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Sep 19, 2014 - Explore cozmo98's board ak74u on Pinterest. See more ideas about Guns, Firearms and Guns and ammo OK. First let me apologize. I just realized after posting my last comment (Never call me again!!- Way too dramatic) that I did not send the first one correctly. I basically outlined numerous pluses for the AK 47 (WASR10) and stated that I would trust my life to it (AK 47). Bummer. It is a good rifle that I have fired over 3000 plus rounds through with only 2 FTFs, both of which came from the rifle not being shouldered correctly (Fired off hand and in an awkward position). I clean my rifle after every use. I suggest a few after market “upgrades” to include a peep sight, a safety which you can engage with your trigger finger and an aluminum hand guard. Wear gloves as the rifle gets really hot during rapid fire. Take the time to sight the rifle in. Mine is accurate with irons to 180-200 yards. Basically if I can see it I can hit it at those ranges. I use it in local carbine matches. As noted the rifle is reliable and accurate enough but if I had the funds I would purchase a 74 “just because”……..Oh yeah, buy steel magazines. Hope this helps and sorry for the chastising comments. I grew up reading, not computer programing……

The AKS-74UB was a special silenced version of the AKS-74U chambered for the 5.45x39mm The AK-74 remains the standard service rifle of Armenia. Azerbaijan locally-produces the weapon as does.. --> Недостатки довольно низкая кучность автоматической стрельбы из-за снижения начальной скорости пули; невысокая прицельная дальность стрельбы, по сравнению с полноразмерным автоматом; невысокое останавливающее действие пули из-за использования патрона 5,45×39 мм; склонность к быстрому перегреву при длительной стрельбе очередями; 6-8 магазинов, отстрелянных в автоматическом режиме, обычно приводят к перегреву ствола и «плевкам» (проблема частично решается путём замены цевья на вентилируемое, типа RIS). Despite common miscategorization, particularly in video games, it also is not, has never been, and will never be a submachine gun: since it fires an intermediate round, it is a compact assault rifle. This perception seems to come from the AKS-74U heavily influencing the NATO "Personal Defense Weapon" concept first published in 1989, which called for an armor-piercing SMG for a similar role and led to the development of the FN P90 and Heckler & Koch MP7. The AK74 rifle was developed in the early 1970s by famous Russian designer Mikhail Kalashnikov as the The AK74 Rifle first saw action with Soviet forces engaged in the 1979 Afghanistan conflict The WE AK74 PMC is a full-scale gas blowback rifle that dishes out punishing semi/full automatic firepower needed to advance your squad on the battlefield. This rifle is gas powered and features..

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KWA AK74M ERGThe AK-74 is an assault rifle developed in the early 1970s in the Soviet Union as the replacement for the earlier AKM. It uses a smaller 5.45x39mm intermediate cartridge, replacing the.. --> К105 не закупался армией РФ, но был принят на вооружение вневедомственной охраны и ФГУП «Охрана» МВД РФ, а также ФССП РФ. Пока АКС74У остаётся основным автоматическим оружием МВД, так как большое количество этого оружия уже произведено и срок его эксплуатации не вышел, а необходимости в перевооружении рядовых сотрудников министерство не видит. Также, в качестве замены АКС74У армейскими и правоохранительными структурами РФ применяются пистолеты-пулемёты. The AK-74 gas tube has a spring washer attached to its rear end designed to retain the gas tube more securely. The lower handguard is fitted with a leaf spring that reduces play in the rifle's lateral axis by keeping the wood tensioned between the receiver and the handguard retainer. All external metal surfaces are coated with a glossy black enamel. АК/АКМ/АКМС. АКС74У. ПП-19. Показать все. Автомат Cyma АКС-74У, с тактическим цевьём (CM045C) GHK Ersatzmagazin für GHK AK74/AKS-74U, GBB. Created with Sketch. GHK AK74MN GBB. Art.-Nr

The PA md. 86 (Romanian: Pușca automată Model 1986, lit. "Automatic Rifle Model 1986"), exported under the name AIMS-74, is the Romanian 5.45×39mm update to the former Romanian service rifle, the PM md. 63. While similar to the Soviet AK-74, it is developed independently from it and is not a direct clone of it, and therefore retained some archaic AKM elements, such as the gas block design. The rifle is still the current standard infantry rifle of Romania. I do NOT trust any bullet that is based on the 22 hornet (AKA .223) or similar bullets. Other than that it is a very informative article. AK-74M is the main service rifle in use in the Russian Army. It is an improved variant of the AK-74 assault rifle. The 5.45mm rifle is being produced by Izhmash OJSC. Azerbaijan also produces the.. The AK-74 (Avtomat Kalashnikova originally designed in 1974) uses the smaller 5.45×39 cartridge. This allowed Kalashnikov to use lighter parts, resulting in lower recoil. Particularly in cases when a muzzle brake is used, this makes recoil from the AK-74 is almost nil—similar to the .223 Remington from an AR-15. Logically, it also follows that the AK-74—shooting a round with lower recoil—would be easier to keep the sights aligned on the target for follow up shots and during rapid-fire scenarios. The AK-74 round, being smaller and quicker 5.45×39 used in the AK-74 is smaller and faster than the 7.62×39 round in AK-47s.

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DROP Not obtainable as a drop. REWARD Rewarded to players upon completion of E2-9 of Continuum Turbulence, cannot be re/obtained otherwise. There is no exclusive equipment for this T-Doll. Stats. Equipment. Tiles. Affects assault rifles. Increase damage by 15%. Increase accuracy by 25%. Skill1 The GP-34 is capable of firing fragmentation grenades, fragmentation bounding grenades and smoke grenades. Other accessories provided with the rifle include a quick-loading device, spare cartridges, stripper clips, maintenance kit, cleaning rod and sling.The karabinek wzór 1988 (Carbine Model 1988), codenamed Tantal (Tantalum) is a 5.45mm assault rifle designed and produced in Poland in the late 1980s. It is considered by many to be one of the most unique small calibre Kalashnikov rifles made outside of Russia. A primary consideration in its design was the three-round burst option, as well as the ability to fire rifle grenades. In the early 1990s it was issued to Polish Army units, but with upcoming Poland membership in NATO, Tantal production was halted. It was then replaced by the Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl. I will be buying and AK prob (arsenal .223) in the near future for one reason. If we have a SHTF scenario you will not have access to foreign ammmo maybe not even domestic that you haven’t horded at home. If your talking about having a gun that you may need for 1-3 months in bivouac conditions or just home/property defense. The AK can be cleaned out with a can of WD40 in 30 sec and work perfectly. You can drop it, bang it around, have it covered in crud, hose it off and spray it with everyday lube and it’s golden. And honestly, you don’t even have to do that after 3000 rds of the worst ammo you can find. In a SHTF scenario you are worried about 2 things….keeping you and yours’ safe and alive… food and water…. not a 2″moa at 500yds. A $2500 AR that doesn’t go bang every time is wall art. Focus on reliability in any conditions, access to ammo and the bug out gun of choice has to be the AK. Keep it in .223 and you can use it along side any AR or neighbors/police AR system gun.

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В сравнении с автоматами со сбалансированной автоматикой АЕК-971, АК-107/АК-108, АК-74 имеет в 1,5—2 раза более низкую кучность стрельбы очередями из неустойчивых положений.I don’t know why I even bother to comment on these things, because chances are that anyone who reads them, will ignore them… and, I’m not real big on citing my opinions in the first place… but, I will cite facts. AK74 bayonet M1974, NBV, bulgaria. Good used condition. Last piece, without holding mechanism Proof of age 18+ required If you are considering modifying a fixed stock SLR or SGL rifle to be period correct the simple guideline is to use Bulgarian parts for the SLR series and Russian parts for the SGL (and Vepr) series. В отличие от западных автоматов с преломляющейся ствольной коробкой, в АК-74 съёмная крышка ствольной коробки (ресивера) не даёт возможности разместить планки Пикатинни, поэтому приходится пользоваться кронштейнами типа «Ласточкин хвост», нарушающих центровку оружия и увеличивающих вес.

But, my Match-grade FAL is still my Grab-and-go One Gun Solution, because it takes THE WIDEST RANGE OF AMMO (hunting or military) of any military rifle… I can hunt anything from squirrels and rabbits, to elk. The AK-74 (Avtomat Kalashnikova originally designed in 1974) uses the smaller 5.45×39 cartridge. This allowed Kalashnikov to use lighter parts, resulting in lower recoil. Particularly in cases when a muzzle..

AK74M is one of the vatriant of AK74 rifle developed in 1987 and started production in 1991. M means Modernizirovanniy in Russian, aka Modernized in English, comes as a upgrade / enhanced.. Production of the AK-74M began in 1990 and the rifle was officially adopted by the Russian Army in 1991. Azerbaijan started the licensed production of the AK-74M in July 2011. The rifle is being manufactured for the Azeri armed forces under the designation of Khazri. Azerbaijan manufactured more than 100,000 AK-74M rifles by mid-2019.

В сравнении с М16А2 АК-74 имеет более низкую точность стрельбы одиночным огнём (в 1,28 раза вследствие лучшей в 1,44 раза кучности боя патронов SS109), однако в 1,34—1,43 превосходит при стрельбе очередями, но у М16А2 лучше эргономика и значительно повысилась надёжность. В сравнении с американским карабином М4A1, АК-74 имеет более низкую точность стрельбы одиночным огнём, зато у АК-74 выше точность при стрельбе очередями. Description Introducing the Creative Pyramid AKA-74M Gel Blaster... This gel blaster is for the AK lover, do not miss out - grab yourself one now! Free ship АК-74М (Индекс ГРАУ — 6П34) — АК-74 модернизированный. Оснащён складывающимся на левый бок полимерным прикладом и универсальным креплением (планка «ласточкин хвост») для крепления прицелов, как оптических, так и ночных, на левой стороне ствольной коробки. Таким образом АК-74М заменил сразу четыре модели: АК-74, АКС-74, АК-74Н и АКС-74Н.One thing for us all to remember: We are all under attack by the very government that is charged with ensuring our freedoms, not taking them away. We MUST unite to ensure the tyranny that has been allowed to exist and grow in Washington and some of the states is stopped by any means necessary.

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  1. Очередное усовершенствование пули в 1992 году снова повысило бронепробиваемость (армейский бронежилет Ж85-Т пробивается на дальности 200 м, а тяжелый Ж95-К — на дальности 50 м) при неизменной начальной скорости. Новый патрон, превосходящий по бронепробиваемости 7Н6 в 1,84 раза, получил индекс 7Н10. 7Н10 обеспечивает пробивание 16 мм на расстоянии 100 метров.
  2. 440 USD. GHK AK74 Gas Blow Back Rifle -- Real Wood stock & Handguard -- Full Steel made receiver -- 90% Steel made. With side rail design, added steel fire control external part and steel buffer..
  3. Well if a guy just ” Has to Have” an AK style weapon and likes to shoot, fire, a lot buy a used 47 and then a new 74; That way you got bost of best worlds and your wife has a nice light recoiling weapon when she Best get em now cuz they are getting ready to slam door on imports into US. Not UN but our Executive Branch State and trade treaty people. Unless the Phillipines makes either one because we need them for anti china bs so we trade wity them and watch #s of guns especially ammo. come from there.
  4. The AK-74 (Russian: Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года or Kalashnikov automatic rifle model 1974) is an assault rifle developed in the early 1970s by Russian weapons designer Mikhail..

AK-74M can be fitted with collimator and optical sights to ensure fast and precise targeting with improved combat efficiency. The standard optical sight is the 1P29 universal sight with 4-power magnification. It has a field of vision of 80.--> Приклад и цевьё нового автомата выполнены из ударопрочного стеклонаполненного полиамида чёрного цвета. Основание мушки и прицела, переднее и заднее упорные кольца ствольной накладки, газовая камера, нижняя антабка, защелка фиксатора приклада и некоторые другие детали изготовлены методом точного литья. Металлические детали также защищены от коррозии специальным покрытием. Автомат оснащен измененной (по сравнению с полногабаритными АК сотой серии) прицельной планкой с разметкой до 500 м, что согласуется со стандартами стран НАТО AK-74 - автомат Калашникова, калибр 5,45-мм обр. 1974 г. (Индекс ГРАУ — 6П20) — автомат калибра 5,45 мм, разработанный в 1970 году конструктором М. Т. Калашниковым и принятый на вооружение вооружённых сил СССР в 1974 году. Является дальнейшим развитием АКМ. Разработка АК-74 связана с переходом на новый малоимпульсный патрон 5,45×39 мм. Впервые был применён в Афганской войне, далее во всех конфликтах постсоветского пространства. В настоящее время, этот автомат используют большинство стран Восточной Европы, а также и Азии.

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  1. The barrel length of the AK-47 is 415 mm (16.3 inches) and is similar for the AK-74 except for the AKS-74U model which is 210 mm (8.3 inches).
  2. Now, with bans, restrictions and all sorts of godawful legislation being slathered all over us, prices and availability have taken a dive as collectors snap up pristine examples, speculators hoard thousands of rifles in hopes of turning a big profit later, and importers are forced to comply with stupid regulations that do nothing but drive up prices and reduce availability.
  3. The AK-74M is the modernized version of the AK-74, and the current service rifle of the Russian Ground Forces. The AK-74M features a new side-folding polyamide stock, an improved muzzle device, and a smooth dust cover. All AK-74M rifles feature a side bracket for mounting optics.
  4. The AK-74 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:
  5. The AK-74 (Russian: Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года or Kalashnikov automatic rifle model 1974) is an assault rifle developed in the early 1970s by Russian weapons designer Mikhail Kalashnikov to replace the earlier AKM (itself a refined version of the AK-47)
  6. K-Var US made plum furniture is also a different composition and color. Very good quality parts which are also 922r compliant, but not a direct color match.
  7. PA md. 1986 — румынский вариант. Экспортное обозначение AIMS-74.

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SKU WE-R-AK001-AK74UN Item Weight (gram) 3115 Major Color Black Length 500 / 735mm (Folded) Barrel Length ~230mm Blo. AK74 PMC. Individual Parts I’ve shot both weapons extensively, but in my opinion the 74 comes out on top. It’s lighter, has less recoil, has an extremely effective muzzzle break, fires cheaper ammunition, is much faster to get back on target, and although it fires a smaller round, the standard military round earned the name “poison bullet” because of its deadly hydroshock effect on entering the body. The round also strangely has an extremely good penetration effect on barriers (see youtube’s Military Arms Channel to observe it consistently going through sizeable frozen trees while several other calibers fail, including the 7.62×39). As you said, it also has a flatter trajectory, a longer effective distance, and is much more accurate. Reliability and durability are the same for both guns, but all things considered, I bought the 74. When I go shooting with my buddies, the 47 owners are surprised at the performance of my 74 and some wish they had purchased the 74 instead. HZ-AK74 full info | HZ-AK74 photos. Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo In open-space combat in the Sonoran desert, my M1A (and perhaps my FAL) would be more than a match for AK’s and AR’s at any range outside of 400 yards… I won’t be clearing buildings without a pistol, I won’t have C-130’s full of trucks following me around to re-supply my ammo, and I won’t be field-packing into the combat zone… I live here among a very heavily-armed population, and have a FAST car with a big trunk and a typically near-full tank of gas…

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So, in the interest of “Domestic” preparedness, do you know when the AK12 will be available for purchase, and the approximate cost? I would also be interested in where I might obtain some threaded 7.62 barrel caps, with .17 caiber holes in them?7.62×39 is almost never corrosive any more, as the milsup is not that common, but new make, non-corosive, steel case offerings from Tula, Wold, and Bear are.

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Dave, Like you, have experience with both the AK47 and 74 BUT own the 74. Recoil tolerable for both you and the mrs. Mine is scoped and a real tack driver inside 100 yards. A breeze to clean and maintain unlike the AR’s and of course ammo is much cheaper to shoot! Would also suggest Bulgarian or Russian as build seems to be of a higher quality with milled receiver vs. stamped. Just my two cents.Poland made its own equivalent of the AKS-74U known as the, Skbk wz. 89 (subkarabinek wzór 1989), codenamed Onyks (Onyx), based on the wz. 88 Tantal. The Onyks differs from the AKS-74U most notably in the design of the folding stock, rear sights mounted on the front trunion rather than dust cover and a different muzzle device that allows the firing of rifle-grenades. option 4: AR15 chambered in 5.45x39mm. I chose the Spikes Tactical 5.45x39mm upper for my AR lowers, though I do have a 5.56 and .338 Lapua(which Ive never shot, but instead stock what ammo I do get on very-rare occasion, but I can shoot my 5.45 all the time as the ammo is cheapPlease note that some movies and TV shows feature the Norinco Type 84, which is a Chinese AK variant that looks similar to the AK-74 but is chambered in 5.56x45mm. Do not confuse these with the genuine mil-spec AK-74. Mr. AR Shooter better sell his rifle post haste , ’cause this ” wonder weapon ” / Mattel toy / POS has cost PLENTY of American lives . It is the ” Luger ” of assault rifles . It MUST be kept spotlessly clean . It MUST be properly lubed . Both of mine are ammunition sensative , etc. Stoner’s ” Jammomatic ” has cost a boatload of American lives . Bring yours out to the ranch . We’ll lay ’em in my driveway , spray ’em down with a hose , and add one handful each of soil , sand & compost , then spray ’em down again . The AK’s will still work as will the H&K . The AR , mini 14 , FN , Steyr AUG ,FAMAS , KelTec RFB , etc. will not & I’ll prove it .

AK-47 AK-74 Stock Rifle, Ak 47, brown and black AK-47 rifle PNG clipart. 1000x931 px. AK-47 Firearm Weapon AK-74 Rifle, Firearms weapons, eight assorted-type assault rifles PNG clipart The AK-12 features an ambidextrous selector switch. The switch can be set from safe to single fire to three-round burst to nirvana (otherwise known as full auto). The switch has also been moved back behind the receiver so it can be actuated with your thumb. Muzzle Device Patterns: Top AK74M long collar (In service 1990+) Middle: 1988 Faceted (1986-1990ish) Bottom: Early short collar (1974-1985ish)I think every gun enthusiast, no matter what his favorite weapon, should at least try one of these workmanlike rifles out sometime, and any collector of military arms should have one or more.

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Leave a Comment Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. Please be respectful of others. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval.So what is the modern solution you ask? The AK-12, the replacement to Cold War era AK and AKM weapons. The features are certainly similar to its predecessors, however the AK-12 is in actuality a completely new design.

The AK-74M is also used by the armed forces of Afghanistan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, North Korea, Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.The AK-47 and AK-74 are both Russian-made assault rifles designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The AK in the name refers to Kalashnikov (K) automatic (A) rifles and the numbers refer to the year in which they were designed (1947 and 1974). In 1978, the Soviet Union began replacing their AK-47 and AKM rifles with a newer design, the AK-74. - 7Н6 (1974 г., пуля со стальным сердечником, свинцовой рубашкой и биметаллической оболочкой).- 7Н10 (1992 г., пуля повышенной пробиваемости, с термоупроченным сердечником). Бронепробиваемость — 16 мм с расстояния 100 м.- 7У1 (дозвуковая пуля для бесшумной стрельбы).- 7Н22 (1998 г., бронебойная пуля с сердечником, изготовленным из высокоуглеродистой стали У12А методом резки с последующим шлифованием оживальной части). Бронепробиваемость — 5 мм с расстояния 250 м (марка 2П), в 1,9 раза лучше 7Н6.- 7Н24 (повышенной точности изготовления, термоупрочненный карбид-вольфрамовый сердечник)


В итоге 21 февраля 2015 Минобороны выбрало автомат Калашникова АК-12 в качестве основного автомата для экипировки военнослужащих «Ратник». Такой выбор был обусловлен более низкой стоимостью производства и меньшим весом автомата в сравнении с А-545.I own versions of both (’47 & 74). Lovely things. I also own the only broken SKS in the world. (Will get it fixed one day.) I dig all the comblock stuff I own. But I am sure that eventually, in a misguided effort to keep up with US, the Russians will begin to over-think and over-engineer their small arms, thereby ruining a really good thing.Magazines for both rifles are similar except for the minor changes in dimensions to accommodate different size cartridges. AK-74 magazines are polymer, and have a raised horizontal rib on each side of the rear lug to prevent their use in a 7.62x39mm AK. АК-74М3 — модификация АК-74М, изначально созданная для БЗК «Пермячка-М», а позднее — как часть боевой экипировки «Ратник». Изменения включают в себя крепление крышки ствольной коробки на шарнир, планки Пикатинни на цевье и крышке ствольной коробки, на которые могут устанавливаться лазерный целеуказатель, коллиматорный прицел, ночная насадка для прицела. Используется подствольный гранатомет ГП-34. Предполагалось, что данные с автомата на монокуляр шлема будут передаваться либо по каналу Bluetooth, либо по проводам. 5,45-мм автомат Калашникова складной укороченный, АКС74У (Индекс ГРАУ — 6П26) — укороченная модификация автомата АК74..

Since I am a coward I prefer neithor AK nor AR. I prefer something that one aims from. well concealed position upon an unsuspecting entity. The AR platform allows such targetting. and besidesbeing a coward I am old and pretty well dtoved up, so after they gind my position, hell I run the hundred downhill in 10, minutes, I can flip uppers slap a mega mag and start popping from 800 and under. I will leave you three gunners to go manoymano. with 223 or 308223 orExample of True Black modern magazines (top) compared to early and late plum (bottom) Top: Modern 5.5mm with military hinge pin (In service 1990+) Middle Modern 5.5mm with civilian hinge pin Bottom: 4.5mm (Russian 1974-1990, Bulgarian 1974 to present)Also note that the AK-74 and its update the AK-74M is a standard-issue assault rifle for Russian armed forces since the 70s. All fictional depictions of 7.62x39 AK variants as standard-issue Russian military weapon, therefore, should be considered an anachronism until proven otherwise (for example, some special forces operators and front line soldiers have been known to arm themselves with available 7.62x39 AK rifles and light machine guns as a matter of personal choice). I haven’t been able to afford an AR, but I love the .223. I have one in 788 Rem. I’d never had a military or auto loader other than 740/742 Rem, ’til the big “Re-election” started to take place, and then I ran down to the latest gun show, and bought an AK, with no knowledge what so ever. Just taking over the shoulder whispers from some of the other patrons in there. I bypast the WASRs, and bulagarians, to buy a Century Arms ZASTAVA M-70, or something like that. I knew nothing about them, but this one was new in the box, so I paid $650 rather than $400 for the others. At first, it jammed, and the bolt hung on magazine lips, but I let a friend keep it forf a few weeks, and now it runs like a sewing machine. I love it. But…….it’s not made like almost all other AKs, in that aftermarket stocks and forearms don’t fit it. If and when I find optional furniture that will work on it, I’ll be a happy camper. I recently saw photos of the Iraqi Tabuk AK, and I really like the looks of that rifle. I’d like to own one of them I think, some day. Sounds like that AK-74 might be worth having as well to me. If the specs of the Russian cartridge are compareable to the .223, it would be much more reliable than the AR. You can’t argue the heavy metal and loose tolerances firing reliablly.

The AK74M switched to a different stock angle of 4 degrees instead of the older 6 degrees. See below for ThirtyCal's photo, who is an accomplished builder, and is also featured on Avtomats in Action - AK103. His AK103 build is amazing and his attention to detail is one of the best in the hobby. It is not easy to adapt a 4.5mm trunnion to the 5.5mm stocks and vice versa, so if you are considering a folding stock build it is best to start with the period correct hardware AK-74M is the main service rifle in use in the Russian Army. It is an improved variant of the AK-74 assault rifle. The 5.45mm rifle is being produced by Izhmash OJSC. Azerbaijan also produces the AK-74M under license from Izhmash.АК-107/АК-108 — автоматы со сбалансированной автоматикой, взятой из конструкции автомата АЕК-971.All military PA md. 86 rifles are fitted with folding stocks; PA md. 86/AIMS-74 rifles with fixed stocks (generally nicknamed "AIM-74" in line with nomenclature for Romanian export weapons) are generally custom-built weapons created outside of the Romanian military. The PA md. 86 can be equipped with the AG-40 grenade launcher.

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  1. AK-74M has an overall length of 943mm and barrel length of 415mm. The length with a folded buttstock is 705mm. The fully loaded rifle weighs 3.9kg. The weight of the rifle with an empty magazine is 3.6kg.
  2. AK-74M:AK-74'ün modernize edilmiş, metal kaplamalı, katlanabilir dipçikli modeli. AKS-74 UB:AKS-74U'nun özel operasyonlar için modifiye edilmeye uygun modelidir
  3. Прицел: регулируемый открытый, крепление для оптического не предусмотрено (кроме АК-74М, АК-74Н, АКС-74Н)Принципы работы: отвод пороховых газов поворотный затвор.

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What are your thought between the AK-47 and the AK-74? Give us your recommendation or share an experience in the comment section.

The larger caliber and increased power of the 7.62×39 cartridge accounts for much of the beefed-up design of the AK-47 when compared to the AK-74. The AK-47 has a larger gas piston, operating rod and bolt than the ’74. The inertia of the parts slapping together, muzzle climb, added bulk and recoil all contribute to the AK-47 being a tough gun to control and shoot accurately in rapid-fire modes.--> Достоинства высокая мобильность и возможность скрытного ношения; высокая проникающая способность пули; высокая надежность, легкость в чистке; высокая дальность для оружия данного типа (слегка повышается путём общей модернизации: замены стандартного пламегасителя на современный дульный тормоз, аналогично с пистолетной рукояткой и прикладом, и установки передней рукояти под цевьём, например в данном варианте). [GHK] AK74S GIMS Gas Blowback Rifle[Wooden Funiture]. [GHK] AK74 with Fixed Stock Gas Blow Back Rifle The AK-74 assault rifle was a Soviet answer to the US M16. Currently the AK-74 with is a standard issue The AK-74 is a standard infantry rifle in the Russian Army, and there are no plans to replace it

Wonderful article Dave. Your humor about the .17 was a great way to start out and a common ground in the war of ” You don’t need another gun! You don’t us the ones you already have!” : ) Browse all new and used AK-74 Rifles for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. The M+M imported Romanian M10 rifles are a great choice for 7.62x39 AK-47

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The AK-74 is also apparently effective against bears! http://www.adn.com/2013/07/29/2997953/section-of-turnagain-arm-trail.htmlMr. Dolbee writes a good article, but I’m somewhat surprised that he doesn’t mention that the AK-47 has a milled receiver whereas most AK-74s have stamped receivers. This was an accomplishment mainly for cost, but has the added benefit of reduced weight and was the reason for the change in nomenclature from AK which has the milled receiver to AKM which has the stamped receiver. Also, i never cease to be surprised to hear of someone that attempts to “better”the design when the Israelis already did it successfully when they modified the AK by getting rid of the bad features when they designed the Galil. Did you know that a lot of parts are interchangeable? Both of my Galils have AK bolts that were modified to fit. I think that one reason that the AK-74 has never caught on in this country is that there is a scarcity of ammo that is available for hunting. I believe there is one round that is a soft point. One round, period. The 5.45 x 39mm round was built for killing people and surpasses the 5.56 round in that when it hits soft tissue, it yaws twice instead of once causing a wound that cannot be triaged. As to a comparison between the AR-15 and the AK, The AR-15 can be ‘built’ by anyone with a minimum of mechanical ability. Try that with an AK if you dare.The AK-74 featured a new stock, handguard and gas cylinder. The stock has a different, rubber shoulder pad that is serrated for increased traction. There are weight-reducing lightening cuts on each side of the buttstock.

С новыми автоматами возможно использование коллиматорных прицелов ПК-А и ПК-01, а также КОБРА и 1П78. В 1991 году АК-74М был принят на вооружение и начато его серийное производство на Ижевском машиностроительном заводе.Also you can download and review the extremely detailed AK74 parts and components AK’s wether its a milled or stamped (AKMS) or the AK74, is the best functioning rifle ever built. I have shot them under water and when the receiver has been packed with mud and sand with no cycling issues. I went through an extensive Combloc/NATO small arms weapons course in the late 80’s and the AK platform outperformed all others with only a slight disadvantage in accuracy at distances greater than 250 meters.

Купить. Есть в наличии. Модель автомата (Cyma) CM040C АК74М The AK-107 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: The AKS-74 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: The assault rifle can be attached with an under-barrel grenade launcher or a knife-bayonet. The rifle fitted with GP-34 single-shot grenade launcher can engage targets within the range of 100m to 400m.Российский солдат из 4-й гвардейской танковой дивизии с АК-74М и РПГ-26.

Вепр — украинский буллпап-автомат на базе АК-74, разработка заморожена.С самого начала автомат выпускался в четырёх вариантах:Wonderful article Dave. Your humor about the .17 was a great way to start out and a common ground in the war of ” You don’t need another gun! You don’t use the ones you already have!” : )The jury is still out as to which one to pick. I am sure that one of each will be the eventual solution. Right now I am leaning heavily toward the AK-74 due to the availability cost of ammo. Father’s Day has passed and Christmas is too long to wait. I think a Labor Day gift is in order… Liquipedia will soon drop support for Internet Explorer. This more recent variant of the most manufactured gun fires a lighter caliber than its predecessor. Provides adequate range rate of fire. In-game description. The AK-74M is a Soviet assault rifle featured in Rainbow Six Siege

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В 1986 году были разработаны новые пули с термоупрочнённым сердечником повышенной твёрдости, обеспечивающим значительное увеличение пробивного действия: новая пуля пробивает стальную каску на расстоянии 960 метров, а бронежилет с титановыми пластинами — на расстоянии 200 метров.The combat rate of fire of the rifle in single-shot fire is 40 rounds a minute. The gun can fire 100 rounds a minute in short burst fire mode. The muzzle velocity of the round fired from the rifle is 900m/s. The rear sight range of the rifle is 1,000m.--> Отличия от АКС74 укороченный в 2 раза ствол, укороченный шток газового поршня, установлен специальный надульник, служащий расширительной камерой и пламегасителем, крышка ствольной коробки шарнирно прикреплена к ствольной коробке в передней её части, установка целика на 350 и 500 метров, отсутствует замедлитель темпа стрельбы, длина хода нарезов уменьшилась с 200 до 160 мм (для лучшей стабилизации пули в полете при коротком стволе). С точки же зрения всех механизмов АКС74У полностью аналогичен АК74, за исключением ограничителя поворота курка, установленным вместо замедлителя темпа стрельбы. The AK-12 and AK-15 were recently approved for use by the Russian Defense Ministry. The Russian military will be replacing its standard issue AK-74M rifle with the AK-12 and AK-15

Кучность автоматического огня улучшилась по сравнению с АКМ почти в 2 раза (по линейным размерам). Кучность одиночного огня — приблизительно на 50 %.Для модернизации уже существующих автоматов АК-74М и АК сотой серии разработан комплект «Обвес», который позволяет установить планку Пикатинни, новый пламегаситель и приклад.Для уменьшения вероятности механического повреждения крышки ствольной коробки, её крепление было усилено. В конструкции направляющего стержня возвратной пружины появился фиксатор, что позволяет стрелять из подствольного гранатомёта ГП-25 или ГП-30 без использования дополнительного крепления крышки ствольной коробки, необходимого в таких случаях для АК-74.

Где срединное отклонение — половина ширины центральной полосы рассеивания, вмещающей 50 % всех попаданий. Суммарное отклонение включает в себя отклонения пуль и средних точек попадания.В целом, можно отметить значительное улучшение кучности стрельбы относительно АКМ и тем более АК. В качестве примера рассмотрим суммарное срединное отклонение на дальности 800 м (по высоте и по ширине соответственно):In reference to the top comment about a 7.62x39 AK-74. There is not an AK-74 chambered for that cartridge. The AK-74 was built around the 5.45 round in an attempt to mimic the M-16's excellent performance with the 5.56 cartridge. There is however the AKM, which is a modernized AK-47 which shares many of the same characteristics of the AK-74. Not trying to be a troll, but the AKM and AK-74 are completely different firearms. AK-74's are exclusively chambered for 5.45x39.I’ll be brief, and be sure to check my spelling. If anyone out there who doesn’t own one and has had an opportunity to buy an AK in any caliber, and didn’t, means simply that they made a big mistake; PERIOD! God bless America!Plum Note that Bulgaria did not actually manufacture plum furniture, so what is called Bulgarian plum is actually Soviet made. You will often see the iconic Russian silver proof marks on 'Bulgarian' furniture Высота, мм:- 195 (АК-74М)- 282 (с ночным прицелом НСПУМ)- 310 (с ночным прицелом НСПУ-3)

The PA md. 86 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: The Kbs wz. 96 (karabinek szturmowy wzór 1996), codenamed Beryl is a Polish assault rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO. The Beryl rifle was developed from Kbk wz. 88 Tantal rifle, and since its adoption in Polish military in 1997 went through several modifications focused on improving its ergonomics. The Beryl is often used with a quick-detach sight rail.

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Work on the weapon began in 1989 at the Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy state research institute in the city of Radom. The weapon’s technical specifications were confirmed that same year. First prototypes were made in 1990, and last pre-production batch of approximately 150 (or less) carbines in 1995. Carbines from all three series can be identified by having different rear-sights, or plastic furniture (pictured). Skbk wz. 89 Onyks was never issued to Polish Army, and weapons from the third batch were destroyed, deactivated or sold to the movie industry. The AK-74M and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: I have friends that spent time in WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam (Tucson is full of retired military guys) virtually any of them would stand-up against either an AK or AR design with a 1903A3, K98, K31, Garand, M14 or M1A… because: distance = life when it comes to combat… which is why every Rambo wannabe spends as much money on gizmos as they do the gun trying to extract every last MOA of accuracy out of it… even though an AK-47 with a $200 scope takes longer to aim, and will get you killed by the guy with the Garand…This poster needs to back to his 7th grade buddies and figure out how to enlighten the rest of us in the basic concept of taking on a 100 bad guys within 200 yards and then come back and explain why a reliable rifle like the AK is worthless to someone so obviously knowledgeable as he.--> Модификации автомата: АКС74УН2 («ночной») — вариант, отличающийся наличием планки для крепления ночного прицела. Для стрельбы в условиях естественной освещенности ночью к нему присоединяется ночной стрелковый прицел универсальный модернизированный (НСПУМ). АКС74УБ («бесшумный») — вариант для сил специального назначения, отличающийся заменой штатной дульной насадки на резьбу для крепления глушителя (обычно ПБС-4) и возможностью установки бесшумного подствольного гранатомета БС-1М. В таком виде автомат образовывает бесшумный стрелково-гранатометный комплекс 6С1 «Канарейка». В поздних версиях АКС74У на левой стороне ствольной коробки появилась боковая планка системы «ласточкин хвост» для крепления прицелов типа «Кобра» и ПСО/ПОСП.

- все четыре пробоины вмещаются в круг диаметром 15 см на дистанции 100 м.- средняя точка попадания отклоняется от контрольной точки не более чем на 5 см в любом направлении.The charging handle still reciprocates, but can now be installed from either side to accommodate southpaws. The AK-12 is furniture-friendly too! And features a full-length top rail over a hinged top cover. Additional Picatinny rails are outfitted on the handguard for left, right and bottom attachments. The AK-74M has slowly earned its place as the most popular assault rifle currently in use with the various factions fighting for control over Syria AK-74는 AK-47의 우수한 내구성과 성능을 고스란히 물려받았으며, 그러면서도 더 작은 구경의 탄을 사용하여 무게를 줄이는데 성공했으면서도[4] 명중률과 유효사거리를 획기적으로 늘리는데 성공한.. The high-strength plastic materials are used for the forearm, magazine, buttstock and pistol grip of the rifle. The metal parts of the AK-74M are applied with protective coatings for resistance against corrosion. The quality of the rifle is assured by all-round test programmes conducted by the manufacturer.

АК74Н (АКС74Н) - модификация автомата АК74(АКС74) с прицелом НСПУ (индекс ГРАУ 1ПН34). т. е АК-74М - модернезированый АК-74. Отличается складным пластиковым прикладом.. The difference in hinge pins is mostly cosmetic but military pins are solid and civilian pins have a smaller middle diameter to accommodate the government mandated linkage that prevents the rifle from firing with the stock folded АК-101—105 — экспортная линейка автоматов с различными длинами стволов и под различные патроны, созданной на основе АК-74М. AKS-74UB This is a special variant optimized for subsonic ammunition. It is sold complete with a suppressor, dovetail mount and AKS-74U vs AK-74N recoil on full auto (without mouse interference) The 5.45x39mm cartridge of the AK-74 makes it a more accurate and reliable rifle compared to the AK-47, which uses a 7.62x39mm cartridge.

Kalashnikov 5.45 mm assault rifle, developed in 1970 by M. T. Kalashnikov, became a further evolution of AKM due to adoption of the new 5.45x39 ammunition by the military. The key design difference from the standard AK-74 is a side mount for optical and night scopes.. Magpul. Polymer. Add an image After doing some exhaustive research myself I finally opted for the AK-47. I had never even heard of the AK-12 until now. Looks like I may be needing a new one soon… 😉 And I hear you on the wife. “Honey these are not toys, they are tools. I’m investing in them for the kids!”Accessories for these rifles, as well as the Airsoft versions, can be purchased on Amazon or other gunshot accessories retailers.

Of course there’s always those pesky budget issues, but why not one of each? If we’re truly preparing for a SHTF situation, then all possibilities have to be considered. Being prepared to use pick-up ammo and arms can’t be ignored. Any administration that’s devious enough to create that situation will be just as devious when it comes to the force they position to enforce their policies. That means that there’s a larger then average chance that the loose ammo available on the battlefield won’t be that which we’ve all been hoarding. And when those stockpiles are gone the only option will be that which the ‘government’ is issuing. So consider those calibers which have been traditionally obscure here in the US and be prepared to adopt them for your own.Furniture is also different for the 3 eras: Russian laminate for the early pattern rifles, plum for the mid series and black polymer for the modern rifles The AK-47 and AK-74 are both Russian-made assault rifles designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The AK-74 barrel has a chrome-lined bore and 4 right-hand grooves at a 200 mm (1:8 in) rifling twist rate Other articles where AK-74 is discussed: assault rifle: 8 kg), and the AK-74 version, following AKM was replaced by the AK-74, which adapted the basic Kalashnikov design to a smaller 5.45-mm round..

In 2017, Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash) released a new upgrade/modernization kit for AK style rifles, known as Universal Upgrade Kit (Обвес, 'Obves,' Russian for 'body-kit'). The 'Obves' upgrade kits are officially designated as the KM-AK, which stands for 'komplekt modernizatsii - avtomata Kalshnikova' or 'upgrade kit - Kalashnikov assault rifle'. It is a drop-in kit which allows converting any stock AK-47/AKM or AK-74 rifle into a modern weapon, making it more adjustable and suitable for accessorizing. This kit consists of a number of new parts, including a new muzzle device, pistol grip (housing the cleaning kit) and safety selector lever. It also features a new handguard set which adds top and bottom permanently attached Picatinny rails and allows mounting rail sections on its either side. - АК — 76 и 89 см.- СКС — 47 и 34 см.- АКМ — 64 и 90 см.- АК-74 — 48 и 64 см.

The AK-74M uses 5.45 AK 30, 5.45 AK 45 and 5.45 AK Drum magazines. The 30-round True Black magazine is the current-production magazine for the rifle.In February 2012, Russia unveiled its plans to upgrade the AK-74 assault rifles as a part of a $690bn modernisation programme. The upgraded rifles are equipped with a detachable sight and light.Might not make a huge difference for a safe filler, but for many people reading this article, it is something to keep in mind.The rifle can also be mounted with several models of passive night sights. These sights are fitted to the standard mounting rail on the left side of the receiver.--> В качестве замены АКС74У в рядах армии и правоохранительных органов РФ предназначался автомат созданный в 1994 году на базе АК74М, АК105. Промежуточная (между АК74М и АКС74У) длина ствола позволила уменьшить габариты оружия, оставив газовую камеру на том же месте относительно казенного среза ствола, что и в АК74М, а не переносить её назад (как в АКС74У). При этом со сложенным прикладом АК-105 на 94 мм длиннее, чем АКС74У, а лишние 94 мм ствола позволяют улучшить баллистические характеристики оружия и несколько уменьшить нагрев ствола за счет большей его массы. По сравнению с полноразмерным АК74М, АК-105 короче на 119 мм (с разложенным прикладом).

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I currently have an AK-47 which is lethal at under 100 yards with iron sights. After reading this op-ed I think I might buy a 74 next instead of an AR. I’m into low maintenance these days and like the reliability of the AK. This is the first I have heard of an AK-12. More info is needed to consider it but it sounds promising if it uses the same gas piston design.Русские советские автоматы СССР из месяца в месяц, наращивая темпы производства, советская промышленность давала фронту все больше винтовок, пулеметов, пистолетов-пулеметов, противотанковых ружей и другой военной техники. Если в годы гражданской войны всероссийской кузницей оружия, изготовлявшей основную массу стрелкового оружия для Красной Армии, была Тула, то в годы Великой Отечественной войны такой кузницей стал Ижевск. Ижевские оружейники развернули массовое поточное производство винтовок, организовали выпуск пулеметов Максима, пистолетов ТТ, револьверов Нагана, противотанковых ружей, авиационных пулеметов и других систем.Положительный опыт использования малокалиберного патрона американцами заставил СССР начать работу по разработке аналогичного автоматного патрона. Хотя и ранее существовали предложения по разработке малокалиберного патрона. В 1964 году составлен проект тактико-технических требований к новому автомату, а с 1967 года началась работа по созданию нового автомата под малоимпульсный патрон. В начале 1970-х разработка 5,45-мм патрона была завершена. Новый патрон дал повышение начальной скорости пули, увеличение настильности, уменьшение импульса отдачи, снижение массы носимого боезапаса (патрон весит на 6 граммов меньше 7,62×39 мм — 10 против 16,2) на 1,4 кг (при стандартном боекомплекте из 8 магазинов).Several variants of rifle exists. The basic model is kbs wz. 1996A Beryl. The 96B (made in 2004) model has a fixed foregrip and side rails. The 96C (made in 2009) model features many modernized features, such as a new buttstock, rails, magazine, and foregrip. The most recent model is 96D, made in 2013-2014, which was the 96C with a foldable stock and using STANAG magazines. In addition, two export versions of the 96C in 5.45x39mm and 7.62x39mm were produced, called M545 and M762, M762 being most notably used by Nigeria. A carbine Mini-Beryl also exists. АКС-74 (Индекс ГРАУ — 6П21) — вариант АК-74 со складывающимся на левый бок рамочным металлическим прикладом. Создан для использования в воздушно-десантных войсках.

The AK-74M assault rifle with GP-34 grenade launcher and 60-round casket magazine. Credit: SrebenicakakaAK-74M is a gas-operated, selective fire weapon. It incorporates a new solid side-folding polymer buttstock, as well as an improved bolt and carrier assembly. The rifle is equipped with an enhanced muzzle device and durable smooth dust cover.

Not sure about the AK-12 or AK-74 but one of my favorites is the AK-47 with a wire, folding stock. I carried one strapped to my pack in Vietnam in 68-69 with the 101st Airborne (I usually carried a Model 12 Winchester, 12 gauge or an M-79 as a primary weapon but when we needed longer range results, the AK came off the pack.) Just a comment, my AK saved American lives 🙂 5,45 - мм автомат Калашникова (АК-74, АКС-74) и ручной пулемёт Калашникова (РПК-74 1. Баллистические и конструктивные данные 5,45-мм автомата Калашникова (АК74 и АКС74), 5..

The Kalashnikov AKS-74UB 5.45x39 (AKS-74UB) is an assault rifle in Escape from Tarkov. Special version of the AKS-74U, modification B (silences) is issued, by default, with a dovetail scope mount, a suppressor device, and special sights designed for firing subsonic ammunition. AKS-74U Gas tube The Soviet’s based their decision on studies of the M-16 and its effectiveness in Vietnam. The Soviets thought the American’s might know something they did not, but Kalashnikov was unconvinced and believed the 7.62×39 was all the battlefield needed in a light cartridge. Still, this was undeniably in his mind when he designed AK-74.Stick it your ear? O don’t think do! So if your wife wants a pressure cooker, I want one to can feer meat etc, and You want a new back pack just go quoetly to Cabellas and pay cash. Whenthe dumb as a rock cluck ask for your phone number just ask m why is he trying to date you or what.That isn’t a problem for a fun gun you take to the range and then take home to clean completely every time. If you are like me, however, and sometimes you walk out back and shoot a few, and only clean as needed (and every gun completely every year whether it needs it or not) – then non-corrosive is a must. Мини-обзор ICS AK74M. User Rating: / 0. Poor Best

equipped with new complexes ak-74m for the first time will be presented on may 9 victory day parade in moscow. concern kalashnikov the initiative to develop a universal upgrade kit kalashnikovs (ak).. So mister JBEV; let me be the first to tell you to pack sand since your mouth and arrogance outran your ignorance. People like you give good and responsible gun folk a bad name so do us a favor and park your comments on some anti-gun forum where it belongs.Wow… just wow! I’m really floored by the arrogance and ignorance of JBEV’s post. For someone who professes to know something; this poster comes across like some kid in his daddy’s basement. Not good for a forum like this which is supposed to advance the knowledge of gunnery folks in the wild. Not good at all!Vietnam was the proving ground for the M-16—a lighter rifle shooting a much smaller cartridge than the standard. The M-16 proved to be easier to carry and the recoil was more manageable in burst or full auto modes. The cartridges were cheaper to manufacture and due to the smaller size and lighter weight, more rounds could be carried without adding weight to the soldier’s load.There are 4 Russian AK74 magazine patterns: (Photo courtesy of Avtomats In Action) Original: 1974-1986 Mid: 1986 to 1990 Modern: 1990+ Service AK74M rifles are all folding stock with pistol grip plates, 5.5mm folding hardware and have a side rail optic mount installed standard as part of the M (Modernizirovanniy) designation. Previously called AK74 (fixed stock, no rail), AK74N (fixed stock with side rail), AKS74 (folding stock, no side rail) or AKS74N (folding stock with side rail mount), the 90s era cumulative production improvements resulted in the rifle simply being called the AK74M. There are training rifles which have the black polymer furniture and 74M features but are fixed stock, however these are not in front line service as I understand it.

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