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  2. The Mini 14 is a great semi-automatic DMR that has excellent recoil control and good damage and moderately efficient accuracy (for a DMR). Rating: 8.3/10. Semi-auto carbine.. Compensator, Flash Hider, and Suppressor. Extended QuickDraw Mag, Extended Mag, and QuickDraw Mag
  3. i 14 in pubg mobile (best dmr) with new option Auto! haha maybe not but kinda looks like it! LIKE For more..
  4. MINI-14 Adventure - This is a fantastic DMR - PUBG WackyJacky101 Acum 8 luni. MINI-14 GUIDE - Why should you use it
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Complete Mini 14 Guide & Review - YouTub

Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything.The Mini-14 is a lightweight, semi-automatic marksman rifle that utilizes sniper rifle attachments for both muzzle and magazine slots. The Mini-14 is also the first DMR in PUBG to utilize 5.56mm rounds instead of 7.62mm ammo, giving it better handling at the cost of damage.  ALL PUBG Weapon Skins. От afk im playing mobile legends. Welcome to my guide, My name is LaMelo and in this guide I will be showing you all the available & upcoming PUBG Weapon Skins Rank Mini 14 in your your Tier ListTier List Maker. Got Mini 14 tips? Share your strategies and techniques with the GamerHub community, and get recognized!

PUBG Guide: How to Get the Mini 14 Sniper Rifle

Pubg MİNİ 14 Anahtarlık. Pubg Anahtarlık Seti. Sıfır Paketinde Özenle Ambalajlanarak Kargolanmaktadır For a quick look at the new foggy weather effects and to see the Mini-14 in action with all attachments, check out this video from ThesaurusPG on YouTube.Yeah I've found that using the M16 as a sniper rifle is much more consistent than a mini 14. Once shot a guy 5 times (with a Mini)when he had an L2 vest but he didn't go down. M16 has always been a consistent weapon whenever I use it.

Опубликовано: 14 сент. 2017 г. Hey guys, today we have a complete breakdown of the new Mini 14 in PUBG Manshak Creations - offering Manshak Pubg Mini 14 Gun High Quality For Personal at Rs 75/piece in Delh Classic Crate Coupon. Elite Pass Plus Upgrade Card (Season 13) Mini-14®. Rugged, reliable and durable on the farm, ranch or in the deep woods. Simple, rugged, Garand-style action with breech bolt locking system, a fixed-piston gas system and self-cleaning.. r/PUBATTLEGROUNDSThe largest community for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Stadia. A central place for discussion, media, news, developer interaction and more.1.1mJoined

pubg mobile vikendi gamepay solo vs squad, mini 14 action with a nice ending. Download The Hottest Battle Royale Game On Mobile Today. bit.ly/PlayPUBGMwithIzzo Instagram.. The Mini-14 is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co. used by military personnel, law enforcement personnel, and civilians Muzzelite Bullpup Stocks, #ruger1022 #mini14 - Save 10% Use Check out code: TWIT pic.twitter.com/0LRiG9nZxV. A Gift for the #Mini14 #PUBG pic.twitter.com/DJtqMExTp6

I will be releasing the app soon, you will be able to compare stats of weapons, with or without attachments!Comparison between Mini14 and SKS: https://i.imgur.com/BKCPB0w.jpgRed Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 2x Aimpoint Scope, 4x ACOG Scope, 8x CQBSS Scope, and 15x PM II Scope View Mini14's complete stats and information in PUBG Mobile covering Mini14's weapons stats, tier, best attachments, and inspect all Mini14 skins

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What do you think of the latest weapon in PUBG's ever expanding arsenal? Know of any more places that this weapon spawns? Share your knowledge in the comments below. (Mini 14) | Best PUBG Moments and Funny Highlights - Ep.19 ▻▻Send us Moments (Get. The Mini 14 is a great semi-automatic DMR that has excellent recoil control and good damage and moderately efficient accuracy (for a DMR).

PUBG Mobile Mini14 - Stats, Best Attachments & Tips - GameWit

Featuring Mini14's stats, best attachments and many more! Find out all stats and tips to know for Mini14 in PUBG Mobile By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time.

PUBG Guide: How to Get the Mini 14 Sniper Rifl

  1. A new town called Kameshki was also added in the September Update, east of Stalber in the northeast corner of the map. Where there once was just a plot of buildings, now stands a new loot opportunity. If you land near the northeast, be sure to loot Kameshki to help increase your odds of finding the Mini-14 in PUBG.
  2. The Mini-14 is the newest PUBG weapon and is available to use now on the game's live test servers. Read on to find out more about what the Mini-14 is and the best places to find one
  3. With this weapon's fast fire rate & low bullet drop, it's easy to follow up shots when initial ones don't connect. Be aware of exposing your position, though, as this weapon has a loud firing sound.
  4. To get your hands on your own Mini-14 in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, be sure to check all of the best loot areas first. Georgopol, Mylta Power, and Sosnovka Island are great places to look for gun loot in PUBG. Just be aware that other players will have the same idea, so be prepared to encounter more opponents at these locations.

The Mini-14 Bullet drop guide, how to use 4x and 8x scope with the Mini-14 ? Hey guys, today we have a complete breakdown of the new Mini 14 in PUBG PUBG API. Welcome Back To Vikendi. Learn More. PUBG Hot Drops Into Stadia

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Ruger Mini-14, 6 Position Side Folding Stock with Scorpion Recoil System and Adjustable Cheekrest. Add to Cart. More Info. Order# MG429. Mini-14 Magazine Blue Steel 30 Round The Mini14 allows players to shoot down enemies quickly, even in long range, due to its rapid fire rate & small bullet drop.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new weapon in the September Update, according to an announcement from developer Bluehole. The Mini-14 is a DMR that will not be limited to crate drops, meaning that players will have a much higher chance of finding this weapon while traversing the map in PUBG.  The Mini 14 was made available in the September 14, 2017 Update. Boasting high bullet speed and low bullet drop, the Mini 14 makes it easy to hit even a running target MINI14 With auto spray! PUBG Mobile. Pubg Mobile Highlights : 200 IQ KILLS : kzclip.com/video/Uj74hh89KF8/бейне.html.

PUBG Mini-14 was added to PUBG in the 2017 September update. It has a base damage of 46 and a 20-round 5.56 magazine, it can do a possible damage of 920 and when extended to a 30-round.. A day after teasing the new Rony pickup truck, PUBG announced the game's newest weapon: the QBU, a marksman rifle that will replace the Mini 14 on Sanhok ©2018 PUBG Corporation. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶PUBG Official Website Using the new Mini 14 DMR/sniper in PUBG with the crossbow? The new weapon in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is quite the squad destroyer. Rate the video, thoughts in the comments and.. Mini OP #gaming #gamer #gamers #gamerslife #gamingfever #gamingworld #gamingforlife #gamingfeverforever #gamingislife #pubgislove #pubg #pubgm #pubgmobile #op #opclutch..

How to Get the Mini-14 Gun in PUBG AllGamer

actually it is slightly more than M16 (40 vs 37) also slightly more range (63 vs 62) and more stability (35 vs 32)Shot a guy in the head with the mini 14 who had a level 2 helmet. Helmet stays intact and he survives a second shot.

Mini 14 stats : PUBATTLEGROUND

Mini-14. SKS. SLR. Added: P18C, GROZA, VSS, Mini-14, MK14 EBR. Added DPS, fire rate, spawn type and bullet velocity stats The in-game stats. If you hover your mouse it shows the weapon stats, I just converted them to numbers.Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks.The patch notes for the September Update have been posted on Steam and the Mini-14 gun is one of its main new features. According to an official PUBG tweet, the Mini-14 “will be available all over the island of Erangel.”

This sniper rifle has a 20-bullet magazine capacity, making it one of the largest in all sniper rifles in-game. Srebrna Płyta - Mini14 zdjęcie, opis, podobne produkty, ceny porównaj ceny na popularne automaty zabaw. Silver Plate - Mini14. Cena. sync_disabled Nie zawieszenia Nie towarowy widok

Mini14 【PUBGモバイル】Mini14(ミニ)のリコイルとアタッチメント|PUBGスマホ版 Как играть с Mini14 & SKS & SLR PUBG Особенности тренировок с дмрками и способы The Mini-14 is a dream to use and this video will tell you why Music: It just makes me happy by Dj Quads.

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Explore PUBG weapon analytics data from GOSU.AI. All the statistics are gathered in one place. PUBG guns comparison LGE_AsparkPYy. 1075.00 14 Weibo. Weibo_NB103. Weibo-Little1ee. 今日中午,PUBG官方发布了韦神联合设计的Mini皮肤,该皮肤将于5月20日上线正式服 MINI14 With auto spray! PUBG Mobile. Here you have some gameplay with mini 14 in pubg mobile (best dmr) with new. Trong PUBG, khẩu súng này được gọi tắt là QBU và loại đạn mà nó sử dụng là 5.56mm để đơn giản hóa Khẩu Mini 14 là khẩu DMR sử dụng đạn 5.56mm nhưng lại không được quá nhiều người ưa.. Me griping about the mini 14 in Player Unknown Battlegrounds and also that point of impact does not shift when you tilt your firearm in the game

PUBG Corp Announces Brand New Sanhok-Exclusive DMR, QBU

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PUBG Mini-14 Guide: Stats, Guides, and More. The Mini-14 is very stable for a DMR, making it a balanced choice between the SKS and your standard AR. Pros • Higher damage per round than.. Desert Digital - Mini14: 4.5%. Released alongside the Triumph PUBG Skins, these are the more easily obtainable Weapon Skins.Drop rate of each item for the new free crate Raider

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  1. The Mini-14 is a dream to use and this video will tell you why Music: It just makes me happy by Dj Quads Hey guys, today we have a complete breakdown of the new Mini 14 in PUBG
  2. i 14 action with a nice ending. Download The Hottest Battle Royale Game On Mobile Today
  3. As you know about PUBG, PUBG is widely popular among people and within a short span of time, it has become viral on screens. PUBG Best Weapons with Ultimate Base Damage & Fire Rate. MINI14
  4. So far, the Mini-14 has proven to be fairly popular among fans of the game. PUBG players discussing the weapon on Reddit have said that the Mini-14 is a great balance between the M16A4 assault rifle and the SKS rifle, with good handling and very little recoil.
  5. MINI-14 GUIDE - Why should you use it? (+Secret Burst Trick) - PUBG. WackyJacky101 300.130 views3 months ago
  6. i14 ao mesmo tempo que alguém que está de M24

coolplay #pubg #mini14 #qbu Как научится стрелять с снайперских винтовок в Pubg Mobile. Comparison of Mini 14 vs QBU vs SKS vs SLR vs MK 14 in PUBG mobile Best DMR in PUBG Yes watching a streamer last Night I saw that he killed a lvl2 vest guy with 4 bodyshots, so I imaging the mini14 does a bit more damage than the 5.56 ARs. The Mini-14 is a lightweight, semi-automatic marksman rifle that utilizes sniper rifle attachments for both The Mini-14 is also the first DMR in PUBG to utilize 5.56mm rounds instead of 7.62mm ammo.. The map below shows the best places to start looking for the Mini-14 in PUBG based on the interactive map, so try to land near one of these areas at the start of the round to get a jump on the competition. Search and download videos with the keyword mini14 pubg, Video search results mini14 pubg. Download Video and Audio from YouTube. Search for: mini14 pubg


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21:14. Chinese Mini Laptop Unboxing Xbox Surprise PUBG Fortnite TranZit Gameplay. PUBG GIRLS WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep# (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mk-14 Mini-14 From the above data, we can conclude that:- 1. The Mk-14 has a high hit damage(61), while the Mini is Disclaimer:- I will provide data from the PUBG Wiki to support my answer. Mk-14 level 2Original Poster2 points · 2 years agoActually a little more powerful: https://i.imgur.com/VD7yH2U.jpg

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Mini14 - Weapon Stats

Browse the Silver Plate - Mini-14, Skins, Crates and preview their 3D Models or inspect them on character with custom outfits for Silver Plate - Mini-14. Description: This item has been datamined 「 Tencent tarafından geliştirilen PUBG MOBILE için ideal 」. Tencent'in en iyi PUBG MOBILE emülatörü. Fare ve klavye ile esnek ve keskin kontrol Review Peralatan di PUBG Mobile. #pubgm #pubgmobileindonesia #mini14 PUBG is expanding its horizons yet again. The Battle Royale-inspired video game is one of indie gaming's great success stories, with it being reported in August that more than 10 million games had been played since the game's Early Access launch back in March. This latest update brings Player Unknown's Battlegrounds closer than ever to an official full release.  PUBG's September update introduces a host of new features, quality of life improvements, and a new death dealer. The Mini-14 is the newest PUBG weapon and is available to use now on the game's live test servers. Read on to find out more about what the Mini-14 is and the best places to find one. PUBG thật sự đang chuẩn bị cho một cơn bão mới tới làng game. Bạn đọc có thể chứng kiến sức mạnh của Mini-14 trong tay Shroud và nhiều tay chơi khác qua các đoạn clip sau đâ

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The Mini-14 is a new compact and lightweight semi-automatic sniper rifle that uses 5.56mm rounds. According to the PUBG patch notes, this weapon can use all sniper rifle attachments for the muzzle and magazine slots and can be used in conjunction with any type of optic sight. The other DMR's (Designated Marksman Rifles) in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds have higher damage output than the Mini-14, so Bluehole has added to the Mini-14 a high muzzle velocity and low bullet drop to compensate for this disparity.  Having some fun with the new Mini 14. Both games are 3rd person solo. New challenge video should be here soon. ► Discord - discord.gg/Fugglet ► Patreon - www.patreon.com/Fugglet ► Twitter.. Mini 14 (Миник) — легкая винтовка-полуавтомат в PUBG, популярное оружие во второй слот комплектом к штурмовым винтовкам НАТО с калибром 5.56 мм We recommend checking inside the Gun Range in the north, the Sosnovka Military Base in the south, the shelter and prison near Lipovka to the east, and the hospital in Georgopol to the west for the best chances of finding the Mini-14 gun. This interactive PUBG map illustrates all of the high gun loot locations across Erangel, and can be filtered for other areas of interest as well.

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