was a womanizer is, truthfully, misguiding.
  6. His famous words, Hephaistion is Alexander have been immortalised. Hephaestion (356 BC - 324 BC). Hephaistion was even more handsome than Alexander and even a better warrior than him

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  1. Were Alexander and Hephaestion lovers? Or merely close friends? It has been debated, and commented on, by countless historians and philosophers
  2. Secondly, even if we assume Alexander and Hephaestion did indeed embrace this parallel to Achilles and Patroclus, it seems rash to assume that this, by definition, meant they were lovers. It's worth remembering that Homer himself did not portray Achilles and Patroclus as lovers, no matter how many people wish to believe he did. Did he imply it? Possibly. But it's debatable by virtually any standard. I find it unlikely that the Greeks of the 4th century had a uniform view of such an ambiguous matter.
  3. Let's start with a basic truth: There is no credible, direct evidence linking Alexander and Hephaestion romantically or sexually.

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There are, however, at least a couple of problems with this argument. First off, it's far from certain that Alexander's association with Achilles (and Hephaestion's with Patroclus) were nearly as relevant during Alexander's lifetime as it became afterwards. A tradition that depicted Alexander as a kind of successor to Achilles was clearly present by Roman times, but its origins are hard to pin down. Did Alexander himself embrace this identification? Or is much of it the product of literary license by later writers? I get into the weeds of this controversy in the article below:Head of Hephaistion sculpted in marble. Statue is at the Getty Museum in California. ( Public Domain ) Check out hephaestion's anime and manga lists, stats, favorites and so much more on MyAnimeList, the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community.. ..59: Hephaestion Manga Scans Page 1 Free and No Registration required for Historie 59 (2) Vol.06 Ch.061 Hephaestion (3) Vol.06 Ch.062 Hephaestion (4) Vol.06 Ch.063 Hephaestion (5) Vol.06.. The age-old question: Were Alexander the Great and Hephaestion lovers? Or merely close friends? It has been debated, and commented on, by countless historians and philosophers. Hopefully, this post will add something fresh to the conversation. 

Issue #3: Alexander's (alleged) association with Achilles

Hephaestion (c.357-324): Macedonian nobleman, closest friend and lover of king Alexander the Great. During the expedition against Persia, he served sometimes as a military commander, but he was probably a better organizer.And third, you have Alexander's association with Achilles and Hephaestion's with Patroclus. For some, this association is the strongest evidence pointing toward a romantic relationship. For others, it is little more than pro-Alexander propaganda invented after his death. Below, I'll explore all three of these areas and conclude with a theory of my own.Summoned as a proper Servant, Hephaestion would possess the Skill For He Is Another Iskandar (True), compared to his sister's For He Is Another Iskandar (False).

Héphaistion — Héphaestion Véronèse, La Famille de Darius devant Alexandre, 1565 1570, National Gallery. Alexandre montre Héphaestion à Sisygambis  : « Lui aussi est Alexandre » Héphaestion ou …   Wikipédia en FrançaisDespite the prevalence of the Dover model in the historical record (both in literature and art),  Reames makes the case that all same-sex affairs didn't fit neatly within its requirements. Most of the evidence comes from Athens, which may distort our perspective. More warlike places such as Sparta and Macedon had slightly different expectations about expressing same-sex desire. For instance, a younger partner's athleticism and skill in battle may be valued above his beauty in these places (whereas in Athens, beauty was paramount). It's also possible that affairs between militaristic youth of a similar age were more common in Macedon than in Athens.  

Add your favorite summoner for easy updates on the latest stats. 1. Hephaestion Favorites. Update Looking for the definition of HEPHAESTION? Find out what is the full meaning of HEPHAESTION on Abbreviations.com! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource Hephaestion — (Greek: Polytonic|Ἡφαιστίων, alternative spelling: Hephaistion ; c. 356 BC ndash; 324 BC), son of Amyntor, was a Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great. He was ... by far the dearest of all the king s friends; he had …   Wikipedia

Secondary characters: Clown • Flat Escardos • Flueger • Heine Istari • Hishiri Adashino • Jiroubou Seigen Tokitou • Luviagelita Edelfelt • Orlocke Caesarmund • Rosalind Istari • Geryon Ashborn • Atrum Galliasta • Touko Aozaki Furthermore, I believe this scenario is also consistent with the bigger picture of Alexander's life - his relative indifference to captured/enslaved women, his use of the Achilles-Patroclus comparison (wishful thinking), his incredible reaction to Hephaestion's death, etc. Alexander was sexually attracted to certain women, yet his most intense relationships were with men. Unfortunately for him, the loyal and handsome Hephaestion had a more conventional disposition. While Hephaestion may have been intimate with Alexander and other male peers in his youth (as was common in Macedonian military academies), he was not interested in having a man as a lifelong lover. But that didn't stop Hephaestion from being Alexander's closest confidant and most trusted ally. He loved Alexander too, but in a different way.  Hephaestion, son of Amyntor, was an ancient Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great. He was by far the dearest of all the king's friends; he had been brought up with Alexander and shared all his secrets #hephaestion

hephaestion | Tumblr (ko); Hefestion (lfn); Хефестион (sr); Hephaestion (en); هيفايستيون (ar); Hefaestion (br); Hefaistión (cs) general y noble macedonio a las órdenes de Alejandro Magno, también fué amante del.. My theory is that Alexander did indeed love Hephaestion as more than a friend, but Hephaestion did not reciprocate that same desire. At first glance, I'm sure this seems speculative. But hold your judgement for a moment and consider how this scenario may help resolve some of the lingering discrepancies in how their relationship was documented. 

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  1. While these explanations are plausible, I am not convinced. Many, many people wrote about Alexander's life at the time and in the immediate decades that followed. Are we supposed to believe that not one of them was willing to directly address the proverbial elephant in the room (if there even was one)? 
  2. HEPHAESTION — I. HEPHAESTION Alexandrinus Grammaticus, de quo Suid. adi. Exstat una cum Scholiaste Parisiis, A. C. 1553. apud Hadrian. Turneb. Typographum regium. Inter Graecos Gram maticos, quos Verus Imp. audivit, memoratur Iulio Capitolino; exstatqueve eius …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale
  3. g it were true?
  4. Du grec ancien Ἡφαιστεῖον, Hêphaisteîon. Hephaestion \Prononciation ?\ neutre. Héphestion, ami et confident d'Alexandre. « Hephaestion », dans Félix Gaffiot, Dictionnaire latin français, Hachette, 1934 → consulter cet ouvrage
  5. After the death of Hephaestion, Alexander decided to build an impressive monument in his memory in Macedonia. Currently it is suggested that the Amphipolis tomb could have been built in memory of Hephaestion. It is also possible that the ashes of the great friend of Alexander were brought there from the desert in Persia. The answer to the question of what was between Alexander and Hephaestion remains buried in their graves.
  6. Throughout history, the Greek male friendship may be considered somewhat unique. Greek men could love their best friends like brothers and like family, and their way of treating each other could often be misinterpreted.
  7. Real meaning of Hephaestion. Before giving this name to your baby you should know about its Hephaestion (~356-324 BC), son of Amyntor, was a Macedonian nobleman and a general in the..

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  1. Hephaestion was sent on a diplomatic mission to Sidon, where he had to appoint a new king. He chose a man named Abdalonymus. This was not a very important task, but it should be noted that he had not had earlier assignments. During the next year, he commanded the navy of the Phoenician towns that had sided with the conquerors; this meant that he had to supply the main force. This was a more important job. (It should be noted that these assignments are not mentioned in our most important source, Arrian.)
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  3. Hephaestion (Ancient Greek: Ἡφαιστίων Hephaistíon; c. 356 BC - October 324 BC), son of Amyntor, was an ancient Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great
  4. ed by social rank and/or age) engaged in romantic relations before they married women. Sir Kenneth Dover's careful analysis of this kind of same-sex affair in modern times led to the popularization of the "Dover model" for understanding ancient Greek homosexuality. 
  5. ent male figures on the right are Alexander and Hephaestion, although scholars have disagreed as to which is which. 
  6. Hephaestion (ヘファイスティオン, Hefaisution?) is a soldier of Iskandar's army. He is a Non-classed Servant summoned by Iskandar's Noble Phantasm Ionioi Hetairoi. Hephaestion was close to Iskandar in life, and his sister was Iskandar's body double

Listen to hephaestion | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you Stream Tracks and Playlists from hephaestion on your desktop or mobile device Hephaestion. Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Hephaestion (Ancient Greek: Ἡφαιστίων Hephaistíon; c. 356 BC - October 324 BC), son of Amyntor, was an ancient Macedonian nobleman.. Find the hottest hephaestion stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about hephaestion on Wattpad. Hephaestion Stories. Refine by ta

According to a document that is included in Arrian of Nicomedia's Indikê,{{Quoted here.}} Hephaestion was born in the capital of ancient Macedonia, Pella. His father Amyntor must have been an important man, because his son was educated at the court of king Philip (360-336). The Greek name of Hephaestion's father suggests that he was one of the Greek mercenary leaders or intellectuals who came to Macedonia and received an honorable treatment. (The father of Alexander's admiral and friend Nearchus is another example.) Best hephaestion memes - popular memes on the site iFunny.co. Every day updated What to make of this story? No one doubts that the first conspiracy was a fact, but the existence of the conspiracy of Philotas and Parmenion is another matter. The confession of the tortured man can, of course, not be taken as proof. On the other hand, it is strange that Philotas did not report the first conspiracy. It is possible that he wanted to see what happened: if the soldiers' attempt failed, nothing was lost, if it were successful, the army would chose him as its commander and king. He had much to gain, but the fact that he had a motive does not mean that he really did what he was accused of. We will never known what really happened.

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Ancient Origins © 2013 - 2020Disclaimer - Terms of Publication - Privacy Policy & Cookies - Advertising Policy - Submissions - We Give Back - Contact us Hephaestion (Ancient Greek: Ἡφαιστίων Hephaistíon; c. 356 BC - 324 BC), son of Amyntor, was an ancient Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great Secondary characters: Archer's Master • Assassin • Beast • Berserker • Caster • Aro Isemi • Hiroki Sajyou • Sancraid Phahn

Гефестион / Hephaestion Hephaestion was born in the capital of ancient Macedonia, Pella. His father Amyntor must have been an important man, because When he was still young, Hephaestion met the crown prince Alexander Hephaestion. Actor. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro ». Hephaestion is an actor, known for The Clouding. See full bio » Hephaestion is first mentioned at the very beginning of the histories of Alexander's Persian campaign, when the invaders reached Troy (May 334). He is never introduced as 'a friend' or 'a companion' of the king; he is simply mentioned, which suggests that the historians assumed that everybody knew Hephaestion's position as Alexander's lover. (We don't have to introduce Juliet once Romeo is on the stage.)

For those who believe Alexander did indeed believe himself to be a kind of "new Achilles", like Robin Lane Fox, this association is the key to understanding Alexander's relationship with Hephaestion. Achilles and Patroclus were widely regarded to have been lovers in late-4th century Greece. When Alexander openly embraced the comparison of he and Hephaestion to Achilles and Patrolcus, as they may have done at ruins at Troy, it sent a message that they too were more than just friends - or so the logic goes. For Fox, this serves as "proof" that Alexander and Hephaestion were lovers. When summoned as a Servant of Ionioi Hetairoi, Hephaestion does not have a Servant class. He has E- Independent Action, so he can only exist for "30 turns" upon manifestation. Ionioi Hetairoi cannot manifest Noble Phantasms for the summoned soldiers, so he lacks any such armament. Héphaestion — Véronèse, La Famille de Darius devant Alexandre, 1565 1570, National Gallery. Alexandre montre Héphaestion à Sisygambis  : « Lui aussi est Alexandre » Héphaestion ou Héphaistion (en grec …   Wikipédia en Français

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Гефестион / Hephaestion Hephaestion Hephaestion , son of Amyntor, was an ancient Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Hephaestion Many others agree with Fox's interpretation of their relationship. However, there is clearly a hint of wishful thinking underlying many of these modern perspectives. The idea that one of the world's greatest conquerors was openly involved in a more or less lifelong, same-sex relationship with someone his own age has a political and emotional appeal for many.In other words, we may know what a specific philosopher or a few Athenian citizens thought about Achilles and Patroclus, but that doesn't mean we know what Alexander and Hephaestion thought, much less the soldiers of a Graeco-Macedonian army. It seems entirely possible that Alexander and Hephaestion could have used this comparison to highlight their heroic qualities and friendship, without making any kind of romantic or sexual statement whatsoever.

перевод и определение Hephaestion, Словарь английский-английский онлайн. One of the three Lemnian tribes also called themselves Hephaestion and claimed direct descent from the god Find hephaestion stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day hephaestion. Show Filter. Hephaestion - Meaning of Hephaestion. What does Hephaestion mean

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The weddings at Susa; Alexander to Stateira (right), and Hephaestion to Drypetis (left). Late 19th-century engraving. ( Public Domain )Мы используем куки для наилучшего представления нашего сайта. Продолжая использовать данный сайт, вы соглашаетесь с этим. Хорошо

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It seems to me that there are three especially interesting aspects of this whole Alexander-Hephaestion debate.At first, Alexander forgave Philotas, but the next day, the accusations were renewed by the phalanx commanders Craterus and Coenus, Philotas' brother-in-law. It is not known whether they had a secret agenda, but we may be suspicious, as we see two infantry commanders accusing the leading cavalry commander. During the night, Philotas was arrested.

It has been written, and even made into a film, that Alexander not only loved men but he was also a genus, greek for an effeminate gay male.He only married to procreate. He did have one main lover his adult life.We’re the only Pop Archaeology site combining scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives.Even though the most reliable sources refer to Alexander and Hephaestion as friends, there is some circumstantial evidence suggesting they were especially close. Hephaestion alone was allowed to know the secrets in Alexander's letters. When he died in Ecbatana, Alexander suffered a complete mental breakdown, refusing to eat or drink for days. There are many clues like this scattered throughout the key sources. In a world where Alexander the Great and his beloved general Hephaestion are the reincarnated Achilles and Patroclus, Hector and Andromache are also reincarnated as their counterparts, Darius III..

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It is possible that Hephaestion is depicted on the Alexander sarcophagus. If the identification is correct, Hephaestion fought on horseback during the battle of Issus.Again, Hephaestion disappears from our sources for some time, except for an undated assignment as guard and protector of Persian captives. He becomes "visible" again in October 330, when several soldiers conspired against Alexander. Almost immediately, it became clear that the commander of the Companion cavalry (the best soldiers in the Macedonian army), Philotas, had known of the plans and had not reported his discovery.Natalia Klimczak is an historian, journalist and writer. She worked for Ancient Orgins from December 2015 until April 2017.For me it is quite clear from the historical evidence that Alexander and Hephaestion were lovers, while marriages with persian women were basically political aliases.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. I may elaborate more on this theory later, as it is not yet fully formed in my mind. If I have overlooked anything, please let me know. I welcome all questions and criticism, as long as they're constructive. Please reply in the comments box below.  Hephaestion. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Hephaestion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia See travel reviews, photos, videos, trips, and more contributed by @Hephaestion31 on Tripadvisor. Hephaestion31. Contributions 14. Followers 0 Hephaestion. Death of Hephaistion Full Scene - Alexander 2004 - Full HD. Alexander & Hephaestion - So Far. Prije 3 godina. Please watch in 720p [HD] But how beautiful the myth it..

By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings.  Vaxevaneris Stylianos Hephaestion: Abandonment of Demophon, Aidoneus Invocation of Persefonis, At Eleusis, The Coming of Demeters и другие песни

Hephaestion — ▪ Greek metrist flourished 2nd century AD, Alexandria       Greek metrist, author of a work on metre in 48 books, which was reduced, by successive abridgments, to form a manual (Greek encheiridion). The manual became a popular school book, and it …   UniversaliumThe only explicit references to a romantic relationship between Alexander the Great and Hephaestion came from the Cynic philosophers and other second-tier sources. To my knowledge, the key contemporary biographers of Alexander do not mention any sexual or romantic relations between the pair. If they were in fact lovers, this strikes me as odd.

Hephaestion was born, like Alexander, in around 365 BC. He was a son of Amyntor, a noble man of Macedonia. Hephaestion was a friend, companion and a general in the army of Alexander. According to the ancient resources, he had a special bond with the king. He was described as his dearest friend, the person who was witness to the most significant moments in Alexander's life, but also the one with whom the king shared his most personal secrets. The first has to do with the cultural norms surrounding homosexuality in ancient Greece, specifically the royal court of Macedon.

At the same time, Ancient Greek military forces (for example, the Spartans), believed that homosexual sex made bonds between the soldiers stronger. This same-sex interaction was a very popular topic to many ancient authors. The great philosopher Plato in his work Symposium wrote that the interlocutor Phaedrus made a comment on the importance of sexual relationships between men, which improves the brotherhood and bravery on the battlefield. Many researchers interpreted his interest in this topic as confirmation that he was in such a relationship with Socrates, although there is no evidence to support this theory. The consequences of the murder were clear. In the first place, the execution of Philotas made the murder of his father Armenian inevitable - and in fact, he was killed. In the second place, the Companion cavalry was placed under two men: a safety measure against too powerful officers. The new commanders were Clitus, a trusted senior officer, and Hephaestion, who was still inexperienced. Hephaestion appears in 6 issues. General Information. Super Name. Hephaestion

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Hephaestion's death is dealt with at greater length by the ancient sources than any of the events of Alexander sent messengers to the oracle at Siwa to ask if Amon would permit Hephaestion to be.. The most reliable sources we have refer to them as especially close friends. In previous posts, I have summarized the views of these sources as it relates to their relationship. You can check them out below: English. Hephaestion. Macedonian noble and general. CERL Thesaurus. Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID. biography/Hephaestion-Macedonian-general ''The question of Alexander's sexuality--his predominant sexual orientation--has enlivened, or bedeviled, much Alexander scholarship. That he loved at least two men there can be little doubt. The first was the Macedonian noble Hephaestion, a friend from boyhood, whom he looked on--and may actually have referred to--as his alter ego. The Persian queen mother, it was said, once mistook the taller Hephaestion for Alexander, who graciously excused her blushes by murmuring that 'he too is Alexander'. Whether Alexander's relationship with the slightly older Hephaestion was ever of the sort that once dared not speak its name is not certain, but it is likely enough that it was. At any rate, Macedonian and Greek mores would have favored an actively sexual component rather than inhibiting or censoring it. Like hunting, homosexuality was thought to foster masculine, especially martial, bravery.'' Homosexuality was a norm in the ancient times, but in the case of Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, it is hard to rationally conclude what the true relationship was between them. Even if they were lovers, the beliefs and perceptions about homosexual relationships was definitely different than the way it is considered today. However, the author of this article doubts the theory that Alexander and Hephaestion were in a romantic relationship.

On October 31, 331, the Macedonians and Persians fought a large battle at Gaugamela in northern Mesopotamia. Hephaestion was now one of the members of Alexander's bodyguard, the somatophylakes. (In fact, these seven men were not real bodyguards but adjutants.) During this bloody battle, he was wounded in an arm.So now, with the facts accounted for, what are we to make of Alexander and Hephaestion? I believe that it's perfectly possible, maybe even likely, that Alexander and Hephaestion were "more than friends" at one point or another. In this way, my take is similar to Reames'. However, my theory differs in that I believe the defining aspect of their relationship was its lack of reciprocity. When we study history, we often make the mistake of oversimplifying, or standardizing, the thought processes and social dynamics of our subjects. Because a few prominent people believe something, or a group declares something, we ignore the reality of individual variation. We forget that obvious fact that human desires, personalities, and beliefs aren't neatly organized. This is especially apparent in politics, when terms like the "black community" and "women" are used frequently with the effect of drowning out individual differences.  Hephaestion — Héphaestion Véronèse, La Famille de Darius devant Alexandre, 1565 1570 ГЕФЕСТИОН — • Hephaestion, Ήφαιδτίων, 1. сын Аминты, друг Александра Македонского, см.. See what Hephaestion2 (hephaestion2) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Hephaestion2's best boards

After the visit to Troy, Hephaestion disappears for some time from our sources. This suggests that he was with Alexander and did not occupy commands worth mentioning. It is only after the battle of Issus (November 333) that we reencounter Hephaestion in our sources, in a famous anecdote. After the Macedonian victory, queen Statira was captured. She went to Alexander and kneeled down in front of Hephaestion, thinking that he was the king. Alexander saved her face by saying "Don't worry, mother. Everywhere, he is Alexander too". Hephaestion2nd. Endorsements given. Hephaestion2nd endorsed a mod Humanoid Vampires - Vampires use normal faces and Serana's eyes variant View Hephaestion Research Papers on Academia.edu for free. The case of Alexander the Great and his childhood friend and general Hephaestion is one such case If the parallel between Achilles and Patroclus on the one hand and Alexander and Hephaestion on the other hand was really perfect, Hephaestion was - like Patroclus - older than his lover. Since Alexander was born in the summer of 356, we may assume that his friend was born in, say, 357.Secondary characters: Shirou Emiya • Sella (Fate/kaleid) • Leysritt (Fate/kaleid) • Kiritsugu Emiya • Irisviel von Einzbern • Caren Hortensia • Bazett Fraga McRemitz • Tanaka • Beatrice Flowerchild • Angelica • Darius Ainsworth • Erika Ainsworth • Shirou Emiya (Miyu's brother) • Julian Ainsworth • Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg • Lord El-Melloi II • Mimi Katsura • Tatsuko Gakumazawa • Suzuka Kurihara • Nanaki Moriyama • Taiga Fujimura • Shinji Matou • Sakura Matou

In addition, it can be reasonably assumed that if the precise nature of his affair with Hephaestion was frowned upon by conventional standards, it may have been in the best interest of contemporary historians (especially those using Alexander's legend to further their political aims) to downplay the romantic aspects of this relationship. Hephaestion — Bronzebüste des Hephaistion (zeitgenössisch) Hephaistion (altgriechisch Ἡφαιστίων; * um 360 v. Chr. in Pella, Makedonien; † Winter 324/23 v. Chr. in Ekbatana), Sohn des Amyntor, war ein makedonischer Adeliger, der en …   Deutsch WikipediaMultiple credible sources comment on Hephaestion's good looks. Curtius goes as far to imply that Alexander valued Hephaestion for his looks by comparing him to a handsome youth named Euxenippus who had caught Alexander's eye (Histories of Alexander the Great, 7.9.19). Yet, despite clues like this, none of these top-tier sources refer to Alexander or Hephaestion as lovers, nor do they use the terms erastes and eromenos - common designations for male same-sex partners of that era.So, Alexander was skeptical about Hephaestion's capacities as commander, but this did not mean that his friend was out of favor. He is mentioned as the official who had to secure provisions during the winter, an important task. Moreover, Hephaestion acted as Alexander's best man when he married with the native princess Roxane (text). But Hephaestion rarely served as commander during a fight; when he commanded an army that was to see battle, he was always sharing the command with a more experienced officer (e.g., Clitus, Artabazus, Perdiccas).

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Like all of his fellow comrades in Ionioi Hetairoi, he is unquestionably loyal to Iskander and always supports his cause. Yet the two men weren't actually lovers. They didn't sleep together, nor engage in public displays of romantic affection. For this reason, it wouldn't have made sense for Alexander's biographers to label them as anything more than friends. Problem solved.  Previous Alexander the Great and the Secrets of Zeus-Ammon Alexander the Great, History, MythologyPatrick GarveyApril 23, 2016Alexander the Great, Zeus Ammon, Siwah, religious beliefs of Alexander the Great, oracle of Ammon, Olympias1 Comment Next The ancient sources on Alexander and Hephaestion Alexander the Great, HistoryPatrick GarveyFebruary 28, 2016Alexander and Hephaestion, Alexander the Great's sexuality, Aelian, Diodorus, Diogenes The Achilles Gene You can listen to the Ancient Heroes mini-series on SoundCloud, iTunes, and the Apple Podcast app. 

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