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Throughout the 20th century, large numbers of ethnic Japanese settled on Hokkaido and intermarried with the Ainu. Although most Ainu rituals are no longer enacted in a strictly traditional manner, they continue to be celebrated through events at museums and festivals. At the end of the 20th century, Ainu activism and cultural revitalization movements became increasingly effective; activist Kayano Shigeru was elected to the Japanese Diet (parliament) in 1994, the first Ainu to achieve that distinction, and a number of legal reforms protecting Ainu culture were passed in following years. In 2008 Japan officially recognized the Ainu as an indigenous people, reversing an 1899 action that had declared them “former Aborigines.” Guide: Complete Ainu Grammar. Ainu Language Books and other Resources. Here you will find links to grammar and language courses in over 100 languages Today, despite there being a notable population of Ainu people, the language has not prospered in the same way. According to unofficial studies, there are very few speakers left globally—making it one of the most endangered languages in the world.  The V Programming Language. Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable You can learn the entire language by going through the documentation in half an hour, and in most.. définition - Ainu language. voir la définition de Wikipedia. For the language family, see Ainu languages. Not to be confused with the Äynu language

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Welcome to our languages learning site which focuses on grammar and vocabulary. Learning new languages can help you communicate with other people and also understand their culture and.. The Ainu language (occasionally also Ainuic; ;[2] Ainu: アィヌ・イタㇰ, Aynu=itak; Japanese: アイヌ語, Ainu-go) is a language isolate or language family spoken by the Ainu people of Northern..

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  1. The Ainu people have a rich history and culture. Their traditions and beliefs are quite different from Japanese traditions and beliefs. 
  2. He explicitly discusses Ainu languages and an Ainu language family The myth that the Ainu languages are part of the Indo-European language family [failure to establish any external..
  3. We allow once-great languages to wither into obscurity. As proof, Latin, the mother of many modern-day languages, only exists in textbooks today.
  4. Did you know Ainu (Japan) is critically endangered? Information from: Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 16th Edition (2009) . M. Paul Lewis · SIL International
  5. Language, writes: Though not lexical borrowings as such, it should be mentioned that Ainu words are also There are some words in Japanese which were borrowed from the Ainu language, and mostly..
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  2. Talk:Ainu languages. Wikipedia open wikipedia design. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Ainu languages redirect
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  4. The Ainu language (occasionally also Ainuic; uː/;[2] Ainu: アィヌ・イタㇰ, Aynu=itak; Japanese: アイヌ語, Ainu-go) is a language isolate or language family spoken by the Ainu people of Northern..
  5. Ainu is a language isolate, meaning that it has no roots in any other language, nor has it been the precursor to other languages. Historically, it’s the language of the Ainu people, a linguistically distinct community.  

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That is Languages within the Ainu language family (Of which I think only one still survives and has Both languages seem interesting to me (And of course I would love a Duolingo course for them) but I.. Hokkaido Ainu is the sole survivor of the Ainu languages. It is spoken by members of the Ainu ethnic group on the northern.. Ainu, indigenous people of Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands who were culturally and physically distinct from their Japanese neighbours until the second part of the 20th century. The Ainu may be descendants of an indigenous population once widely spread over northern Asia; many contemporary Ainu claim some connection to Japan’s prehistoric Jōmon culture. The traditional Ainu language, an isolate with a number of dialects, had been almost completely supplanted by Japanese by the early 21st century; a language-revitalization movement initiated formal instruction in Ainu in the 1980s. Ainu language is the language of Ainu people. The Ainu language was not a written language until the 19th century. Since then, it has been written in katakana or the Latin alphabet. In the past, particularly in the 19th centuries, Ainu language was spoken in Ezo..

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Collectors, curators and connoisseurs the world over make it their mission in life to preserve influential pieces of artwork for future generations. And rightly so.  The Ainu Language - A nice essay considering different hypotheses on the origin of the Ainu The Contemporary Condition of Ainu Language by A. Akulov (Internet Archive only) - A long, if rather.. Free online language learning: courses, audio, video and games, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests

Ainu phrasebook. Contents. 1 Pronunciation guide. Ainu (アイヌ・イタㇰ, Aynu=itak) is one of the ethnic languages of Hokkaido, Japan Need to learn a new language ASAP? You've got this! Here's the fastest, easiest way to do it, broken down into 8 The Fastest, Most Direct Way to Learn a New Language in 8 Lightning-quick Steps Traditionally, the Ainu sacrificed bears in order to release the kamuy within them to the spirit world. One tradition, called lotame, involves the raising of a young bear cub as if it were an Ainu child and then sacrificing once it has come of age.

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Ainu houses follow a precise formula. They were typically built along a riverbank, had three windows, a fireplace, an area for valuables next to the fireplace and designated seating areas for parents, children and guests.  The Ainu language (Ainu: アイヌ イタㇰ, aynu itak; Japanese: アイヌ語, ainu-go) is spoken by the Ainu ethnic group on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. It was once spoken in the Kurile.. upcScavenger » Languages Of Japan » Wiki: Ainu Language. The varieties of Ainu are alternately considered a group of closely related languages or divergent dialects of a single language isolate This book is an introduction to programming language theory using the proof assistant Agda. Comments on all matters—organisation, material to add, material to remove, parts that require better..

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  1. Women would create dresses and other garments adorned with traditional patterns using elm tree bark. These dresses were often used on ceremonial occasions such as marriages. Today, many women dedicate themselves to preserving this craft by creating these garments in the traditional way. Ensuring that these traditions live on alongside indigenous languages is vital if we are going to succeed in our efforts to preserve ancient cultures for future generations. 
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  3. In the past, there have been many attempts to place Ainu and Japanese in the same language group, but such claims have been shot down again and again. As of now, there is no widely accepted theory regarding the relationship of Ainu to any other language and it is therefore known as a language isolate.
  4. By supporting language revival efforts on a local, national and international scale, we can have a more significant impact than going it alone. Our primary goal of working with and supporting these groups led us to Ainu.
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  6. Native to Hokkaido—Japan’s northernmost island—the Ainu people’s roots stretch back as far as the 9th century. The Ainu are the largest indigenous Japanese community.

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Ainu language classes have been conducted in some areas in Japan and small numbers of young people are learning Ainu. Efforts have also been made to produce web-accessible materials for.. programming-language language v compiler. Simplicity: the language can be learned in less than an hour Still more recent landmarks in Ainu history include the official recognition of the Ainu as the indigenous people of Japan in 2008 and the formation of the Ainu political party in 2012. It seems that while there is still some discrimination of the Ainu people, those who rejected their heritage before are beginning to admit it openly or even embrace their identity with pride. A great example of this is the band known as The Ainu Rebels. This band is a group of proud young Ainu who have mixed hip-hop and traditional Ainu music, and I have to say, I'm a fan.

Learn Spanish, English & more with an award winning full service online language school. Live lessons for the most popular 11 languages and free material for 150+ languages.. Physically, the Ainu stand out distinctly from the Japanese as a separate ethnic group. Ainu people tend to have light skin, a stout frame, deep-set eyes with a European shape, and thick, wavy hair. Full-blooded Ainu may have even had blue eyes or brown hair. In the past, the Ainu were proposed to be of Caucasian decent, given their appearance, but recently it has been proved through dental morphology and fingerprinting that the Ainu are in fact Mongoloid, not Caucasoid. ## Ainu Ainu, アィヌ・イタㇰ or Aynu=itak in the language itself, is the sole remaining member of the Ainu language family, indigenous to Japan Ainu dili - Ainu language. Vikipedi, özgür ansiklopedi. 20. yüzyıla kadar Ainu dilleri de adasının güney yarısı boyunca konuşulan Sakhalin ve insanların az sayıda tarafından Kuril Adaları

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Although the Ainu culture is on the brink of extinction, it seems that more and more effort is going into bringing it back to life. These days, young Ainu such as The Ainu Rebels are doing their best to create a new identity for their people and a Japan more open to minorities. Since the depth of the Ainu culture and language can't be expressed in so few words, I recommend reading more about them or, if possible, experiencing Ainu culture for yourself.Use the search bar to look for terms in all glossaries, dictionaries, articles and other resources simultaneously   A true linguistic enigma, Ainu (Ainu Itak) can't be linked with certainty to any family of languages. Yet, as numerous specialists agree that the Ainu people are descendants of populations from the Jomon.. D is a general-purpose programming language with static typing, systems-level access, and C-like syntax. With the D Programming Language, write fast, read fast, and run fast Wow, a real Ainu! says the first woman with satisfaction. They have come to the Japanese Island of Hokkaido, which has several Ainu reservations. They are a very ancient people who once inhabited..

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Drops: the new way to easily learn a language that combines engaging and fun word games with beautiful design. Learn up to 35 languages with fun, visual games. Try the fastest-growing language app in the world for free on iOS or Android. Ainu language. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Languages spoken by Ainu ethnic groups in Hokkaido, Kuril and Sakhalin Ainu-English-Ainu dictionary to download for free (PC and phone) or look up online. Japan banned the Ainu language in the 19th century, outlawed their practices and seized their land

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Here at Drops, we firmly believe in the importance of preserving language. As we’ve already mentioned, Ainu is one of the most endangered languages in the world. The Ainu languages are a small language family originally spoken on the northern Japanese island No genealogical relationship between Ainu and any other language family has been demonstrated..

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The Ainu language is currently the focus of a local revival effort spearheaded by Hokkaido University. The Japanese Government has recently passed legislation officially recognizing the Ainu people, their culture, their music and their language. Having the opportunity to get involved in such a worthwhile cause is an exciting prospect for us. However, with the government's (long awaited) official recognition of the Ainu as Japan's indigenous people in 2008, it appears that there has been a revival of Ainu pride among the few Ainu that remain, as they desperately try to preserve what culture they have left. Here, I hope to outline some of the most important aspects of the Ainu language and briefly touch upon the culture in hopes to bring light to one facet of Japan's diversity.Japanese control of Ainu territory tightened after the Meiji Restoration (1868). During this period, Japanese racial discourse about the Ainu—which had long belittled the latter—became increasingly pejorative. Japanese observers had noted that the Ainu were hirsute in comparison with themselves, a fact emphasized by traditional Ainu customs in which men wore heavy beards and women had facial tattoos that at first glance appeared to be mustaches. Other physical distinctions included the absence of an epicanthal fold and a tendency to have lighter skin and hair colour than other East Asians. For a variety of reasons, late 19th-century Japanese pseudoscience fixated on Ainu hairiness and postulated many preposterous notions for its cause, claiming, for instance, that the Ainu interbred with animals in order to produce hirsute children. These notions, which supported the derogatory appellation “hairy Ainu,” provided rationalizations for forced assimilation and the perpetuation of discrimination. The Ainu language of the Ainu people is distinct from those of the people around them. Most of the content of this page was taken from the equivalent Japanese-language article, accessed March 27..

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So what does Ainu sound like? To the untrained ear, Ainu might sound a lot like Japanese. Just like Japanese, the Ainu language is an SOV (subject, object, verb) language using the five vowels a, i, u, e, and o. However, Ainu only has twelve consonants, excluding d, b, g from Japanese, and vowels are never elongated. In fact, Ainu does not differentiate between several consonants, such as b and p, and in this way it is more similar to Korean. Another way in which Ainu is significantly different from modern Japanese is that it avoids vowel sequences. In order to avoid vowels "touching," semi-vowels such as y or w are inserted between them. Sometimes vowels are even pronounced more like consonants, such as in the word Ainu where the "a" is pronounced with a glottal stop. Ainu is a language spoken by the Ainu ethnic group on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. It was once spoken in the Kurile Islands, the northern part of Honshu, and the southern half of Sakhalin Translating programming language into binary is known as compiling. Each language, from C Language to Python, has its own distinct features, though many times there are commonalities.. In today's increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, the benefits of learning a second language is vital. Learn more today

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Linguaphone is part of the Linguaphone Group, a world-leading provider of self-study and classroom-based language courses. Since 1901 we have helped millions of people successfully learn a new.. § IV. ROOT AFFINITIES BETWEEN ANCIENT JAPANESE AND AINU. But although, as has thus been pointed out, the Ainu language differs so much in point of grammatical structure from present Japanese, is there not, it may be inquired, some resemblence to be observed when..

The Ainu language is a language isolate or language family spoken by the Ainu people of Northern Japan. The varieties of Ainu are alternately considered a group of closely related languages or.. But why? For hundreds of years, the Ainu have been either ignored, discriminated against, or forced to assimilate with mainstream Japanese culture. Obviously, none of these circumstances are favorable for propagating cultural stability or awareness. And unfortunately, this has led the Ainu language and culture to the brink of extinction. Language Learning online the quick and easy way. We gathered the most important topics such as vocabulary phrases grammar and flashcards so that you only learn what you will actually need to..

Together with the UN’s IYIL19 and Hokkaido University, we hope to keep the momentum going and get more people speaking about (or even better, speaking) the Ainu language.  Listen free to AINU - • AINU • CD6 • Ainu •. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and - AINU - is a leading artist in the domain of ethnic-world music in Poland with an artistic output consisting of 11.. There is no natural way of writing in the Ainu language? It’s usually transliterated in Japanese Kana or Katakana, Russian Cyrillic or the Latin alphabet.” Nevertheless, the island of Hokkaido is steeped in Ainu history. The island's capital, Sapporo, got its name from the Ainu language and you'll find many Ainu symbols and sculptures dotted around the city. They are being installed in public places like subway stations as part of the local revival effort.We hope you’ll join us in continuing the excellent work started by initiatives like IYIL19, organizations like Hokkaido University and individuals like Professor Jirota Kitahara.

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Need more translation jobs from translation agencies? Click here! Previous (Ailred of Rievaulx). Next (Air bag). Ainu (アイヌ, International Phonetic Alphabet : /ʔáınu/) are an ethnic group indigenous to Hokkaidō, northern Honshū (Japan), the Kuril Islands, much of Sakhalin, and the southernmost third of the Kamchatka peninsula Until the 20th century, Ainu languages were also spoken throughout the southern half of the island Ainu has no generally accepted genealogical relationship to any other language family For the most.. Back in 2018, we launched Hawaiian on Drops. Like Ainu, UNESCO classifies Hawaiian as an endangered language. In the 1960s there were fewer than 300 native speakers left, resulting in almost complete extinction. 

The year 1994 marked a great turning point for the Ainu people, as the first ever Ainu, Shigeru Kayano, entered the Japanese diet. Shigeru dedicated his life to promoting the well-being and awareness of the Ainu people. It was thanks to him as well as other supporters that the law forbidding Ainu culture was lifted in 1997. Since then, government funding and cultural freedom has allowed the Ainu people to start regaining and preserving their precious way of life through Ainu language courses, radio stations, and public performances. The Ainu language of the Ainu people is distinct from those of the people around them. Most of the content of this page was taken from the equivalent Japanese-language article, accessed March 27.. Understanding the way indigenous communities communicate allows us a greater insight into their way of life, more than any painting or sculpture ever could.

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In Ainu culture, newborn babies were not given an official name. Instead, they were given temporary names which were vulgar words with the purpose of warding off evil spirits and disease so that the child could survive to adulthood The Ainu language is a language isolate or language family spoken by the Ainu people of Northern Japan. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Ainu language

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Ainu language. 81 works Search for books with subject Ainu language About the Author: Charlie Gardiner is originally from the UK but grew up in Spain. In recent years he has spent his time travelling and living in several different countries, trying to expose himself to as many new languages as possible. He has been bilingual since an early age and, thanks to that, language has always been a passion of his. His other passion in life is creating well-researched and engaging online content aimed at helping and inspiring people. The Ainu people are historically residents of parts of Hokkaido (the Northern island of Japan) the Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin. According to the government, there are currently 25,000 Ainu living in Japan, but other sources claim there are up to 200,000. The origin of the Ainu people and language is, for the most part, unknown. However, there have been many theories on the subject.We should be proactive about preserving endangered languages, and indigenous languages are the most endangered of them all. The indigenous language of Japan is, much like the Ainu people, of unknown origins. With the restrictions placed on the use of the language in 1899, Ainu speakers have all but disappeared. Today the language is said to have less than 15 "native" speakers, all of which are above he age of 60, making Ainu a "critically endangered" language. Originally, the Ainu language had three main dialects: Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and Kuril. However, the Hokkaido dialect is the only one that survives today.

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One interesting point about Ainu is that it does not have a written form. The language has lived by being passed down from parent to child for countless years and has historically been transcribed using Japanese kana. The lack of a writing system has of course hindered the ability of the Ainu to preserve their language after it was banned, and the use of Japanese kana has even influenced some Ainu pronunciations. Even so, the language has been able to live in the tradition of Ainu story telling, or Yukar, the language of which is mutually understood by all Ainu groups and is known as Classical Ainu. Ainu-Sprache. Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association)

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Collectively, we need to start placing as much emphasis on preserving endangered languages as we do works of art. This decline is mostly down to generations of integration into modern Japanese society. Many people today aren’t even aware of their Ainu heritage. 

You can see just by the appearance of the Ainu that traditional Ainu culture is significantly different from Japanese culture. First of all, both men and women keep their hair at shoulder length and wear traditional Ainu garb. Men, never shaving after a certain age, usually have full beards, and women undergo mouth tattooing to signify their coming to adulthood. Hokkaido Ainu is a heritage language of Japan. The three variants of the Ainu language used to be spoken all over the southern half of Sakhalin Island and in the smaller island group of Kuril A list of world languages and how to say the name of the language in the native tongue. Language Name (English). Language Name (Native Language). Abaza. Абаза бызшва (abaza bəzš˚a). Abenaki

If you want to hear recordings of the Ainu language or learn some for yourself, check out this great Ainu talking dictionary. See related links to what you are looking for Overview. Ainu is a nearly extinct language that was spoken by the Ainu people of northern Japan. Classification. Ainu is considered a language isolate. The hypotheses relating it to certain families or.. After launching Māori, the UN reached out to us and suggested we partner with their indigenous language initiative, IYIL19. We’ve become part of a network of organizations all working towards the same goal: To promote the preservation of endangered languages.  Other languages native to Japan include Hokkaido Ainu, Bonin English, Nivkh, and Uilta. Hokkaido Ainu is predominantly used in Hokkaido Island by members of the Ainu ethnic group

person; Ainu - aynu. to speak; language; word; voice - itak → Ainu language sifted to Japanese. the oldest surviving record: by western missionary • 1897 Bible translated into Ainu language. 20c: discovery by anthropologists, linguists • 1906.. After centuries of not receiving the official recognition they should, this level of support from the Government is the first step toward helping raise awareness of an almost lost language.  kidzsearch.com > wiki Explore:images videos games. Ainu is a language used in Hokkaido, Japan. Ainu means human being. It has no characters. If it is written in characters, an alphabet or Katakana is used. Because of the increase in the use of the Japanese language, the use of Ainu is decreasing

To help expand our visual dictionary into this new niche, we are working with the only known Ainu professor in the world. Associate Professor Jirota Kitahara of Hokkaido University is helping us with the translations and ensuring that our efforts are impactful. But the Ainu language share many similarities with Japanese, and many words are similar also the grammatically word order and phonology. As you maybe know, the Ainu are mostly Jomon people As a modest contribution to this cause, we’ve partnered with a UN-sponsored initiative 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL19) to launch a new indigenous language on the Drops app.If you were to ask people to describe "Japan" or "the Japanese" in one word, there's a pretty good chance that you'd hear one word over and over again: "homogeneous." The Japanese have long prided themselves on the homogeneity of their nation, and it sure is easy to believe that is the case, but the truth rarely lies on the surface. Japan's Endangered Ainu Language. [ 0 ] November 15, 2013 | Alpha Omega Translations. Archipelagos reserve interesting anthropological surprises. One such surprise is the existence of a..

Language families of the world, language isolates, language family groups, subgroups of languages. Languages or language subgroups. Indo-European (425 languages) The Ainu language of the Ainu people is distinct from those of the people around them. LanguageTool is a free proofreading tool for English, German, Spanish, Russian, and more than 20 other languages. LanguageTool checks your writing in more than 20 languages However, the Meiji restoration brought great change to everyone in Japan, including the Ainu people in 1899. As Japan began reforming to Western standards, the government decided to unify Japan by annexing the Northern island of Hokkaido and creating a law that restricted the Ainu from participating in their own cultural activities. In other words, the Ainu people were stripped of their land, customs, and language in hopes that they would assimilate to Japanese culture. It wasn't until 1997 that this law was lifted and the Ainu people were allowed to practice their own customs again, but by that time, much of the damage was done.One theory suggests that the Ainu people are remnants of the Jomon-jin, or the hunter-gathers who inhabited Japan during the Jomon Period (14,500 BC – 300 AD) and perhaps even before. Around the year 300 AD, another group of immigrants known as the Yayoi people made their way to the islands of Japan, introducing new agricultural techniques and technology and integrating with the Jomon people. It is believed that the Yayoi group may not have reached as far as the Northern island of Hokkaido, allowing the Jomon hunter-gatherer way of life to survive in that area.

The Ainu once lived on all four major Japanese islands. Their traditional dress included bark cloth, often decorated with geometric designs. Although the Ainu were predominantly a hunting and gathering culture, some members also engaged in shifting agriculture, a method in which fields are used for a few seasons and then abandoned so as not to exhaust the soil. Animism was the traditional religion. The most important ritual took place over several years and involved the capture of a bear cub that was then raised as a member of the family; at a designated time, the bear was ritually killed. Having treated the bear well in life, the Ainu believed that in death its spirit would ensure the well-being of its adoptive community. An Ainu-English-Japanese dictionary (including a grammar of the Ainu language) Ainu is a language isolate, unrelated to any other language, which makes it impossible to establish where it, or the In 2008, the Ainu won partial recognition of their unique language and culture The Ainu are an indigenous people who primarily inhabit the island of Hokkaido in Japan, but also live in the north The origins of the Ainu people itself as well as their language are subject to contestation

This dictionary is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation The Ainu language is a language isolate or language family spoken by the Ainu people of Northern Japan. The varieties of Ainu are alternately considered a group of closely related languages or divergent dialects of a single language isolate language [ˈlæŋɡwɪdʒ]Существительное. language / languages Ainu (Ainu: アイヌ・イタㇰ, Aynu itak; Japanese: アイヌ語 Ainu-go) is one of the Ainu languages, spoken by members of the Ainu ethnic group on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaidō

The Ainu people are historically residents of parts of Hokkaido (the Northern island of Japan) the Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin. The origin of the Ainu people and language is, for the most part, unknown If you look closely at Japanese and Ainu, it is tempting to conclude the two languages are related, however, there are four features of Ainu that mark it as distinctly different from Japanese:One Ainu myth claims that "They lived in this place a hundred thousand years before the Children of the Sun came." It's interesting that this myth seems consistent with the theory of the Ainu descending from Jomon-jin. More recent research suggests that the historical Ainu culture could have come about through the merging of the Okhotsk culture and the Sastumon, a Jomon group very similar to the Ainu.

The Ainu Language. Understanding the way indigenous communities communicate allows us a greater insight into their way of life, more than any painting or sculpture ever could Select a language Abaza Abkhazian Acehnese Acoli Adangme Adjukru Adyghe Afar Afrihili Afrikaans Agutaynen Ainu Akan Akkadian Albanian Aleut Amharic Ancient Greek Angika Arabic..

Culture—it’s curious how we divert vast quantities of both time and money toward preserving some aspects of human identity and little to none toward others. As of September 2018 (when we launched Hawaiian), there were reportedly 25,000 Hawaiian speakers globally. Since the launch, over 44,000 people have started learning Hawaiian on Drops—a testament to the power of technology. Raising awareness and giving people access to languages in this way has always been our goal. It's how we play our small role in a much bigger effort. Words are like building blocks when it comes to learning a new language. Ten thousand words is said to be the amount that a person needs to know in any given language to be fluent. 

LANGUAGE: Japanese; Ainu (few present speakers). RELIGION: Traditional pantheistic beliefs. 1 • INTRODUCTION. Until 400 years ago, the Ainu controlled Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan's.. These days, the concept of a pure Ainu is very blurred. Distinguishing the Ainu from other Japanese is almost impossible due to intermarriage with the Japanese, migration, and denial of the Ainu identity to avoid discrimination. language definition: 1. a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar, or the system of. Learn more Estimating from 19 Ainu language varieties preserved five decades ago, our analysis shows that they are descendants of a common ancestor who spread from northern Hokkaido around 1300 years ago

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