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Bought the Arbeg 10 as i had read a review. Went to the brothers for xmas and he said try mine i have the Uigeadail. Wow the concentration and intensity of flavours blew me away. Beautiful scotch affordable price. 1 small nip each night the misserable bugger. Our Scottish ancestry is alive and well.The story of Ardbeg is a story of starts and stops. There was a time not long ago when the stills at Ardbeg sat dormant. This happened more than once over their history, as a matter of fact. The distillery was established in Port Ellen on Islay in 1815. The two centuries which followed saw multiple changes in ownership as well as closures and resurrections.

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Im still quite new to smokey whiskies. After sampling the Ardbeg 10 i fell in love with it. So i wanted to try the next step. On the nose i get alot of peat with sugar notes and a touch of coffee.The palate is lovely, it starts off with caramel and honey, you get a touch of the peat but its very much in the back seat.The finish is amazing, with the caramel and honey kicking it off for a split second. Then the smoke kicks in. The smoke and the caramel honey flow perfectly in harmony. Neither are competing for the glory.I was surprised with the balance. I wouldnt say that its as smokey as the 10, but its far more complex. A bottle will always be on my shelf thats for sure!While I can agree Corryveckran is better (it’s in my top 3) , but Uigeadail I love as well. I actually buy and always stop all 3 standard expressions of Ardbeg, and feel all are worthy of their price. I can’t afford to drink Corryveckran everyday (around $85 a bottle), but 10 year around $45 & Uigeadail $65 is among the best at their price range – IMO.

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  1. I do not pay any attention to completely negative views of any whisky, especially when there are so many positive ones; as in the case of Ardbeg Oogie. Had to try it after reading all the 'controversy.' For sure, taste is personal. But if you like Islay whisky . . . peat, smoke; and if you like sherried whisky (Higland Park, Macallan), this is the best of both. I love sherried whisky and love peat and smoke. This is the perfect marriage of the two. I love Lagavullin, Talisker, Laphroig and others, but this is it. I have been trying many and have found the perfect whisky for me. And the price is very reasonable.The color, nose, taste . . . is superb! Don't listen to negative comments; try if for yourself.
  2. I have to admit to feeling the same way. This is my least favorite of Ardbeg’s regular expressions. I want to love it as much as Ralfy does, but I just can’t enjoy drinking it. I used part of the bottle I bought as braising liquid for a brisket I was smoking just to make the bottle go away faster.
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Not much more to add than the below. Ardbeg are my #1, and this is the best Ardbeg, though the 10 may be better pound for pound, being that much cheaper.This is a review a year down the line, but this was a memorable bottle.I ordered this because of the rating received in the whiskey bible. I was curious as to what had garnered such a high score. As I am relatively new to exploring whiskeys, I liked the idea of a fantastic one at a relatively low price. I was not disappointed. The complexities of flavour that can be presented by a scotch from an area where I tend to find unpalatable, blew my mind. Thoroughly enjoyed every dram. Kotona - 08200 Helsinki - Rated 4.5 based on 275 Reviews Paras Paikka Ikinä,joskus vähän Kotona on turvallista,lämpöinen tunnelma;kaukana kavala maailma.Rakkaat ihmiset siellä tekevät.. Bingel - pelillisyys tuo vaihtelua harjoitteluun koulussa ja kotona. Suosittu Bingel motivoi oppilasta harjoittelemaan ja antaa opettajalle kätevän työvälineen arviointiin ja eriyttämiseen My all time favourite dram in the world. There is only one Uigeadail. An absolute joy on the palate.

I am a diehard single malt fan who appreciates the quality that goes into these fine whiskies, especially the Islays. A fellow Islay lover with whom I share generally common tastes is especially big on Ardbeg, and so I got myself a bottle of this one based on customer recommendations. And while I can recognize the complexities of the tastes going on here, they are just too overwhelming on the palate. I like a subtle burn, not a fiery one, but with the Uigeadail, it's only the latter I get. (For the record, my Ardbeg-loving friend agrees.) I'm glad some people like this, but it's far, far from being my favourite Islay. Ardbeg Uigeadail is a big burly whisky at a great price for what you get. In the world of cask strength scotch this is a winner all day long.Won our blind tastings (comprising regular and non-regular whisky drinkers) 2 years in a row. Though given how distinctive the taste is whether it is truly blind is another matter... Huge whisky and worth the few pounds over a standard malt. Laajasta valikoimastamme löytyy jokaiselle mieleistä syötävää - myös kotona nautittavaksi

Understandably, distillation was ceased from 1932 to 1935 due to economic instability in the global marketplace. A closure in March of 1981 lasted until 1989, and the following seven years had the distillery in operation only two months annually. These smaller yields were intended for blends. The year 1996 saw the doors at Ardbeg closed once again. Tempo unknown for Kotona by Mikko Alatalo. Video Kotona. Hasardi. 1976. 9. Kotona. 3'15 Ich mag gerne rauchige Whisky und Sherry gelagerte Whisky. Dieser Whisky vereint beides sehr harmonisch. Ich hätte mir etwas mehr Rauch erwartet. Nach ein paar Mal riechen verschwindet der Rauch fast komplett und der Sherry kommt deutlich in den Vordergrund. Im Mund ist der Rauch dann aber sofort wieder da. Trotz dem hohen Alkoholgehalt sehr angenehm zu trinken. Man muss kein Wasser verwenden, wenn man es trotzdem tut kommt die Fruchtigkeit vom Sherry immer weiter in den Vordergrund. Dieser Whisky hat es damit momentan zu meinem Lieblingswhisky geschafft. Check out Kotona's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Kotona. 5 Watchers2.9K Page Views24 Deviations. Profile Navigation Harjoittele tantrataitoja kotona. Kuva: Kaigen/stock.xchng. Kirjoittanut: Yle. Hän antaa kolme vinkkiä, joiden avulla tantrisen rakastelun alkeita voi harjoitella kotona

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I've only been drinking quality whisky for less than a year, and I've now progressed to this this. It's fabulous. Jim Murray gave it 97.5 and nothing has ever had higher. I can understand why. I bought a bottle of this fine single malt yesterday all I can say it is a heavy hitter and I find it to be very complex this is sit down stuff to be enjoyed slowly cheers to the aredbeg distillery keep up the great work-FC. Kotona. D♭ Major. Key. The following tracks will sound good when mixed with Brädi, Panu Willman - Kotona, because they have similar tempos, adjacent Camelot values, and complementary styles

Nose: best nose in whisky. I love the standard nose of the Ardbeg 10, to me it's so much more complex than a Bowmore, Lagavulin or Laphroaig can manage. The Uigeadail's sherry influence builds on that nose rather than taking away from it (which some sherry casked whisky certainly have issues with). It makes the nose much more complex, with hints of peatsmoke (obviously), ripe apples/pears, lime/citrus, cereal, sugar and coffee. There's also a fresh tobacco hint which reminds me of the pipe leaf tobacco my grandfather used to smoke.Taste: A darkish honey, coffee, tobacco, incredibly tasty smoke and sweet barley. Sweet ripe fruit makes the dram come full circle and binds everything together to a heavenly complex and rewarding taste.Finish: The finish is stellar really. Ripe sweet fruit and caramel start off the aftertaste but the sweet sweet peat smoke, leather, coffee (espresso) beans and fresh tobacco linger on for minutes. Overal: My favorite NAS, my favorite Ardbeg and my favorite whisky below the €100 mark. This is probably the ultimate expression of the wonders of Islay. työskennellä kotona. lähihoitaja. rakennusalan Nose: Multifaceted, notes of peat and little flourishes of dark sugar, freshly ground espresso beans, cereal notes and a most sophisticated tar.

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  1. Massive flavour, so smooth and such well defined sherry sweetness and smoke. My favorite whisky at current time. I have a 2 cases in the mail ;D
  2. HomeWhiskyScotch WhiskyIslay WhiskyArdbeg Whisky Distillery Ardbeg Uigeadail (70cl, 54.2%) (236 Reviews)  Sorry about this... We can't actually ship Ardbeg Uigeadail to you in Germany right now. We're working on a solution, but in the meantime you can find out more here
  3. Perhe voi valita lapsen hoitamisen kotona kotihoidontuella tai vaihtoehtoisesti palkkaamalla hoitajan perheen kotiin yksityisen hoidon tuella tai yksityisen hoidon tuella + kuntalisällä. Tällöin lapsi ei voi..
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Chongqing (Kiina) kansainvälinen pintakäsittely-, galvanointi- ja pinnoitusnäyttely. SF EXPO on VAIN maailmanlaajuinen pintatekniikan näyttely, jonka UFI on hyväksynyt ammattimaisimpana ja.. I have a bottle of Lagavulin 16, Laphroaig 10, and this Uigaedail. I love both the Laga and the Laph. But the Uigeadail was unpleasant when I first opened it. A deeply unpleasant burnt plastic/rubber smell. Not peaty. Toxic smelling, like bottled TianJin explosion essence. It was as if they'd left an old wellington boot in the still. It's not like I'm spooked by ppm- tried the Octomore 7.1 and loved it. I was so incredulous given the rave reviews, I brought my bottle over to compare with a friends Uigaedail side by side. And indeed, his was delicious, just as everyone said. He agreed that mine tasted like poison. I have no idea what happened to mine. I've aired it for a couple weeks and the burnt plastic has dissipated a bit so I can at least drink it. Has anyone else had this happen? I've given a mixed score because mine was awful, but my friends Uigeadail was outstanding.The linked article (and the ones that article links too) make me wish I could find an older bottle of Uigedail on a local shelf to compare to the new stuff. I don’t dislike the stuff but agree that for a few dollars more the Corryvreckan is far superior. F45 provides the ultimate gym experience by combining cutting edge techniques with high grade equipment and friendly, supportive staff. Get the complete fitness workout you deserve by locating..

Imagine a beautiful, dark mysterious leather clad woman, dipped in smoked honey. Her perfume intoxicates you, she then makes violent, passionate love to your tongue. She has her way with you and leaves you breathless, wanting more and ruining all others for you. Such is the nature of Uigeadail....It is difficult for me to explain just how good this Islay is...but I'll try. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Any questions?Burst of peat with hints of chocolate and sherry,long sweet honey finish. A fantastic delight! One of my favorites. Another reason I have a spare bottle.

Free Standard Delivery on orders over €225.14Ardbeg grabs you from the balls and takes you to the coast of greyjoy at the iron islands, it drowns you and it brings you back to life, then it reminds you that what is dead may never die and then your mouth tastes iodine for more than 15 min after the last drop you had. Ardbeg is like tasting and feeling the sea. I believe that the memories of an old captain are similar to ardbeg. I recently had a chance to ask Dr. Bill Lumsden about the NAS trend in Ardbeg and Glenmorangie special and core releases and he basically said this (though not verbatim): “If all of our special releases were hamstrung by an arbitrary number we wouldn’t get the range and depth of flavors we get out of them now. Instead of concentrating fully on what it smells and tastes like I’d be forced to keep a number in the back of my mind and should I come across a cracking set of casks that would go great in the release but didn’t match that number I couldn’t use them and that’s not what I want to do. I want to put out the best release I can which means ignoring how many times it’s been around the sun.”I’ll see if I can get Ardbeg to send a sample of a newer one or see if one of my friends has one open I can try. It’s one of those whiskies that’s definitely worth trying every couple of years. Cheers!

I found this resembled smoking a massive cigar, if I had to sum it up in one sentence - in a good way though. 가사Onko ketään kotona. Solonen, Solonen & Kosola, Kosola, Notkea Rotta, Notkea Rotta. 사용할 수 있는 가사가 없습니다 Yksin kotona -tähti selitti, miksei pysty katsomaan omaa elokuvaansa. Yksin kotona -fani kehittää elokuviin perustuvaa Half Alone -modia alkuperäisen Half-Lifen pelimoottorille i could nose this all night long.the smoke and peat up front and then the sherry enters stage right.mmmgood.sweet strawberries and salted cashews into a nice smoke flavor ending off with a lovely cocoa and cream.wonderful.This is a NAS 54.2% non chill-filtered south coast Islay malt. Perhaps disappointingly, it does not mention 'natural colour' on the label, so presumably there is some artificial colouring? It's archetypal Islay - powerful, smoky, dry and meaty - did I mention smoky? There are obviously some youngish whiskies in here because the finish is fiery and alcoholic. I feel that it could be a tad more rounded if the dryness was balanced with a bit more sweetness, as it is in the 10yo but saying this, Uigeadail is a must for all Islay lovers and, as evinced by my rating, I love it despite its minor flaws.

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Firm and very smooth whisky. If you are chewing it like you should it explodes on your tongue. A hot and alcoholic finish.Firm favourite though I prefer Corryvreckan. 91/100Hi you Malty... Peaty poeple!! I made myself a gift for Christmas... I know We're only Dec 13 but this gift has a long life. At least Jan 01 2015 i hope! This dram is fantastic. I'm not a fan of peaty Whisky or Sherry, wood finish etc. I am a fan of Whisky and all the subtles flavours that they can gives you. This dram is incredebdly and nicely peaty under Sherry influance with a lot of flavours that are hard to describe now (I'm drinking)! It is a serious dram. Not cheap, but what do you want? When you want something special, you will pay something special. I also have a small glass of dark Abbey beer brewed here in Quebec Canada bt Mons Brewery and i feel Dark & Misterious. Uigeadail! Cheers.

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  1. As a big fan of Laphroaig, Lagavullin, and Bowmore - these various marketing gimmicks by Ardbeg all have that used-ashtray taste. Ugh!
  2. en on yleensä ikäihmisten oma toive. Omien voimien vähentyessä kotiin saatavien palvelujen merkitys kasvaa. Ikäih
  3. My club reviewed this dram and found it quite interesting. Got an averaged rating of 92 from 6 reviewers. I’ve tasted several bottles of this stuff and the quality seems to hold. You can check out our thoughts: http://spokanewhiskeyclub.com/2014/06/22/ardbeg-uigeadail-review/

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  The 2014 Los Angeles Whisky Live was a lot of fun. It was filled with fun booths, great people, water a plenty, but unless you were both … [Read More...] about Whisky Live Los Angeles 2014I find that this stuff is great for cleaning toilets, as that is where it went after one taste.Horrendous.Those on here who suggest that this is a great Whisky obviously do not partake in the higher end tipple. Oppilaan läksyt netissä, kotona ei konetta - kaupunginjohtaja älähti. Koulukohtainen tulkinta on mennyt liian pitkälle, sanoo Elina Lehto-Häggroth Vantaalta This is an excellent Cask Strength Islay Scotch Whisky. I've had it a few times and never grow tired of it. The sherry finish is a delightful contrast to the strong peat that Arbeg is known for.I would advise other reviewers to understand what it is you are drinking before leaving a negative review on something, because it's "too peaty" or "doesn't mix well". This is a single malt whisky....you don't mix it with soda....it's from Islay, it's going to be peaty...it's what the island is known for. If you are not a scotch whisky enthusiast, keep that in mind before leaving something ignorant on here and bringing down the rating on an excellent dram.I said good day Sir!I tried almost all of the islays, and to be honest this was not as impressive as I thought it would be by all the hyped up reviews it gets. Its definetly a wellcrafted spirit and i would buy a bottle again, but I was not superimpressed to be honest. Expected a little more. Maybe next batch? I will give it another shot.

Your review was another of those “straw that broke the camel’s back” deals, Josh! Picking up one of these tomorrow. Didn’t think I would enjoy peat until a local whiskey get together yielded an eye-opening, tasty experience with a 30-year-old Caol Ila, Bruichladdich PC6, and a few Octomores. Wow. Ooogie is going to be a welcome addition.I'm not upset about the level of peat like some. I had the Corryvreckan before this, and I liked that one more. This has sherry which to me hides the flavors I likeI have a friend that calls these the dungeon malts, dark, dank, earthy, raisins. As for me I love all things Sherried.Even watered down the finish is burny and dries out quickly, and the peat notes are simply salt and woodsmoke and the sherry is just grapes with an undertone of chocolate.

My all time favorite Islay malt. The flavor is amazing. As with all of the peaty, smoky and fruity expressions, the complex flavor of Uigeadail allows it to stand above my other favorites from this region. I’m not saying that Talisker 57 North and Lagavulin 16 are not also on my “Must Brag about list”, I’m just in love with the heavily balanced ocean flavors, followed by a visit to the berry patch as the warmth washes over my palette. Let us know if you need it! We reorder based on community feedback. We'll also email you when we bring it back.

kotona. töissä. kaupungilla I love the Ardbeg 10, especially the intense peat that reminds me of campfires. I was expecting this to me a older, cask strength, sherry finished version of that. I was at first disappointed that that is not what I got, but as I spent more time with Uigeadail, I came to appreciate it for what it is...a damn good pleated whisky, not as pungent as the 10 year old, but with notes of espresso and a wonderful sherry, at an unbelievable price. I am very happy I stumbled across this dram.

Bought a bottle following a tour of the distillery. Was not expecting anything special after tasting the ‘ten’ but WOW! This malt is special. A depth of smell and taste to excite the palate. Caramel tones, spice and honey with a hint of smokiness. Fantastic! Now if this malt doesn't put hair on your chest, check your pulse. I was taken back a bit with how much peatiness this Uigeadail has, despite reading many reviews. I had to drink this one a bit slower than other malts, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I have a sense that I will like this malt more so after having a few more glasses. For now, 9 out of 10 is pretty good as it's a very well crafted malt. I almost gave it an 8, but I think this one will take some time for me to get familiar with. Perheen pienimmät usein tekevät joko koulussa tai kotona äitienpäiväkortteja, omia äitienpäivärunoja taikka piirrustuksia. Käytännöt äitienpäivän vietosta vaihtelevat perheittäin.. Not the most complex but easy to drink and has a nice flavor. It's true what the guy below said, there is a bit of a smokey/ashy after taste on the breathe... but there's something charming about a campfire, and there's something charming about a cabin with a wood burning stove. Same theory at work, if smoke and ash connect you to the world spiritually then you will probably enjoy it as I do.The first question people are likely to have after wondering how to pronounce the various incarnations of Ardbeg is which one is the best. Of course, this is purely subjective, but for my money Uigeadail is where it’s at. Ardbeg loves splashing the word “ultimate” across all of their branding. In this case, I would say that Uigeadail is the ultimate version of regular Ardbeg available on the market today.

Picked up this after being away from SMS for more than a year plus. Didn't know the brand or selection when I purchased this. The bottle sat on the dry bar for about 5 months when I thought "its time" last week. WOW-WOW-WOW. I was blown away. What an explosion of flavor. Its a great drink to end the day. Love It and recommend that this scotch need to be tasted. Genius Curler. Täydelliset popcornit kotona. Big Popper valmistaa lemppariherkut muutamassa minuutissa. Täydellinen grillaustulos - jokaisella kerralla

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I've just watched the video and it reminded me what i'm missing as i dont have a bottle of oogy in atm. - it's everything he said and more lol. next time i place a MoM order i'll have to get anotherThe Uigeadail – pronounced ‘Oog-a-dal’ – expression was launched in 2003 and in 2009 was named World Whisky of the Year in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible.  The distillery, on the box packaging, describes this release as such: “Ardbeg Uigeadail takes its name from the brooding, mysterious loch which provides the peat-laden water for Ardbeg.  This is a special vatting of different styles of Ardbeg, marrying together its traditional deep, smoky notes with the luscious sweet, raisiny tones of the ex-Sherry casks.”  There are many opinions amongst the whisky fabric of the preferred standard Ardbeg release – Uigeadail or Corryvreckan.  For me I have a clear preference – the Uigeadail is delicious – and it appears the 120,000+ members of the Ardbeg Committee agree, as it was voted by the members as their favorite Ardbeg release.Nose: orange, chocolate, fruit, smoke, vanilla Body: vanilla, cask strength, toffee, Finish: smoke, lengthy, lingering, warmingIf you like peat and Sherry this is the one. Better than the Ardbeg 10 and in the same leage as Lagavulin 16 (but not as sweet) Better than Laphroaig 10. Kilchoman Machir Bay is probably about the same age (both young NAS) but Mackir Bay has got a raw and unfinished touch. Uigeadail taste like an old whisky. Only problem is that it has too much ABV. EHave always thought of myself as a no-peat whisky aficionado as I generally don't like strong peat (a bit of smoke absolutely) but thought I would try this as, you know, I don't want to miss out.I have to say that I was extremely impressed - the peat was powerful but did not overwhelm the richness and complexity. This is a different beast to Ardbeg 10yo, which was far too medicinal for my taste, and will definitely be getting my hands on a bottle of this is the very near future.

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I still don’t know how Josh can do unbiased reviews when he is getting free whisky- plus they”re not going to send him bad ones-this is whisky marketing pure and simple as he’s not gonna bite the hand that feeds him!I picked up the ardbeg 10 and the Uigeadail around the holidays this year and finally finished them.i liked them both but I will have to say as a repeat buyer I will probably only get the ardbeg 10 again as it has that extra Smokey flavor that I crave and it’s lower price makes it more attractive.I was expecting so much more from the Uigeadail after finishing the 10 year.with all that being said I still agree with joshs’s rating on this and pretty much all of his reviews for that matter as this site consistently steers me in the right direction.

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It’s good marketing. That’s for sure. But I can pickup a Laphroaig 18 for a perpetuum and I know one doesn’t have 4, 6, 8? yr old spirit in it. Not that it’s necessarily poor quality but certainly price is partially an indicator of labor and 18 years of care is harder than 4. Kotona mahdollisimman pitkään Missä kunnossa ovat kotona asuvat iäkkäät henkilöt? Miten kotona selviydytään? Annammeko niitä palveluja, joita kuntoutuja haluaa?... I don’t profess to being a whisky expert or anything close. In fact my journey with whisky is in it’s very early stages. With that in mind, I cannot comment on past batches and the declining quality some note below.All that aside, this is as close to perfection as I have come so far. Easily the most complex whisky I have ever tried. It is an extremely rich and bold expression from Ardbeg. Medicinal like layers of heavy peat eventually give way to a lovely honey sweetness courtesy of the sherry butts. The peat returns in the finish which goes on and on.Despite the cask strength it’s not at all too much for the palate but a few drops of water here and there and you’ll find the sweet spot. Frankly it’s hard to think of something equal or better at this kind of price. Top marks all around and worthy of a place in anybody’s cabinet.And you can also drink it without water! Very difficult for a gask strength Islay whisky but you can and you SHOULD drink it straight.

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This is obviously going to be of interest to Islay and peat enthusiasts - rather pointless to spend fifty quid on this and complain that it's "too peaty" - this is what to expect. However, yes it's strong (cask strength) and yes it's heavily peaty, but there is quite a subtle and rather lovely sweetness lurking behind the mystery too. Takes some times to open up (mine did with ice, and I don't care if people think that's some kind of heresy, that's how I like my whisky) to reveal some sherry on the nose, brown sugar on the palate and a rather pleasing spicy tang on the finish. Not amazing, but relatively cheap, so should be investigated. First dram made me ponder..... so I did what any true Scotch drinker does and put my favorite Peaty whisky, Laphroaig 10 CS, against it.. Made Laphroaig seem bright, and I thought it was dark and brooding.So, here I am on my second dram, of this Uigeadail, and I seriously am blown away at how much darker and moodier this is. I read a lot about a scotch I'm willing to go out to buy before I try, and I must say, everything I ever read, seriously does not do it justice until you get to savor it yourself.Definite must keep in stock.This is really good. After purchasing a bottle, I immediately had to buy another. One of the most intense, and so full of flavour. Lauantaina Tiina on kotona ja käy saunassa. Sunnuntaina hän kävelee metsässä. Maanantaina Tiina on taas Helsingissä You say labor is a partial indicator of price, which is absolutely true, at least as far as determining the cost of production, but for scotch, which is increasingly seen as a luxury item (see this quarter’s Whiskey Advocate for an interesting take on this), the marginal cost plays little/to no hand in determining the final cost. See items like the extremely young Kavalans or Octomore, for examples, and, increasingly, expensive NAS whiskies.

Nose: intense, deep, and complex... smoke, peat, cocoa, molasses toffee, citrus honey Palate: full bodied and viscous, sweet, toffee, honey, roasted oranges, very peaty and smoky Finish: long and complex, sweet and smoky, sea salt and vanilla caramel Overall: 5 star scotchAnyway, I was given a bottle of Uigeadail this year for Christmas and have to say that I’m very impressed and happy with it. I put a dram in a snifter at about 58 degrees F/14 degrees C, put about three drops of water in it, took a sip and was pleasantly surprised. It’s been a little while since I’ve had the 10 year so I don’t have an immediate reference to A/B them, but I generally know what to expect from the 10 and this is definitely a different beast. It’s a bit more fiery, which I assume is due to the higher alcohol content, sharper and more peppery in the front, but has a much weightier, earthier lingering aftertaste, which I quite like. I’ve always compared the 10 year to drinking a buttered campfire. The Uigeadail tastes like using that same campfire to light a cigar. It’s a pretty intense sensory experience, but an enjoyable one. Looks like my bottle was bottled in November of 2015.This is a really interesting expression - there is nothing subtle about the sherry factor! I enjoyed it neat, but then I tried adding a solid teaspoonful of water to a 2 ounce pour and found the balance to be much preferable. It seemed to tone down the sweetness considerably, and generally rounded out the edges. This scotch has a great oiliness to it and if you like the general Ardbeg profile, and if you like sherry finish scotches from other regions, I think you would definitely enjoy this. Slightly odd, but it does bring massive amounts of flavor.

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https://thewhiskeyjug.com/rye-whiskey/basil-haydens-dark-rye-review/ https://thewhiskeyjug.com/rye-whiskey/sonoma-cherrywood-rye-review/ https://thewhiskeyjug.com/rye-whiskey/whistlepig-farmstock-rye-review/Ardbeg distillery, as noted last time, was commercially founded in 1815 (although whisky production began as early as 1798).  The distinctive Ardbeg taste comes from the malted barley received from Port Ellen – peated to a level of 50 ppm (parts-per million) – combined with the water from Loch Uigeadail, about three miles from the distillery.  Ardbeg distillery currently has three whiskies in its primary lineup – called the Ultimate Range: the Ten Years Old, Uigeadail, and Corryvreckan.Ein außergewöhnlicher Whisky in Fassstärke. Für Freunde der rauchigen Single Malt ein must-have. Eben ein typischer Islay... Koiranpentua tai aikuista rauhatonta koiraa voi myös tyynnytellä käyttämällä kotona apteekista saatavaa feromonivalmistetta. Feromonit ovat eläinten erittämiä hajuaineita, joiden tarkoituksena on.. While I normally enjoy my Speysides, sherry finishers and after experimenting with the Laphroigh Select I went straight to this monster. Oh you will be suckered in if you didn't see the proof. The nose is smoke all day long. The palette however, is not at all harsh. The smoke is there and while heavily, highly surprisingly doesn't wrestle you. It's caressing, velvety and soft. Despite being a knock around 54.2% it's very, very smooth and astonishingly the smoke completely disappears on the finish. Hell of an experience and I will definitely return for more.

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I purchased this along with an 18 yr old Highland Park, to be honest this is in a different league to the HP. More flavour than I knew what to do with, I will ensure I drink this one as slowly as possible.In the days of analog recording, I maintained my tape heads with a cleaning solution that smelled EXACTLY like this. It tastes as I'd imagine that cleaner did.Apologies to the those of you that love it, it's just not for me. At a get together where we each contributed a bottle of fine Scotch, the opinion was unanimous.versatile, complex and powerful, with subtle nuances if you give it the time it takes to get passed the obvious peat and smoke. So much more than just a peatbomb. Even at a very respectable 54,2% ABV it doesn't really need water to shine like the star it is! 88/100I never thought this was worth the money. Ardbeg is getting a reputation for hype and price. Did you get the emails and posted fliers re Alligator - proves my point. If I had to chose one whisky and that was the only whisky I could drink for the rest of my life then Ardbeg Uigeadail would be it.

Ilmoita virheestä. - bulgaria englanti espanja esperanto hollanti italia japani kreikka latina latvia liettua norja portugali puola ranska ruotsi saksa suomi tanska turkki tšekki unkari venäjä viro. - bulgaria.. This is a first-rate Islay whisky that ranks among the highest for my partner and myself - peaty, full of character, but not without sweetness. Recommended. Rippijuhlat: Juhlat kotona. Rippikoulun ja konfirmaation jälkeen on juhlan aika. Rippijuhliin voi kutsua vain lähimmät sukulaiset tai isommankin väkijoukon anfangs süße, dann pfeffrigkeit , leichte Bitterkeit wie Espresso, leichter Tabak Geschmack, dezenter Rauch

Yksin Kotona 17 Skorpion

This is the real 'Nectar of the Gods'! Superb Islay and (relatively) affordable. Such a fantastic nose and palate. Add two teaspoons of water and let it sit for 10 minutes to release the aromas. Then get ready for the ride of your life... 8-vuotiaan Kevinin perhe unohtaa pojan kotiin lähtiessään Pariisiin joulunviettoon. Kevin sopeutuu nopeasti selvittyään ensisäikähdyksestä. Running time: 1:38:56 Birbirinden şık kotona sor al modelleri en uygun fiyatlarla Koton.com''da! Yeni sezon Koton kotona sor al modelleri için hemen tıklayın Salilla tätä liikettä tehdään usein rullauslaitteella, mutta kotona voit vähän soveltaa. Liukumaton voit kuitenkin rakentaa helposti kotona itsekin. Pue liukkaat sukat tai villasukat jalkaan

Tasting Notes: Ardbeg Uigeadail

Another great find at a local store... it's your typical ArdBerg, if you like peat and smoke... this is the one for you. Monia käännettyjä esimerkkilauseita, jotka sisältävät galvanointi - englanti-suomi-sanakirja ja hakukone englannin käännöksille. Ehdota käännös kohteelle galvanointi. Kopioi

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Hector. - Omassa kotona Lately if I've had Uigeadail next to a Corryvreckan I find the Uige somehow much less expressive and strong than I remember from previous years. It always seems to lose although I remember preferring it more originally. I hope it's me, not the whisky.A year after its last closure Glenmorangie acquired Ardbeg and basically kickstarted much of what is recognizable in the brand today. For some whisky enthusiasts, this stewardship is a double-edged blade. While today’s iconic dark green bottles of Ardbeg are ubiquitous as their clean and classy cousins, so are the seemingly never-ending streams of limited releases. The Glenmorangie fingerprint is all over today’s Ardbeg, from producing in volume down to the similarities in packaging.Unbelievably smokey, like walking into a small crofters hut and sitting next to a peat fire; beautiful.A truly incredible whisky. The nose alone is worth the price, you could get lost in there for hours. On tasting, it blows all others out of the water, a perfect balance of complex and friendly, as long as you enjoy peated whisky. The finish goes on forever, and you're left with a oily feel, coating your mouth with a lingering smoke and richness. Overall, the best ardbeg for me, and great value too.

Final Thoughts and Score:

Seriously I like scotch and whiskey but not this. I detect strong notes of an ashtray and dirty boots. The finish blew the windows out of my house. It's terrible and I don't understand why. Fleeting sweet berries on the tip of the tongue. Malt. A hard to pin down complexity; barley, cinnamon, honey, cracked black pepper. Thick smoke and tar build into the finish.Yeah, I agree. Uigedail is way better, and in fact one of the best peated scotches I have ever had. The heavy smoke and sweetness just feels like the whiskey version of thick cut bacon drenched in maple syrup. Contribute to apvilkko/kotona development by creating an account on GitHub I like to try whiskies from all over Scotland, but must confess that those from Islay are my favorites. And of the Islay whiskies, Ardbeg is my first and eternal love.This whisky has all that I love in the Ardbeg 10 and more. The smoke is strong but balanced on the nose, with aromas of the malt and fruit that await on the palate. This is a complex whisky, with smoke giving way to to sea spray giving way to sweet malt and finally rounding out with the sherry fruitiness. And then the flavors reappear as you savor the sip before enjoying a final bit of smoke. The flavors are magically distinct on the tongue but also harmonious. I pour this one on weekends when my labor is ended and I enjoy with just splash of water or maybe a very small ice cube. It's a whisky for sipping slowly while thinking or reading or just reflecting on how life unfolds.

After reading all the stellar reviews I decided to gift myself a bottle for Xmas. My immediate reaction was one of of general disappointment as I didn't detect any huge star quality. It grew on me a little as the contents of the bottle subsided, t's a very complex whisky with quite a burn, it's not as peated or smokey as Laphroaig. It definitely benefits from a splash of water to open it up a little. For my money I'd rather a bottle of Laphroaig over a bottle of Uigeadail but (when on offer) I can get 2 bottles of Laphroaig for the price of a bottle of Uigeadail! Is my palate not as developed as I thought or is there an Emperor's New Clothes thing going on here?This lad is like a rich mans Talisker. It is definitely in the heavyweight division when it comes to flavor and the finish is longer than a stretch limo. All in all a must try.Tip: If you are decking your mates supply of whiskys make sure you roll with this one last as any other whisky u taste after it is ruined.Jackie JrI bought this as a newbie to Single Malts. After I bought it I read something to the effect of "newbies shouldn't try it as their palates may not be developed enough to appreciate it"...that review was spot on. My first experience as follows: upon opening I was nearly floored by the smoky smell of the peat...certainly my first thought was "barbecue before the meat gets cooking"...got past that and moved in for my first sip...smelled band aids/iodine...tasted the phenols and fish initially. I told a coworker that "I felt like I was drinking smoked fish"...as I learned the bottle and proceeded over the next few years (read: as my palate became more developed, the vanilla and caramel began to come through...really enjoyed this one. May get another one along with the 10 so I can make an accurate comparison.

What a pleasant smell fills the room at bottle opening. A full medicinal smell with iodine, peat and red fruit. Very sweet and very complex. Mound is covered with herbal sweet oil with alcohol in the back. The taste is a complex combination of herbs, fire, pepper, dried fruit, licorice and salt. What a tremendous whisky this is. Voiko munalikööriä valmistaa kotona? Kermalikööristä sivuillanne on ollut resepti, mutta munaliköörille hakukoneenne ei reseptiä löytänyt. Jos voi, mistä resepti Decline the Finnish noun galvanointi in all forms and with usage examples. Galvanointi inflection has never been easier

Hi Nock, My bottle reads L13 245 15:18 6ML – so that’s 2013, day 245. Thanks for the information! I’ve updated the post to list the code for my bottle. Cheers!Samma rökighet som 10'an men betydligt fler smakar. Man känner att den har en hög alkoholhalt i de starka smakerna men inte på spritigheten, precis som det ska vara! Någorlunda prisvärd och den jag recenserar buteljerades 2014-11-05

I only tried this today. I was at Frankfurt airport and there was a tasting desk there. It would have been rude to walk on by wouldn't it? I'm glad i didn't. This simply blew me away. I am a fan of the 10, but i had heard that this was just too peaty, so i had avoided it. Not anymore i won't be. It is quite simply beautiful, add a bit of water and it is peat sent from heaven. This is the best Islay i've tasted yet.Within the rotating limited releases, Ardbeg more or less maintains a consistent trio of bottlings known as their Ultimate Range. Ardbeg 10 Years Old is the beginner’s Ardbeg in terms of availability and price, but offers a depth of experience which will please a wide variety of peat lovers. The other two releases which share shelf space with the 10 in most retail locations are Uigeadail and Corryvreckan.Nose: Bold. Notes of salted peanut butter, peat smoke, tobacco, worn, oiled leather, very dark roast coffee grounds, and cayenne pepper. Pikselit Vastaus: GALVANOINTI. Hae englanninkielisiä pikseleitä vastauksia, sanan pituudella tai avainsanoilla. The solution GALVANOINTI is spelled wrong

Simply the best core range malt from Islay. The Ugi is my go to for drinking occasionally. Smoky with peat but with that lovely sherry sweet tinge. Uigeadail is a release that is spoken of in hushed tones and impassioned shouts while also being widely available and fairly affordable. Ardbeg enthusiasts in particular go back and forth critiquing the individual characteristics of particular vintages. While I have myself experienced direct showdowns between newer and older bottles of this dram and lived to bear witness to the varying personalties of each, I can also say that as a regular release Uigeadail retains a level of quality which eludes the vast majority of single malts on the market today. Shorthand: this is tasty as hell.To the reviewer below - a certain Ron from Texas - please be aware that everyone's views and ratings are valid. Just because you don't happen to agree then that does NOT mean that another's review should be removed. Of course Texas is not renowned for being a great believer in the opinions of others.One of the best Ardbegs I've been drinking, if you like the 10-year old and want something extra that wont dissapoint, this is it. 24/7 Help and advice online - get a response within seconds

OVERALL Ardbeg Uigeadail is peat and sweet heaven. It’s a perfectly balanced marriage of flavors that is complex enough you can sit back and pick it apart all day long if you want, but approachable enough that you don’t have to in order to fully enjoy it. There’s a reason this stalwart of the Ardbeg core line up has been so highly lauded and awarded over the years. It’s really damn good!A masterfully designed dram that transcends the senses. fiery...peaty...smoky then pepper, coffee grounds, dark chocolate, burnt orange and leather, followed by the sea- salty brine, kelp and iodine. Long lingering finish of Christmas cake and sherry. Nalle Kotona. Venäläinen pariskunta on adoptoinut aikoinaan metsästäjien löytämän pikkukarhun,nyt jo täysikasvuinen karhu on kuin yksi perheenjäsen.Karhu syö päivässä 25kg ruokaa ja pituutta karhulla..

The nose is one of the best I'be ever experienced. It's rich and peaty, everything you'd want from an Islay whisky. Unfortunately the taste was a letdown for me as the fiery peat is just impenetrable. There's a very good whisky sitting behind that peat, but I just couldn't find it. I've even reserved judgement until I've finished the bottle. This is doubly disappointing given the hype surrounding this whisky!This was the most disgusting whisky I have ever tried. I’m hoping it might of just been a bad batch? I would never ever try this again! Left such a bad taste in my mouth (literally). Yuck! Is the best word to describe this disgusting liquid! Tee ostoksia MYBAT metallinen musta/galvanointi punainen Eagle Crest (läpinäkyvä kirkas) TUFF Panoview hybridi kotelo Galaxy Note 8. Tämä on yksi monista tuotteista, jotka ovat saatavilla Fruugon.. I’ve been a huge fan of Lagavulin for many years, but this is seriously challenging for the title. Absolutely beautiful balance of peat, malt, sherry and brown sugary goodness. This is why we drink Scotch. The smell alone makes the saliva run, it's one to be sipped and savoured, let the peat and smoke roll around your mouth, breathe out gently and the taste envelops you, I prefer a splash of water to mellow it slightly but each to their own👍

Lots of smoke and peat on the nose but still some sweetness of over-ripe bananas and christmas fruit cake. Very oily smooth entry in the mouth with lots of peatiness initially which then develops into coconut and steamed fish. Lingering pleasant flavourful finish! Amazing all throughout!Quite possibly the best single malt I've had to date. If you prefer a peaty whisky, then you should definitely not miss out on this treat.J'ai entendu parler d'Uigeadail quand j'ai écoté la chanson du groupe Ecossais Clann An Drumma.Je vais me renseigner où en Belgique on vend cette marque d'alcool et le déguster par la suiteI've never considered myself a peat man, and always thought I didn't like this style of whisky. In any case, out of sheer curiosity I decided to get a sample and, lo and behold, I was blown away. It is now a firm favourite and, along with Redbreast 15 yo, will never be absent from my drinks cabinet.Many strong flavors, but they're all well balanced. Strong, peaty nose. Smoke and caramel flavor. Peaty finish.

The most interesting whisky i've drunk so far. Peat and smoke aroma is strong but the taste is delicious, rounded (smooth?) if i can say that.But it's something you have gotta give time and not rush it. More complex than 10 years, and as an owner of perpetuum I have to say this is better. Smoky, sweet and delicious. Not going to in to detail about what I think it tastes like, I find we are all different in that sense. But it's worth the money if you like smoky whisky.

I was lucky to get a first bottling of this. It was sublime. Nice and creamy, oily and delicious.It has faltered, and a lot. Some of the first bottling is there, but it's just failing to deliver. Shame.Now its full of smoke and the sherry influence is just slightly in the background.I'm seriously pondering if there was flavors added.Wow, I really can’t agree. Uigedail (or “Oogy” as Ardbeg fans call it for short) beats Corryveckran head-to-head every time. The Ardbeg 10 isn’t even close. Based on my reading of reviews and blog posts, I’d say most Ardbeg drinkers would say the same. Digimateriaalimme tukevat kotona oppimista For the price, I totally agree—would much more opt for the Corry. Not sure I’d even go for the aurivedes—-that simply didn’t live up,to the marketing hype. 28.4.2020 - Tutustu käyttäjän iidahaikkis Pinterest-tauluun Kotona. Katso muita ideoita: Sisustus,Koti ja Kaunis koti

Finish: Very long, caramel and malt weave their way through peat smoke and dark sugar and just a hint of fresh espresso coffee before it finally peters out.This, My fellow Whisky drinkers, is my first Ardbeg ever. I have heard a lot of Ardbeg, most of which kept me from trying, but after my (almost spiritual) experience with the Balvenie 17 Peated cask, I just wanted a real peated one. I have done with Islay's before, being Laphroag and Lagavulin. I found those to be interesting by their own means, definately not bad, but I just don't buy another when at the shops. I did, however, buy the Ardbeg Uigeadail and I'm now convinced, God sent me a sign.In the sniffer:This was where the first mayor surprice was. Sinece this liqour has touched sherry butts, I'd expect some sherry in the nose, but never this much. Sharp, fresh and inviting with the smoke lurking underneath (and it will come out, given time or a splash of H2O). I got leather and coffee/chocolate and oranges (?). It's a feast for my nose.The sip:I'd expect some spice/burn from the high abv. Second surprice: None came. Instead this whisky layers all over the mouth and start to develop. The sherry first with citrus/orange, then an oaky, smoky sweetnes that increases in intensity. I believe to find pepper in the end. The finish:The finish is dominated by the smoke and sweetness but it is not as long as the Lagavulin 16 or Laphroaig 10.I would have enjoyed a longer finish as it is pleasant, but it's solved by having another sip. Clever.With water:Not tried yet.Nose: Sherry sweet smoke. Slight fruit pie? So inviting. Mouth: So much softer than corry. More rounded by the sherry. Smoked meat with sweet bbq sauce. Salt and pepper. Finish: Long and spicey, not as hot as corry. DeliciousLots of great stuff going on in here, I would say if you have not experienced Islays before, for some there will be some build up required to work your way into the flavours you are about to discover and for some it just does not resonate and that is o.k.. That being said, there is layers and depth here that just keeps unfolding and coming to life, great with a piece of hard cheese as the salinity plays into the sweet and smoke notes in here.. this is a great bottle to have on hand.Waves of woodsmoke racing past fruity aromas to wrstle in the nose, while some meaty salinity slips by. Rich dried fuits on the tongue on first approach, before immense smoke starts rushing in, which in turn fades away to long, numbing TCP on the tongue at the finish

Jippu Kotona taas songtexten: Minä vaihdan meille tänään puhtaat lakanat / Opettelen laittamaan sun Olen kotona taas. Ei meille sattunutkaan mitään. Laitetaan paikoilleen vaan kaikki rikotut tavarat nicely balanced – long finish, if I had a wish it would be for a little more of the dark fruits to punch through at the end, coats the mouth and sticks around (WJ); medium length but not hot, very pleasant, a little more spice at the end, leaves the palate in good shape for more (smoke dissipates), leather is here that I did not pick up during the initial tasting, the asphalt returns in a not unpleasant way (JR)the wife always knows when i'm drinking oogy as she can first smell it across the room, then she gives me the occasional annoyed look as I constantly nose and sniff it right through the movie, taking in the wonderful aromas. I like to try a few different whisky's through the course of an evening but generally finish with an ardbeg, its wonderful.A chocolate taste, with raisin and leather notes. A lot of peat, but not enough to overwhelm the palate.

Meiltä saat kaiken metallien pinnoittamiseen oli sitten kyseessä kultaaminen, hopeointi, rodinointi, niklaus, emalointi tai catafor metallin kemiallinen.. This "dark and mysterious" dram stood out out for me in a tasting field of over 30. Highly recommended. Do yourself a flavour. sweet at first, almost cognac-y, followed by peat, smoke and mineral and medicinal notes. adding water mellows it out, with the sweet tones more accentuated (vanilla and some chocolate)a lot of peat, sweet, buttery, honey, tobacco, espresso, Sherry, mourh-filling foam, beech wood bacon smoke Kahvakuulatreenin hyvät puolet Ei ole paikkasidonnainen: treenata voi myös kotona tai ulkona Sopii kenelle vain kuntoutujasta urheilijaan ja senioreihi

Some whiskys stay with you…… This one certainly has mate . Not cheap down here in Aus…. as with most good ones. Tried a couple of years ago ….. Still remember the spices , the peat, but most of all mid palate… Smoked Ham!!! I couldn’t believe what I was tasting. Blown away with it Josh. I haven’t gone back to it yet…. Got the 10 yr (well it’s nearly $50 cheaper!) plus the Coryvreckan for a later try….I would get the Uigeadail again but am yet to spot it at a good price. Very rare for this to be on special. Cheers, ALFirst, you need to love peated scotch. If you are a Glenmorengie lover you will probably find this one too smoky. That being said, for islay lover, this one is paradise. I've tried many, Lagavulin 12, 16, double matured, bowmore, benriach, talisker. This one, is just so well balanced. I love it. Even if it is cast strenght, i drink it neet while i have to put a hint of water in benriach. Usually, i try my scotch in 2 glasses; the whisky and the scotch glasses. This one if beautiful in both. Smoky, hint of caramel and dark chocolat, hint of iodine on the nose but not much in palate. I place it with my favorite Lagavulin 12 & Double Matured.For some one who generally steers clear of peated Whiskies, I have to say, this is a beautiful Single Malt Scotch that, should one who enjoys this particular genre of spirit (known as Whisk(e)y) , they would be wise to try this example of an horizon broaderer if they have not already done so! Elektrolyyttinen sinkkipinnoitus kotona. Galvaaninen galvanointi, omat kädettuotettu, alkaa materiaalien valinnalla. Elektrolyytti voi olla sinkki- kloridin ja kloorivetyhapon liuos tislatussa vedessä this whisky has a great taste that will transform you as you sit back and sip it. its just beautifull.buy two bottles well worth the price

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